San Francisco Port Authority Agency Commissioners have blood on their hands. Let me name them HSU, BRANDON, HARDEMAN, and LAZARUS. These racists' commissioners with intent have given permission to a White Racist who resides in Oakland and makes her money off children of color by leasing Pier 98 to Dana Lanza Reid to build a Living Classroom. Also known as Heron's Head Park.

Many community advocates went before the SF Port Commissioners including long time resident Espanola Jackson and explained in detail that the Living Classroom should not be built at Pier 98. Pier 98 is near the most toxic spewing power plant at Hunters Point and is a toxic dump.

The Racist Commissioners would not have adjudicated such a lease if the neighborhood and children were White in a White neighborhood. Some few blacks mostly from out of the area and many from far away places are taken by this racist White woman Dana Reid Lanza to meetings, coaching these youth to make statements that defy logic and state favorable things about a toxic cesspool. By no standards is this area daily polluted by the power plant a wetland or a marshland. It is a dilapidated pier that was filled mostly by toxic fill.

At one time Dana Reid Lanza, the wife of Parin Shah who at the time she got the grant of over $900,000 sat as President of the Environmental Commission and was instrumental in helping her to get the grant. Dana went on to waste over $350,000 and wasted it on Pier 98.

Dana Reid Lanza then arbitrarily chose to move the site of her proposed Living Classroom to McClaren Park. When open space stalwarts like Franco Mancini, Bill Carlin, and Nancy Wuerful among others opposed Dana Reid Lanza she made a quick retreat and went back to her old hunting grounds Pier 98 with the backing of Sophina Maxwell the most inept, corrupt, ignorant and arrogant Supervisor ever to step foot at San Francisco's City Hall. Over $13.3 million dollars were given to the City and County of San Francisco as mitigation money when Pacific Gas and Electric sold one of their power plants to Mirant. The City under Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. created the San Francisco Department of the Environment (DOE) now rechristened San Francisco Environment (SFE).

San Francisco Environment aligned itself with Sophina Maxwell to distribute grants to her cronies. Dana Reid Lanza without the proper credentials, she was not even a non-profit, a criteria that was demanded of all those requesting for grants. In fact James Morrison had a good project, is Black and lived in the Bayview and because he did not have his non-profit status was denied a grant. However SFE bent backwards to accommodate the Racist White Dana Reid Lanza and gave her $900,000, also Tetra Tech which is a filthy rich White Corporation.

The $13.3 million was meant to mitigate adverse impacts mostly suffered by youth and others of color living near the power plants. However under Sophina Maxwell's corrupt direction over $1.5 million was given to the Conservatory situated in the Golden Gate Park. One Angelo King and Nuru Mohamed wrote the grant under the pretext to train 12 Horticulturists who supposedly would work in the Bayview. Go figure how much each of them paid some dubious agency to be trained.

One Steve Moss a White was given $1.5 million to put in place conservation measure linked to energy. After a year he changed his organization and created a Cooperative after far removing himself from the original purpose of the initial grant.

Bayview Advocates was given money with a grant written by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and wasted much of it, then a professional was hired to bring back the ACE project on track. Saul Bloom another White was given tons of money to run a Window Display and Information Center linked to the clean up on Hunters Point. The paradox next door the library had all the same information and more.

Equipment bought for the Window Program went missing. People were using the Internet and being charged by one of the employees hired by Saul Bloom. When these facts were brought before the SFE, Saul Bloom moved his office where he is now making more money off the backs of people of color. His latest scheme partnering with Bayview Advocates and folks like Karen Pierce and Olin Webb his partners in crime. Literacy for Environmental Justice with Dana Reid Lanza and now they have incorporated the University of San Francisco proposing to clean Yosemite Slough that is a toxic cesspool with very high concentration of PCBs and other dangerous toxins. The Jesuit Provost is not fully cognizant of this fact but will be soon.

These Whites folks will do anything for money. To malign my name Dana Reid Lanza created a yahoo e-mail and I put a stop to it and exposed her once and for all. Yahoo put her on notice. I challenge Dana Reid Lanza to get a yahoo e-mail. Anyone that wants the documentation on how this evil woman that tried to malign my name can have the documentation or simply inquire from Yahoo with a bonafide lawyer and my permission.

This woman Dana is so evil that this one act, impersonating me and writing malicious e-mails in my name will reveal to the readers how determine and evil she is when she wants something. She constantly lied at meetings telling people that Espanola Jackson and I supported her. This was far from the truth. Dana Reid Lanza went so far as to print Espanola Jackson's name in the LEJ newsletter without her permission stating that Espanola Jackson was her supporter. This was far from true.

My purpose in opposing the project is very simple. No one in their right mind should take any innocent child to a toxic dump. Why take a child 50 feet away from a power plant. For over 60 years the power plant has polluted the area. When it rains the toxins come down and saturate the ground, the water and the air at Pier 98.

One does not need to be a Rocket Scientist to under this plain fact. But it is simply disgusting to watch Racist Whites come into a neighborhood and use people of color to make money off them. One purportly has bought a home and lives in Oakland and the other in the Marin Headlands both have no connection with the people and are there for only one purpose to leach off the people and use them. One just returned from Paris. Tell me how many of you folks more of color have been to Paris? Tell me how many of you have had over $ 1 million of tax payers' money to play with and waste? The community advocates and others too many to mention presented the San Francisco Port Commissioners with all the evidence and even over 1000 signatures from the community living in Bayview Hunters Point. These Racists Commissioners will not understand the plight of the children. Prodded by the lies of one Carol Bach who works for the SF Port Authority the Commissioners will listen to lies but not the TRUTH.

September 28, 2005 is a very SAD day in the history of San Francisco. Mayor Gavin Newsom used his influence behind the scenes to force the SF Port Commissioners to vote for this very dubious project. Every one that knows the TRUTH and did the opposite, voted on this dubious evil project has BLOOD on their HANDS.

It does not matter if the SF Board of Supervisors rejects this project. If in the Court of Law this project is laid to rest soon. None of this counts, what really counts is that good people that had nothing to gain, people that did not make any money off this project, spoke the truth again and again for over 4 years. They presented undeniable facts and were not heard. The Devil himself was heard and granted access to have a field day at the expense of the many innocent children. Shame on you Mayor Gavin Newsom and the cronies that advise you.

Not long ago a Park in San Jose with far less toxins was shut down. Not long ago World Environment Day was held in San Francisco. I personally explained to Mayor Gavin Newsom about the Toxins at Pier 98. It is totally wrong to take innocent youth to the Toxic Dump that is Pier 98. Now is really does not matter what happens. I did what I could in good faith. I will not soil my hands with corrupt and commode scum Commissioners — never, ever. Not when they do not care for innocent children.

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