Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) fails our youth and does the true Environmental Community injustice.

It is no secret that when money is sole goal and the first priority and greed follows closely no organization worth its salt will do justice to good humane goals, standards, and ethics that should rule of everyday life and actions. Money has made LEJ sacrifice our children and what is more brought harm to those that do deserve the best not harm.

I was at the last San Francisco Port Commission meeting and was there really to support the berthing of the U.S.S. Idaho. I know some good people that have with the cooperation of Congress tried to restore this historical ship that was so dear to our U.S. President FDR. If given a chance this historical ship could attract millions of tourists.

Again I was taken aback when Literacy for Environmental Justice was on the SF Port Authority agenda. The SF Port Authority wants to lease the most toxic dump known as Pier 98 and in 2000 Christened Heron Head Park by the most corrupt Mayor - Willie L. Brown Jr.

The SF Port Authority under Douglas Wong carried on many dubious deals when prompted by Willie L. Brown and his cronies. Willie is gone but a worse curse has taken his place that is ruining the Southeast Sectors - Supervisor Sophie Maxwell from District 10. This woman is better familiar with folks around Haight Asbury and less with anyone and any family in the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

It is a crime crying to heaven when any adult takes our innocent children to a toxic dump that is Heron Head Park. The Park is a few feet away from the toxic spewing Hunters Point Power Plant. Anyone with some common sense will tell you that young children should not go to such a toxic dump. Stay away from any environs that put our children into harm way. I have been pleading with the SF Port Authority. The Mayor of San Francisco, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, so many others to stop our children going to this toxic dump. No one seems to care not even our San Francisco Unified School District - Arlene Ackerman.

Monique Moyer is the new Director of the San Francisco Port Authority and she has heard me speak. I understand that she has to deal with this on going nonsense that was initiated by Douglas Wong. Wong is gone and what is wrong with this on going equation is that some one must take a stand. Our children should not be sacrifice in any way - bad.

San Francisco Environment and Jared Blumenfeld thinks that he can fool me. I have qualified information that he is helping Dana Reid Lanza who lives in Oakland but makes her MONEY in San Francisco. It is a shame that so many residents in the Southeast tolerate this woman and the organization that is tainted. Several Regulatory Agencies have contacted me and I tell them the same - this organization called LEJ is bringing shame to every single hardworking environmentalists.

As case in point LEJ wanted to build the Living Classroom at McClaren Park. LEJ saw some virgin open space and without any meaningful dialog with the community wanted to grab it. Without reading the General Management Plan that McClaren Park envisions. Without doing her homework Dana the corrupt LEJ Director will focus on her greed and infringe on the rights of all human beings.

My main contention - our young children of San Francisco. Dana Reid Lanza boasts that she and her cronies have taken over 5000 children to Heron Head Park a toxic dump. Would anyone in their right mind boast of such a horrible folly?

Now can anyone tell me how many of these children have not only harmed themselves but taken toxic elements to their homes and harmed others? What is our Mayor thinking? What is Supervisor Sophie Maxwell thinking? What is San Francisco Environment thinking? I challenge anyone to reveal the facts to the over 100 Mayors who will be visiting us in June and tell them the truth? In the mean time some lawyer should sue the San Francisco Environment and Sophie Maxwell. Not satisfied with looting the taxpayers of over $13.3 million mitigation money linked with Mirant Power Plant. Sophie and her cronies want money from Proposition 63, money from any source to prod her cronies like Dana Reid Lanza from doing immense damage to our innocent children in San Francisco.

Dana Reid Lanza lives in Oakland where she should belong. And shame on you for all the harm you are doing to our innocent children. Where is our City Attorney? Where are the numerous lawyers that litter our Courts and make huge sums of money - some lawyer should take this evil woman to court and give the proceeds to poor underprivileged children. This curse has no place in San Francisco and more as she continues to harm our innocent children. Another toxic dump Yosemite Slough.

Too Young to Die

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