San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) under Barbara Hale is once again taking the constituents of San Francisco for a wild ride. SFPUC has never had a business plan to address Energy Issues so now after being reminded so many times; SFPUC have decided to bring out a draft The Power Enterprise Business Plant to placate those that have been following the dubious behavior of the SFPUC and demanding accountability.

In recent months SFPUC has been taken to court by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). The reason is simple PG&E has been demanding for payments owed them because PG&E cannot afford anymore to give SFPUC a break. SFPUC has been so disorganized that it has had no accountability and transparency with its accounts and more with its assets.

The Raiker Act has been on paper since 1913 and the dictates of this Act demanded that no power be sold to any private entity. Municipal accounts and certain agricultural needs and counties could negotiate with SFPUC and the SF Water Department but SFPUC chose to allow many entities to fleece the constituents of San Francisco by entering into Agreements that were flawed.

We all know that SFPUC has not maintained the infrastructure and has not capitalized on its assets more importantly its resources from Hetch Hetchy and linked to the production of hydroelectricity. A major earthquake will deal the Hetch Hetchy system a serious blow. God forbid.

Many Municipal accounts continued to get subsidized rates and that includes the many parties that were mentioned in the Raiker Act. The Presidio of San Francisco was one of them when it was a Military Installation; Public Housing was included until SFPUC and PG&E decided to remove Public Housing from getting free electricity. City Hall gets free electricity and so does MUNI. Poor people in Public Housing at Hunters Point now pay millions to PG&E. SFPUC cannot recover costs from the Treasure Island Development Authority and never will. We are talking millions of dollars not only past unpaid electricity bills but unpaid clean water drinking bill.

As if SFPUC does not have enough on its plate it now wants to provide electricity and clean drinking water to Hunters Point Shipyard. This will cost millions and SFPUC does not have the ability to do the work. Much less deal with the radiological problems that the Navy is trying to delay because it too does not have the money to do a good cleanup.

Recently the Navy has stated it wants to evict everyone from Parcels B C, D, and E. F is under the Bay. It will take its time to do the cleanup and SFPUC should not have anything much to do with this project.

SFPUC has a $100 million Solar Bond Project that it cannot implement. PG&E will not permit SFPUC to tie the clean solar energy into its grid. PG&E and some powerful energy lobbyists have legislation in place that prohibits any entity flooding the GRID with energy unless it follows a model or equation that favors PG&E or the entity that owns the grid and transmission lines. Today PG&E is in the cockpit.

The dumb Susan Leal cannot handle the deferred maintenance linked with Hetch Hetchy and has fired Edward Smeloff the one person that real understood Energy Issues. Susan Leal and her cronies Tony Winniker who now heads a bigger department, Barbara Hale who jumped ship from California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), Karen Kubbick who is all but confused know very little about the history of San Francisco and do not have the trust of the constituents of San Francisco. They know less about Energy Issues and projects with a sound Business Plan.

Again and again they will hire so called experts that when they come on board are amazed at all the problems that Susan Leal and her cronies have created. The recent one trying to take on Pacific Gas and Electric and trying to settle scores in the court. PG&E will take SFPUC to the cleaners. The reason is simple SFPUC is very dumb and what is more very arrogant and totally confused. SFPUC a year ago took PG&E to court over the conduits at Islais Creek and lost. They tried to run away from their obligations about payment when they negotiated to pay PG&E and again PG&E took them to court and won. There is no way SFPUC and the Mayor Gavin Newsom can take on Pacific Gas and Electric and win. Not even if PG&E has blackouts again and again in San Francisco!

SFPUC and Mayor Gavin Newsom may want to take on Energy Production and Distribution and try to serve the constituents of San Francisco but they cannot do it. Right now again and again we see very clearly that SFPUC does not have standards. They fail in maintaining the Hetch Hetchy infrastructure. They have a time bombing waiting to explode with the Calavares Dam. The security of the vast water sheds are vulnerable to attacks and all in all they are inefficient.

The City and County of San Francisco cannot handle the fine tune marketing skills required to buy energy. They cannot handle any immense load when it comes billing customers. They lack customer service experience. Imagine calling City Hall when your lights go off? Imagine calling Susan Leal and the Supervisors to come to your aid? Right now when one calls the idiots no one will reply. Much less when you send the idiots an e-mail!

SFPUC wants to place 4 Combustion Turbines one at the San Francisco Airport and 3 in the Bayview District. These combustion turbines use very expensive fossil fuel and emit very dangerous PM-2.5. No one in his or her right mind would go ahead with such a plan in the year 2005. Not so SFPUC because this agency is racists and have not listened to the experts that made most to the constituency in District 10 and beyond. The Combustion Turbines will emit pathogens and the area chosen to site the Combustion Turbines is prone to liquefaction. What else is new when it comes to dealing with arrogant idiots?

Again and again SFPUC will embrace sellouts those that are on the take and work against the community the likes of Joe Boss. SFPUC will not deal with the advocates that love the community Linda Richardson, Espanola Jackson, Lynne Brown, Maurice Campbell, Francisco Da Costa, and many more that do not want the 3 Combustion Turbines in the community in the Bayview Hunters Point area. Place them in the Presidio, by Laguna Honda, at the San Francisco Zoo, and work out your differences with Pacific Gas and Electric as to how to tie the power into the grid. The excuse that you all need a gas line!

The Potrero Boosters, Joe Boss, Karen Pierce, Dana Lanza, Olin Webb, and some other crooks do not represent the people of District 10 and beyond. These sell outs should understand that our people are dying from the pollution not only from the Mirant and Hunters Point power plants but from the other toxins in the area. No one is paying attention to the Cumulative Impacts of the pollutants in the Southeast Area.

Millions of vehicles spew diesel and other toxins into the air in the Southeast Sector. The Raw Sewage plant at Phelps spews PM-10 and other toxins into the air. Raw Sewage flows mostly everywhere in the Bayview Hunters Point area. SFPUC pollutes the Bay with half-treated raw sewage. It is a shame that SFPUC cannot control itself, has no standards, cannot even charge its customers proper fees, and now want to expand its authority and jurisdiction. Shame of Susan Leal and her cronies.

In the mean time thousands of women and men cannot pay their medical bills and come to me for help. There is a cap when one is on Medicare. SFPUC has been responsible for polluting the Southeast Sector and should be held liable. SFPUC is racists and treats people of color with disrespect. Works with sell outs in the community to make people of color suffer. Our children are dying while Susan Leal enjoys an over $300,000 salary for being inept, ignorant, arrogant, and racist. Any one cares that our infants are born dead?

Richard Sklar the SFPUC President is snotty and will not respond to requests. I asked for a report on the pollution and flares emitted at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant and have yet to hear from SFPUC. Twice I made this request at a SFPUC meeting and twice I was promised and nothing has happened. Now I am going to ask the data under the Public Records Act.

The Power Enterprise Business Plan is a joke. The report is full of generalities and niceties and does not deal with fact. There are no real timelines, no concrete goals, and no real input from proven experts in the Energy Business Field. It is a shame that SFPUC and Mayor Gavin Newsom continues to exploit the constituents of the Southeast Sector. It is a shame that Susan Leal is leading SFPUC into a cesspool. It is a shame that all of us continue to accept this mediocre SFPUC to dictate terms and jeopardize the Health and Safety of San Franciscans.

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