Art Jensen addressing BAWSCA..


Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) met on March 17, 2005 at 7 p.m. The meeting was held in Foster City - 1000 E. Hillsdale Blvd in the Wind Room.

Art Jensen who represents BAWSCA at the many workshops and meetings at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) in San Francisco gave an update on Chloramination and also on the progress on fixing Hetch Hetchy, Capital Improvement Project (CIP) and its many on going changes by Susan Leal.

As things stand today Susan Leal and her cronies want to up the San Francisco's bond measure linked to the CIP from $1.6 billion up another $700 million just like that. She wants to up the Regional share from the other counties by another $ 1 million dollars.

When Susan Leal was given an opportunity to answer questions before the BAWSCA Directors she could not answer one single question in a manner that made complete sense. When she finds herself in a corner she will call upon her architect friend Tony Irons to come to her rescue. The woman is pathetic - she has no experience and what is more she is no engineer. The few cronies that surround her and accompany her - here, there and everywhere have done injustice to San Franciscans and will undermine the whole Hetch Hetchy Capital Improvement Projects.

Fundamentally the whole Hetch Hetchy System Upgrade and Replacement has had no Environmental Impact Assessment. This is an Engineering Project that is in place but can only be assessed by seasoned structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Other experts based on empirical data can envision the proper replacement, upgrade, and maintenance of the whole Hetch Hetchy system. To date there has been a of hot air and empty talk from Susan Leal the most inept Manager ever to step into the position of General Manager commanding a over $300,000 salary plus perks.

I spoke during Public Comment and stated to the Directors of BAWSCA that we should respect the Miwok and the Sacred Waters of the Hetch Hetchy. The land and waters were stolen from Miwoks by Whites and should be returned to them as soon as possible.

It is important that we conserve and I said that it is totally wrong to use clean drinking water to flush our toilets. An Engineer should head the Hetch Hetchy system and any project related to Engineering.

Finally on behalf of the Muwekma Ohlone and the First People everywhere the various Directors were encouraged by me to do the right thing. Judging from the silence and the rapt attention I got - my mission to appear before the BAWSCA Directors was well worth the long trip to Foster City. I was accompanied by my trusted friend and confidant John Nauer.

Susan Leal and her cronies will never ever bring any good to the Hetch Hetchy system. I say so because every single year this project is delayed and the contracts given out to favorites - mostly White rednecks - the more the project will backfire and fail.

BAWSCA Directors will not permit the SFPUC and some one as dumb as Susan Leal to lead them down the path of failure will. The BAWSCA Directors and their constituents have made sure State Legislation sets timelines and goals for the lead agency SFPUC to attain their goals. Today with the present leadership at SFPUC what we have seen at the many workshops is hot air and lack of precise action linked to a meaningful Environmental Impact Assessment and Report. Time will tell.

Two speakers during Public Comments spoke against Chloramination and its adverse affects. I too feel the same. Not enough research has been done and the statement that the State mandates Chloramination as a disinfectant is wrong - it is one of many suggested. Perhaps the worse one is Chloramine.

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