When things were pristine.


Welcome to San Francisco Day turned to Week San Francisco way. About 9 months ago when it was decided that San Francisco would host about 100 Mayors from all over the world and the cities of the United States - some of us environmentalists and others of good faith - came together.

We all gathered at the Main Library on Gough Street and listened to the Director of San Francisco Environment and a woman who purports to represents the United Nations - ask us to volunteer, put our best foot forward and really celebrate World Environment Day in San Francisco. We all were ready at that time - but were disappointed with no follow up in the months ahead.

About 75 good-hearted people attended this meeting. We all were told to form various groups and each group was given instructions to discuss a particular topic linked to the environment. We all did well. I remember in my group we had two authors, and experts in various fields linked to the environment. I took care to note the e-mails of some of the participants in my group. I kept in touch with some of them.

Months passed by and none of us were contacted. Two measly meetings were held one at the State University without proper notice and another during the daytime at the Southeast Facility at 1800 Oakdale. I sincerely do not know if any other meetings were held - where the initial group was noticed and invited. Asked their input and asked to be partners.

The United Nations is very important. San Francisco is the home of the United Nations. We have a building and a Plaza named United Nations. We have the War Memorial Building where the historical document after World War II was signed. We have historical United Nations meetings held at the Presidio of San Francisco. In fact at one point the Presidio of San Francisco was chosen to be the permanent home of the United Nations - before New York offered better amenities and newer facilities and the United Nations was established in New York. It is amazing how in the past few weeks how SPIN and the MEDIA has been used by some Whites to foster a fake scenario and encouraging San Franciscans to volunteer and participate in the World Environment Day and Week events. Large BillBoards have appeared from no where to proclaim and put SPIN of stuff that no one seems to really care about.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and Gerald Blumenfeld the Director of San Francisco Environment has done great injustice to World Environment Day and Week. As usual they have used corrupt people to get money to put on a Dog and Pony show. Forced some companies to fork out large sum of money to hold dinners and other events - just because a few dignitaries are showing up. One of them the corrupt Koffi Annan the Secretary of the United Nations - many want him to resign because of the corrupt dealings of his son - linked with the food program and Iraq.

San Francisco should not fall for SPIN and Dog and Pony shows. Most Whites do not fully understand what World Environment Day stands for. They have no idea what so ever what it means to be the Keepers of this Earth. What is means to love and treat Mother Earth with Respect. They have no idea about real pollution and what the Industrial Businesses have done to pollute and destroy much of which was pristine at one time.

When Lewis and Clark came to California not too long ago - all of California was pristine. The various First People of this area lived and enjoyed on the land of their ancestors. Then the thieves came and not only stole the land but did not respect the treaties they signed with the First People. It is the land and the respect one shows to the land that is important. The Whites not only stole the land they disrespected the land and do so - to this very day. 18 treaties signed with the First People were never ratified. Those that stole now want to speak about the Environment and Sustainable Principles that they know not of.

We have a $100 million Solar Bond Measure that has not been put in place. We lack clean energy projects and the San Francisco Environment spends over 58% on Administrative Works - wasting millions of dollars. The SF Budget Analyst has pointed this out.

Whites today in San Francisco continue to disrespect people of color. They continue to place facilities that pollute such as Combustion Turbines, Raw Sewage Plant, Tallow Facilities, Concrete and Aggregate Facilities, Highways and Freeways, paint, chrome, acid and other industrial facilities - all in the Southeast Sector the Industrial Sector of the City and County of San Francisco. The Bayview Hunters Point. The last frontier.

Here in San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Director of San Francisco Environment Jared Blumenfeld. Hank the man who seats at the Head in the Board of Supervisors Chambers has not addressed the following:

1. Three Combustion Turbines are slated to be placed near Bayview Hunters Point. These Combustion Turbines use fossil fuel. Also, treated sewage water for cooling. PM-2.5 and pathogens released in the air will kill our infants. These fools have not taken a stand.

2. Our transportation system named MUNI has NOT taken steps to curtail particulates emitted all over the City and County of San Francisco by the many diesel buses. Particulate Traps that should have been in place are NOT. Our Mayor Gavin Newsom thinks nothing about this poison that is killing everyone.

3. Our City does not have a Housing Element nor a Transportation Document based on Empirical Data. The Mayor at one point thought Proposition J would permit him to build thousands of homes - the voters told him and other to go to hell. Today, under Mayor Gavin Newsom's administration he encourage homes to be built without any consideration about Energy Consumption, Sewage Treatment, in short Quality of Life Issues.

4. Daily our children are dying. The week of May 8 to May 14 over 10 youth were shot. 4 of them dead. Our Mayor says he has it all under control. Bevan Dufty the man who chases his tail like a dog feels he has it under control. Jake McGoldrick the jackass who runs his tongue - think he has it under control. Sophie Maxwell who has the largest number of Crack Heads, Whores, Drunks, Thieves, He and She-Tugs - wants her constituents to be Middle Class!

5. Mayor Gavin Newsom conveyed Parcel A which is toxic to Lennar BVHP LLC to build 1600 homes. It is wrong to kill our infants. It is wrong to build 1600 in the middle of Chernobyl. Today because of a faulty Environmental Impact Report - Lennar cannot go anywhere. Lennar is the most corrupt developer in the United States. Parcel A has not addressed Cumulative Impacts.

6. Daily our youth are suffering because the City and County of San Francisco and more the Mayor's Office of Community Development and the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and WorkForce are not doing their job. One-stop facilities are encouraged so that crooks can steal meant from our youth. Facilities in various Neighborhoods are shut - because of politics and SPIN.

7. While some of our homeless have been helped. Over 9000 homeless suffer more then they have ever before. Care not Cash and Project Homeless have not been brought to the constituents for discussion. Mostly City employees are used and some forced to volunteer to do the City's bidding. This is wrong. On occasion MUNI buses are used to transport the City Employees take count of the Homeless.

8. Since Mayor Gavin Newsom has been Mayor our Open Space Program has come to a standstill. Our Parks and Recreation Centers are filthy and need repair. Our Mayor and Board of Supervisors are busy discussing nonsense and not attending to Parks and Recreational Facilities. Quality of Life Issues are compromised.

9. It is easy to talk the talk but difficult to walk the walk.

World Environment Day starts June 1 and ends June 5, 2005. There will be lots of Dog and Pony Shows. Many dignitaries will visit San Francisco. It is after the Dog and Pony show and all the SPIN that we would like to adjudicate and follow the progress made. Time is with us and we will monitor the Masters and Mistresses of SPIN. World Environment Day should not be fake - the United Nation should stand for what is Right. Dafur.

Any compromise made affect all human beings all over the world. Also affects all living beings all over the world. Affects Mother Earth for each human being is a temporary keeper. Beware of the Buffoons that play with Fire. Leading the pack Gerald Blumenfeld and Gavin Newsom.

The First People do not appreciate fake dealings and forked tongues. We have seen too much of that nonsense before and we see it daily today from those that really have no values and character.

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