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We now have the stem-cell center in our back yard. I remember a long time ago much before Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies - jumped on the bandwagon that State Senator Deborah Ortiz fought hard to bring and establish stem-cell research for Californians.

Then came Proposition 71 and Robert Klein. One has just to study Proposition 71 and realize the egoistic Robert Klein's role to position himself as the Chairman of the committee to over see the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). Time will tell.

San Francisco recently gave away so much - free rent, free office space, free hotel accommodation, free transportation - in short we bribed anyone and everyone to bring the CIRM to San Francisco. Will this justify the money spent and bring a new infusion into our economy?

While San Francisco may have concocted some of the terms associated with stem-cell research and rightly so. We have some of the world best scientists in South Korea, India, China, New Zealand, England, France, and in other countries doing their research very silently. One single break through can change the game. It is for the taking.

Proposition 71 has been flooded with litigation and it will take years before the CIRM can be free from the shackles that are now imposed upon the $3 billion dollars - all tax payers money needed for the concrete research to start. Now that we are here - who will make the start a good one - who will contribute with no strings attached?

Of course Robert Klein and his crooked buddies propose to raise $100 million to begin the begin. I wish him and his crooks all the luck. Spiritually we are playing with fire with this new science that has not yet been fully understood. We also have to bear in mind that for any tree to grow healthy we have to plant a good seed. Crooks. With all the SPIN and MEDIA hoopla Robert Klein and his cronies have NOT planted a good seed. The dumb Sophie Maxwell was quick to call the victory and compare it to a Super Bowl. This statement says it all. Mayor Gavin Newsom has not yet realized what he has got himself into. Jesse Blout has not paid any attention to WorkForce but has for the last 9 months wasted his time on other stuff.

So now in may be two months we will have the CIRM Center with 50 highly qualified people to staff it. It will take at least 2 years before the $3 billion is given to various Research Centers to begin work on Stem-Cells. The better Research Centers are already in place - San Diego, South San Francisco, San Jose, Emeryville and there are others in the United States and all over the world.

After all stem-cell research is the cutting edge of today contemporary scientific research. I have several of my former students all highly qualified that have been keeping me abreast of some of the discoveries and the huge amounts of money that have to be spent to fundamentally establish some criteria in this very new and novel field.

We hope that those who suffer from paralysis, cancer, heart diseases, and other diseases that Regenerative Medicine can address and bring about cure - get cured. We hate to see great men and women die slowly and wither before our eyes. We saw it recently in the face of Pope John Paul II - the same with Present Ronald Regan.

In everyday life we see children hit by some of the worst diseases that I am sure stem-cell techniques can bring about cure. As a person that believes in Science and Empirical Data - I am watching the progress but for me it is a more Universal Progress in the making. The best brains in the world trying to find the best cure for all human beings. Homo Sapiens.

Closer to home we have to deal with the National Institute of Health. Also with the Government in Washington DC that really does not like any State to take them on. California is big - has the world's 5th largest economy - so we can if we want take on anyone including the poodles that bark a lot in Washington DC like Bevan Dufty and Jake McGoldrick. I have over 200 young folks bright men and women that would like to work. I challenge Jesse Blout and Mayor Gavin Newsom to give them entry-level jobs by September 2005. When San Francisco has the ability to give real jobs to real people - then we are talking about the practicality of how any real business works.

The stem-cell research center will be situated in District 6, which comes under the jurisdiction of Chris Daly. District 10 has nothing but more crime and shooting. More whores, drunks, and Section 8 that pulls down the good that the few Black Homeowners are clinging to. Sophie Maxwell has done next to nothing - except make dumb statements that she feels - as if she has won the Super Bowl. Such a remark could only come from an illiterate person with no idea on any substantial business plan or operation.

Some years ago I attend a workshop which was very informational. Scientists from all over the world were present at this seminar. Some of the goals leading from stem-cell research garnered from this seminar were stated as follows:

1. To study the basic processes of developmental and cell biology.

2. To study the aetiology of genetic diseases and develop therapies.

3. Develop revolutionary treatments for degenerative diseases by tissue replacement possibly generating customized stem-cell tailor made to the needs of the patient.

4. Develop alternative ways of producing pluripotent stem-cells with the need to use human eggs including ways to reverse adult cell differentiation and the use of animal (non-human) eggs to reprogram nuclei from adult human cells.

5. Produce banks of universally compatible stem-cells for tissue replacement therapy where the major histocompatability genes and other surface antigens are eliminated and the cells are tested free of pathogenic organism, chromosomal and proliferative abnormalities.

6. To aid research and development for new drugs and to provide a Source of tissue specific cell types for drug screening, testing, and Toxicology and to identify new drug targets. The ability to evaluate drug action in human cell lines grown from embryonic stem cells would greatly reduce the need for tests in animal models.

7. Develop improved methods of cloning by nuclear transfer in farm animals to produce high quality genetic stains which are free from diseases including prion diseases associated with transmissible encephalopathies.

San Francisco now has won the bid to have a state of the art stem-cell research center in our back yard. For sure I will visit the center in due course. I have already visited the one on Howard Street two years ago.

Stem-cell is here to stay - there is no doubt about it. The world has the ability to bring the best minds and address diseases that should find a cure. I am look forward to the advances in medicine and technology as I always have for the past half a century and more. I am no doctor, no scientist - but I sure have been around too many for too many hours to tell.

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