Mental patients in San Francisco have not been treated well in San Francisco. Organizations such as the Progress Foundation have done more harm then good and continue to use convoluted means and ways to make money at the expense of the mentally ill. The Progress Foundation is deep and center in, out, and around the Mayor's Office trying to massage certain folks and make hay while the sun shines. All at the expense of mental patients all over San Francisco and the Bay area.

Many of us voted to use State Money from Proposition 63 to help the mentally ill following high standards. Now, that most San Franciscans voted for this money it is strange to see the many vulture organizations and individuals that have been drawn to use this pot of money. Some $5.3 million or so will be available and I hope that the on going deliberations do not follow the limited comments of the newly appointed Mental Board of Directors that really do not represent the constituents of San Francisco.

I make this bold statement because again we see hand picked cronies with vested interests pretending to know what the needs of the mentally ill are. I see on board cronies of Sophina Maxwell and Bevan Dufty two despicable members of the Board of Supervisors that will do anything to gain fame by using money and poor fake representation to further their views and hidden agendas.

Long before it became a Spin and Media thing to represent the concerns of the mentally ill; I fought for the mentally ill and visited practically every organization and institution in cognito so that I could gather for myself the adverse impacts inflicted on so many poor mentally ill in the City and County of San Francisco. That included following the on going discussion on the Homeless and the committees that were formed to discuss this issue and other critical problems of the homeless which included mental illness and shelters for the mentally ill and homeless. The money that was voted from Proposition 63 should be given to a few institutions so that the best care can be given to those mentally ill that are in their advance stages of mental illness. If we think that money should be distributed to grandmothers who take care of the mentally ill, to transient gays that some one says have mental problems, to other shady mental diagnosis, we will be in for big trouble.

Absent from the discussion and representation Asians and the Polynesian that for sure have so many in their community that suffer mental problems and some of them adversely impacted by the poor services given to this segment of the population that tries to suffer silently while the crooks make loud noises and steal money that could easily be given and shared in an equitable manner to the community across San Francisco that truly is in need.

It is blatantly wrong to appoint a drab and uneducated Board of mostly lay persons, the majority that are White, purporting to discuss mental issues and problems that inflict so many innocent constituents of San Francisco; including Asians and Polynesians. It is a disgrace to listen to these uneducated folks all staked up on this Board to serve the hidden agenda of such folks such as Bevan Dufty.

San Francisco is sinking and swimming in a commode of lackadaisical foolishness and idiocy when we have such uneducated folks purporting to know how to invest money that for all practical purposes they had nothing to do with in the hey day when many fought for Proposition 63. We fought hard so that those that need help most would get it.

I never saw one single person from this fake Board speaking in favor of the State Proposition 63 in public or at focused groups that brought about victory for the mentally ill in California and San Francisco in particular. Not one of them. Not one of them was on any Homeless panel and I do not remember seeing any one them at the meetings held by the Mayor Homeless Committee led by Angela Alioto. Now suddenly I see a Board formed without giving opportunities to the Latino community, the Asians, the Polynesians, and even the African American community and those families that have relatives that have been mentally ill for years. Let us not use crack cocaine as one of the criteria to serve the mentally ill and rehabilitation of young drug addicts. Also, AIDS and the transient population suffering from AIDS. Let us be very careful not to give money to crooks in the Bayview Hunters Points that have been getting millions of dollars all these years and NOT serving the constituents that are mentally ill with standards. Proposition 63 had nothing to do with such Community Based Organization that do not have as their Mission Objective to serve the mentally ill.

Let us be careful of anyone that is on the Board and has any connection with Supervisor Sophina Maxwell. The same I say of Supervisor Bevan Dufty who will do anything in his power to defend perverts that waste thousands of dollars from our health system. Money that should be spent on those that live in San Francisco and constituents that have lived in San Francisco for years mostly normal, straight and in the majority.

Transient communities that are coming here to enjoy a state of life away from the closet life they have known for years in other States are welcome to make their home here; but not to waste our limited resources by purporting to suffer from mental illness that have more to do with other long standing personal and family issues far removed from San Francisco.

Tom Amiano and Bevan Dufty are prone to think they are Harvey Milk or some savior of a population that they embrace but should adopt as our foster children with full privileges that are better earned by San Franciscans who have lived here for years and deserve the best from our Health System and mostly from normal intact families.

We have to be leery of those few doctors from the University of California San Francisco and SF Health Department that have failed the constituents of San Francisco. Doctor Michael Katz for example used mental patients and drug addicts to traumatize the Elderly and Disabled at Laguna Honda. Proposition 63 and the $5.3 million should serve those that need help most and not some select segment of the population that Sophina Maxwell and Bevan Dufty have in mind. Also, the Progress Foundation that has NOT served the constituents of San Francisco and continues to adversely impact hundreds of mental patients because our SF Health system has no checks and balances. Now behind the scene in recent weeks; these same scum bags that should be ashamed to called themselves doctors are creating machinations to adversely impact innocent mentally ill straight constituents of San Francisco including our Elderly. Let me tell you that you cannot fool all the people all the time.

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