Calavares Dam waiting to break open.


Susan Leal is a liability to San Francisco and to the over $4.6 billion bond measure to address the complete over haul of the Hetch Hetchy system. The Clean and Waste water projects within the City and County of San Francisco. Susan Leal is NOT an engineer and cannot possibly fathom the engineering solutions that are too complicated for the handicapped Susan Leal who cannot really understand simply concepts engineering or other wise.

Susan Leal has surrounded herself with other incompetent folks like Tony Irons and William Carlin and so far the best they have done to understand the replacement, repair and maintenance is give thousands of dollars to consultants that are ready to make the money but NOT really to help San Francisco and the constituents of San Francisco.

Richard Sklar the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission pretends to understand the simple concepts presented by the consultants. Sklar is convoluted in his thinking and in explaining the concepts by constant interruptions during the Problematic Environmental Impact Report discussion clouds the issues and the result is further confusion.

As I had predicted a long time ago Susan Leal is trying to jump ship. Mayor Gavin Newsom is making arrangement behind the scene trying to replace her and then find suitable candidates for Treasure Island and even the present Treasurer's position that Mayor Gavin Newsom proposes to use to as leverage for some evil designs. All this should take place in 3 months and remember you read it first here.

Calaveras Reservoir in my subjective opinion will cause havoc by flooding the area in and around Fremont. An earthquake of 7.9 or larger on any fault within 80 miles from the epicenter and closer to any major pipe line will adversely impact that operation. It does not matter if it is brand new or old. How ever if it is old it will be impacted grievously. The Alameda Creek Diversion Dam together with the Calavares Reservoir will adversely impact a whole region within 3 years and time is running out. Mayor Gavin Newsom using very poor judgment placed Susan Leal in a position knowing fully well that she was not qualified. This engineering position did not seek better candidates and the sole purpose to fill this important position with Susan Leal was to make sweet heart deals. Much like Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies continue to do with Hunters Point Shipyard with Lennar BBHP LLC and at Treasure Island. Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, Marcia Rosen and others are fully cognizant of this fact but continue to defy logic and good of our City.

It is paramount that the over 900 miles of sewer pipes be replaced and repaired all within our City and County of San Francisco. It is critical that the over 1900 miles of clean drinking pipes also be replaced and repaired. Most of them are over 75 years old and in very poor shape. When the Big One strikes and if nothing is done the hydrants, the reservoirs anything and everything that has to do with transportation of clean and waste drinking water will come to a complete halt.

At this time I am not saying a word about backflow gadgets, the pumps and the quality of the huge pipes from outside the jurisdiction of San Francisco and some within that all need our serious attention.

We are wasting our time during this planning phase and we have legislation at the State Level that will penalize us. At this rate with or without fair industry standards we will NOT meet the time lines and the goals that should be in place and we continue to drag our feet making small talk. Of course Whites continue to lead this charge with constant changes in design, increase in construction costs, while all the time the Big One keeps glaring at us stronger then that we witness from the loud mouth Richard Sklar; this is no Bosnia.

Hetch Hetchy belongs to the First People and the Piute and the Miwoks and others all lay claims to the Sacred Waters. The Strangers steal the water and further down stream pollute it and then treated it with contaminates such as chloramines and pretend to tell us that it is all good. It is a shame that we have folks in this world today that think in such as way; where greed is placed high on the evil designs of the players. The consultants can recommend some but the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has failed the constituents every single time before and nothing stops them from failing the constituents this time. The dialog with the constituents of San Francisco has been pathetic.

It is time some organization puts a Proposition on a City wide ballot where the constituents of San Francisco clearly demarcate the appropriations and the use of the money from the $1.6 billion bond measure. The new Proposition should further specify the role and qualifications of the SFPUC manager.

Susan Leal has surrounded herself with life style like minded folks that will come to haunt San Francisco. Right now we do not have the best minds when important decisions have to be made during this planning stage. We lack the best minds to do the Environmental Impact Studies. We further will fail and fall back with certain vital permits lacking due process with unqualified folks trying to bite more then they can chew.

It is amazing to watch fools pretending to manage this huge project and so far they have fooled many of the constituents from San Francisco. However the other 26 agencies that buy water from SFPUC are fully cognizant and will sue SFPUC for their foolishness. As long as we have some one like Art Larson we are in good shape. He has been monitoring the skunks and can smell them from a far away. He may not be bold to state it the way I have but the statement is closer to the truth because I know so.

It is a shame that the dog and pony shows linked to the SFPUC has taken us no where and brought us further away from a design plan that meets any good industry standard. In this case the constituents cannot vouch for any recommendation from Susan Leal. The constituents have NOT be given the pertinent information and the time lines set for the proposal for consideration is faulty because it does not have the right current empirical data.

9 months ago we should have had in a place good design plans and this has not happened. On critical Environmental Impact Reports we still are playing Russian Roulette. The Public is treated as second class citizens but the SFPUC is quick to ask for higher clean water and sewer rates; more money and less quality service. We the constituents of San Francisco are NOT getting any quality service and there is too much loose talk at this critical time. Susan Leal, Richard Sklar, the Parsons Report clouds any meaningful process. We the Public and those who are watching this slick game cannot be in a position to comment in a meaningful manner with dubious and incorrect information.

SFPUC Regional Water System Improvement Fact Sheet

Response to AB 1823 Legislation

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