We still have some racists of the worst order in the City and County of San Francisco. The leader among them Susan Leal and she is bent on placing 3 Combustion Turbines (CTs) in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. The site chosen now - is a site that belongs to MUNI and which is now occupied by Pacific Cement and one - Rick Ramirez.

San Francisco does not need any power plants - big or small - old or new and especially any power plant that uses very, very expensive fossil fuel. To date we have NOT had one single so called Environmental Group - state openly that they are against the 3CTs - the reason is very simple they are all bought out by San Francisco Environment (SFE) and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) two of the most racist City organizations in the City and County of San Francisco.

We have stated on this site many times - that with the Jefferson-Martin transmission line in place by 2006. The Mirant-Hunters Point underground transmission line in place by 2007. The Hunters Point transmission line connecting the sub-station at Larkin and proceeding to Mission by 7th and Mission - we really see no need for any power plants - big or small. We do not need power plants that emit dangerous particulates into the air - especially the tiny ones 2.5 particulates.

Susan Leal, the SFPU Commissioners thinks nothing when SFPUC favor placing the 3 CTs in the Southeast Sector. They would never ever think of doing so if the constituents were White. They press for the demands and think they can get away with murder - because the constituents are of color. This is blatant - Racism of the highest order.

Added to this stupid decision the City and County of San Francisco is planning to take over Public Power and they call is Community Choice Aggregation. If the first word is community - not one single meaningful meeting has been held in any community in San Francisco. Racists Susan Leal and Barbara Hale want to take control of everything they think they can control. So far they have made a mess of anything they have touched. The constituents are watching and soon they will rebel. The SFPUC is playing with fire and the sooner they back away the better. Sewer Rate Increases will back fire and so will any of the plans that are not well thought out and deliberate with the community.

Power plants are not need in our area the 8 square mile we call San Francisco. Our population of 745,000 is decreasing and the City and County of San Francisco are not friendly to large businesses. Chevron left the San Francisco and took away thousands of jobs. The same with Bank of America. Mission Bay has millions of square feet of empty commercial space. Right now we should focus on Quality of Life Issues. Of course the racists are thinking of making money and at the cost of the minorities. Let us clean up the air.

The Raker Act was passed by Congress to permit San Francisco use hydroelectric power. The City chose to sell electricity to others and keep little for us San Franciscans. The bond measure passed some years ago to focus on Solar Power is going no where. The City and County of San Francisco has no power to negotiate - and has little access to the GRID which is vital to feed any transmission and get any into any electrical system. Today Pacific Gas and Electric is watching the SFPUC and its machinations - and judging from the stakeholder meetings I attend at 77 Beale in San Francisco - the SFPUC and the City are making fools of themselves.

Community Choice Aggregation has as its first word - community. It cannot be called Sir Paul Fenn Choice Aggregation or SFPUC Choice Aggregation. It simply does not work like that. Some folks want Public Power but they do not have the system in place nor the money to distribute the power. Barbara Hale has no clue for one simple reason this woman cannot see beyond her nose. Uses a sidekick to help her with her presentations. We kicked out the British a long time ago.

The City does not have a sound business plan. The City has not talked to the Electricians and has not set down with the community leaders at large. It has left out those advocates that know and has made a pact with crooks and sellouts. If we look at a pie with all the elements or components of Power - about 50% falls into the domain of Distribution. If the City and County of San Francisco - decided to do the distribution - it would cost the constituents of San Francisco - more money. If the constituents rebelled which they will in San Francisco - the whole plan will fail.

I have read the "draft" plan by Paul Fenn who does not reside in San Francisco and SFPUC. Both plans have no detail business plan and both plans have no clue about future marketing models. Power is about the market and the ability to buy, sell, and distribute. One cannot learn this over night and one mistake can cost - millions of dollars. Contracting the distribution to consultants - is a big mistake they will take us for a ride. Remember - ENRON.

The correct route to follow is to conserve and go for Clean Energy. Right now work on a Memoranda of Understanding where it is possible to tie Solar Energy into the Grid. Community Choice Aggregation just wants to step on the toes of Pacific Gas and Electric because of past mistakes. The mistakes were made by politicians and fools such as the ones who now want to speak on behalf of the constituents of San Francisco - when they have no permission to do so.

The Citizens Advisory Committee anointed by SFPUC and headed by some Whites are ignorant, inept, and very arrogant. Already they have ganged up and forced the only educated person out the door.

The Potrero Power Task Force created by Sophie Maxwell with such corrupt folks as Joe Boss, Dana Lanza, Karen Pierce otherse were hand picked to do some corrupt political bidding. They do not represent the Southeast Sector and they do not represent San Franciscans. Dana Lanza does not live in San Francisco she lives in Oakland. She does make her money in San Francisco - as Director of Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ).

Joe Boss spends his time at City Hall mostly in Sophie Maxwell's office and the San Francisco Port Authority - making deals behind the scenes. It is just a matter of time - before the crooks are exposed. Karen Pierce will sell out the community is a jiffy - she will work with anyone for some little money and has no experience when it comes to Energy and matters related to Energy. It is such sellouts that do the community immense injustice.

Of course our SF Board of Supervisors will go with the flow and permit any CTs to be placed among polluting concrete companies. Between the Mirant and Hunters Point power plants stacks. The Phelps Raw Sewage Stack - and the millions of diesel vehicles playing in are around 3rd street and just a few hundred feet from the worst pollution sources. No one cares and more so when our infants are dying. When thousands are suffering from respiratory diseases. Our SF Health Department looks the other way. Dr. Rajiv Bhatia and Mitch Katz could not care less.

I have pleaded before the authorities and my pleas have fallen on deaf years. We have Supervisors that care for elephants and elephant dung - one chases his tail as would a foolish dog. Another cares little about the sending millions of gallons of raw sewage all the way from the Presidio of San Francisco. Aaron Peskin has no clue about the state of affairs. He is busy writing Resolutions defending the Mayor and Queers. When will he defend the people that are dying and our infants that cannot defend themselves. When Hank?

It is simply wrong for the Racists to place the 3 combustion turbines in the Southeast Sector. It is wrong for any entity to think about Community Choice Aggregation without meaningful dialogue with the Community at large. Our infants are dying and I am asking for reasonable minds to do something - change your way - or else you will have blood on your hands.

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