Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) continues to defy plain decency and sends thousands of youth to Pier 98 attempting to restore habitat that is surrounded by high level of toxins.

A recent report by Geomatrix " Results of Soil Sampling Investigation and Health Risk Assessment" conducted at Pier 98 is to say the least very disturbing. LEJ defies logic and continues to send thousands to Pier 98 to restore habitat on a once Pier that fell into disrepair. Later tons of garbage, including the worst types to toxins - lead, mercury, asbestos, chrome plating residue, and more were all dumped freely for years at Pier 98.

LEJ wants to build a "Living Classroom" next to an old - toxic spewing power plant. Geomatrix was hired to conduct some sampling and nowhere in this report does Geomatrix state whether the investigation was performed subject to appropriate regulatory oversight.

Specifically a conceptual site model and work plan for Pier 98 site investigation do not appear to have received approval from either the California Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC), the California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) or the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH).

Elevated levels of nickel and chromium were measured at Pier 98 that comes under San Francisco Port Authority (SFPA). The SFPA has leased the property to LEJ knowing fully well that it is toxic dump. Carol Bach and Diane Oshima continue to defy logic and put our innocent children in harms way - both work for the SFPA. Monique Moyer has been informed and so has the SF Port Commissioners - all of them continue to defy logic and common decency. Heavy metals such as nickel and chromium are an indication that serpentine soil is present at the site. Serpentine soil contains chrysotile asbestos - a known carcinogen. Concentrations of nickel and chromium measured at the site exceed RWQCB published sediment chemistry screening guidelines for wetland surface material.

The Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom knows about this situation and has decided to look the other way. The Director of the San Francisco Port Authority who does not live in San Francisco but earns her salary in San Francisco - looks the other way and as a Mother does not care what happen to innocent children.

The San Francisco Port Commissioners hear but do not want to do the right thing. Corrupt SF Port Authority employees such as Carol Bach and Diane Oshima know about the real situation and continue to issue a lease to LEJ. The Director of LEJ does not live in San Francisco. All she is interested is the money she gets from large grants and the exploitation of our innocent children. She brags that thousands of youth have visited Pier 98 that is Heron's Head Park. As I said Heron's Head Park is a few hundred feet from the worst toxic, spewing power plant known as Hunters Point Power Plant. Tons of toxins are released from this power plant directly impacting and saturating the land, the air, and the water within a 3-mile distance and beyond.

San Francisco Environment a corrupt City Agency, other State Agencies continue to fund LEJ without checking our how exactly the money is spent. The SF City Controller's Office has been slow to investigate and reveal the audit to the constituents of San Francisco. LEJ has wasted over $350,000 at Pier 98 trying to build a " Living Classroom" when it saw the futility of building such a project it tried to build one at McClaren Park but was met with great resistance from Community and Environmental Group. Now it is back to its old toxic dumpsite - enticing the youth and putting them in harms way.

Most White controlled Environmental Group fall for the smile and false statements made by LEJ. LEJ has no business continuing to exploit our youth and put them in harms way. A general review of the soil testing done by Geomatrix at Pier 98 will reveal that what I am stating is true. A further independent testing will reveal more. Time for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to step in.

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