So many young men have died on our streets in San Francisco that it is not unlike a war that is going on where the health and safety of the constituents of San Francisco is at stake every single day.

This year we have had tourists and innocent folks that were in the wrong place, innocently though and were shot at and killed. In question two Samoan women at Hunters Point visiting their relatives in San Francisco. No closure brought linked to these two cases.

In recent days 3 killings took place in the Western Addition and surrounding area. Again this war on our streets has alerted many that our streets in San Francisco are not safe.

The Mayorıs Office keeps doling out thousands of dollars to she and he thugs that are pocketing the money and doing very little to educate those youth and young adults that killing and shooting is not right.

Hardened criminals that the Gang Force and others know of do not think much of the Mayor and his cronies. Little outreach has been done and while the number of the killings will soon reach 50 the Mayor and this cronies are still playing games. One death is too much.

To stop the killings the communities have to be outreached. The Mayor of San Francisco and those that counsel him are of the opinion that basket ball hoops and SPIN with the MEDIA will stop the killings and shootings. Not so. The violence has increased and the gang banging is now taking place in broad day light.

The Media that is mostly White have no clue and mostly take their reports from incident reports to write the drab reports one reads in the newspaper. The Media fails to report projects and happenings that are positive. So rare are positive reports from the Tenderloin, the Western Addition, and the Southeast Sector that is Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley that no one is really demanding positive reporting from the Chronicle and the Examiner. The Mayorıs Office has no blue print to bring good jobs to the Southeast Sector, the Tenderloin, and the Western Addition. Spin and the Media can take us so far but dealing with the reality of shootings and killings and putting a stop needs a vision. So far Mayor Gavin Newsom is groping in the dark and so are his cronies.

This rampant killings and shooting must stop and Mayor Gavin Newsom must take the lead. Enough of the fluff we all have seen it for too long.

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