Susan Leal the ultimate liar does great disservice to San Francisco constituents and more to San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Again and again she will lie at the many dog and pony shows she conducts.

I attended a talk today - June 11, 2005 given by Susan Leal the current Manager of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) on the history of Hetch Hetchy and as you can well believe was astounded by the lies that were spewing from the mouth of Susan Leal. Non stop.

Hetch Hetchy will always belong to the Miwoks. The land and the waters were stolen from the Miwoks. A fact that I have stated before and which I will state again is that the source of the water from which the Hetch Hetchy water is tapped is Sacred Water. We all should always give credit to the Miwoks and to the Sacred Land that is Hetch Hetchy. John Muir understood this; the Miwoks understand this - but not a despicable liar like Susan Leal.

It is not true that we in San Francisco nor the 2.4 million folks that pay for Hetch Hetchy water receive the clean sacred water from the Sacred Source of Hetch Hetchy. The real fact is that a few miles away from the source the Hetch Hetch water is mixed with other water and even added with chloromine - the end result is an inferior product of clean drinking water. A far cry from the Sacred Pure Water from the Source of Hetch Hetchy. Let this be known to the liar of SFPUC.

While it is true that most people are grateful that they receive Hetch Hetchy water for most purposes - it is despicable that clean Hetch Hetchy drinking water is used to flush our toilets in 2005. It is time that recyclable water be used to flush toilets and perform other mundane chores. It is time to conserve and what is more pay keen attention to our infrastructure. To the many hundreds of old sewer and clean water drinking pipes that are leaking all over San Francisco. We have in San Francisco only over 900 miles of sewer pipe that are over 65 years old. Most of them leaking and polluting the watershed. We also have 1500 miles of pipes carrying clean drinking water, which are over 60 years old. At many places these pipes leak and adversely impact the watershed and the surrounding area.

Susan Leal prides herself by stating that she is a native San Franciscan. The only native San Franciscans in the pure sense of the term are the First People - in this case the Muwekma Ohlone.

Susan Leal is a Hispanic woman of dubious character who loves to lie on important issues. An open lesbian she has surrounded herself by folks that are gay and has chosen a path of open defiance when it comes to true facts and empirical data.

The many counties that pay for Hetch Hetchy water were charged extra and now Susan Leal has to pay back the difference. Susan Leal purports to be good at numbers but it took her administration months before they realized they were over charging millions of customers. It also took her months to understand the basic infrastructure linked to Hetch Hetchy. Today she is leading SFPUC down the drain and into a cesspool of confusion - adversely impacting millions of innocent people.

If any historian was paying attention to what Susan Leal was saying and was given an opportunity to ask questions - Susan Leal would have put her head down in shame. At this speech making event Ron Good and Jerry Cadagan were present and both of them were shocked that Susan Leal left the stage without taking one single question. The reason was simple - Susan Leal is shallow tells lies and does not know the truth.

This event took place at the Main Library in San Francisco at 2 p.m. on June 11, 2005. It was a dog and pony show the many SFPUC puts on here, there and every where. A man was snoring and William Carlin an SFPUC employee was forced to wake this snoring man from time to time. Perhaps the actions of this snoring man were indicative of the state of affairs and the spewing lies flowing from the mouth of Susan Leal. The mandates given by the constituents of San Francisco through the Bond Measure to fix Hetch Hetchy are simple. The Hetch Hetchy system should be fixed so that is it not vulnerable to a major earthquake. Today we have serious issues linked to the Calavares Dam and to the general state of maintenance regarding the operations of Hetch Hetchy.

So far Susan Leal has been good are telling lies. Hiring inept folks that are close to her way of thinking and acting. She is feared by honest, good, hard working straight folks. Mayor Gavin Newsom chose her without going through a Selection Process. Gavin says he is fair but the selection of this ignorant, arrogant, inept woman is evidence that he has put the Safety and Health of San Franciscan is jeopardy.

There is no doubt that SFPUC continues today to waste millions of dollars paying inept people that are not educated and are chosen because of their life style. There is no doubt that under an inept and arrogant person like Susan Leal the Hetch Hetchy system will fail. William Carlin and the other cronies that surround Susan Leal are doing a disservice to San Franciscans.

Today's event with a lying speech was nothing more then a dog and pony show. Susan is in favor of 3 Combustion Turbines using very expensive fossil fuel to be placed in the Bayview. She does not care for the children that are dying from pollution and has blood on her hands. As a Treasurer for San Francisco she relied on the Assessor's Office to bring in the money - but always took credit for something she did not do.

She has been busy paying consultants and others close to her to put up dog and pony shows. There is only so much bluffing one can do - it is just a matter of time before Susan Leal is exposed for all her lies and for all the adverse impacts that have put the Safety and Health of millions at risk. Susan Leal does not know the history of Hetch Hetchy. The history did not begin in the early 1920s it began thousands of years before. The land and water were stolen by the strangers but some one like Susan Leal cannot speak the truth - she cannot speak the truth about her life - you know how some reveal themselves and others live in darkness forever.

I could not believe the lies but more the audacity for Susan Leal to leave the podium without taking one single question. How could she - she was conducting a dog and pony show. Shame on her.

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