The last two years there have been hectic meetings with folks having a hidden agenda trying to move the present San Francisco General Hospital from Potrero to Mission Bay. Mission Bay is the most polluted area much prone to liquefaction and suffering from the worst type of toxic dirt left by San Fe and other toxic landfill material over so many years.

A State Law called for all hospitals to seismically retrofit their building so that when the Big One hits us which is any time now we could some how with stand the shock and our hospitals care for the so many that God bid will not be adversely impacted. We have to do that in a couple of years and time in running out.

The engineers and architects of old did very well by placing the now San Francisco General Hospital where it now stands. It stands on solid ground and has the best climate. Very close to roads and in a Central place to accommodate the acute needs of those that suffer trauma, injuries, and need the best hospitalization.

Much after the SF General Hospital was built some lay person chose to build their homes close to the hospital. Now some of them do not want to deal with modern attachments to the hospital to take care of patients. One of the trouble sore points is a helipad so that helicopters may land on top of one of the hospitals and provide the best care for the injured patients. The home owners cannot stand the noise and vibrations.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies have been slow to follow the process. Some of his crooked advisors plainly tell him to move the site and build newer hospital buildings at Mission Bay. It is all about money and giving contractors and developers money closer to the Mayor. It is not about serving the constituents of San Francisco.

At the SF General Hospital for example the Latino community feels at ease. Recently Saint Luke's Hospital wants to shut its door because of fiscal constraints. Where do you think these noble patients will go to? Of course, SF General Hospital; they take a bus or two and many of them can even walk or ride a bike to the hospital for good service. Mayor Gavin Newsom is ignorant and has no history about our hospitals. For years he was living and did his schooling in Marin County. Some one always took care of him and I sincerely doubt he ever went to SF General Hospital for treatment. A White Boy he was taken to hospitals that catered to Whites in the Santa Clara County or Marin County.

Many years ago many people that could not afford good hospital care automatically chose to go to SF General Hospital. The lines at SF General Hospital were long. Racism was prevalent and most Blacks had to wait in long lines and for long hours to get the minimum treatment.

The Black advocates of the Bayview Hunters Point created a non-profit organization and took upon themselves to address the challenge. They wrote a grant and got the money and went to Texas and found a modern hospital that they could build at Potrero next the three large red buildings that were already there. What a triumph that few know about.

These Black advocates some alive today such as Espanola Jackson saw to it that the hospital got the best equipment and so on and so forth. I may add they also built the Southeast Clinic in the Bayview, the clinic on Potrero Hill, and the South of Market Clinic that is the only non-profit as was originally intended and still running.

Over some few years after the new hospital was built at Potrero, the clinic at Potrero Hill the City and County took over the premises and as the years went by the service were reduced and we all know how the Health Services are provided today.

As long as we have folks like Dr Rajiv Bathia, Dr Mitch Katz, and the host of crooked doctors that do not practice the noble profession and care for the welfare and good of the constituents of San Francisco we will be in deep trouble. The SF General Hospital has always had a good budget; today it is over $1 Billion. Yet some where and some how the billing system is very old. In many departments the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. We need Accountability. Over the years some little improvement has been done at SF General Hospital but much of the money that could have been used for seismic retrofitting was misspent, ill used and wasted. Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. waited until the last moment to carry out the seismic retrofit mandate dialog. Mayor Gavin Newsom has no money but lots of tricks to help life style issues. He will not be of any help to this City.

It is just a matter of time before this critical issue comes before the general public and Mayor Gavin Newsom will have excuses. The rest of the time journalists such as Rachel Gordon will defend his ass just because of life style similarities. Our City and County of San Francisco is going to dogs and with folks like Bevan Dufty and Tom Ammiano we will suffer.

Promiscuous gays are taking a heavy toll of our health system. Sexually Transmitted Diseases among this population are on the increase. Unprotected sex has seen an increase of AIDS patients and all this takes a very heavy toll of our Health System. What is more since the mid 1980s gays have taxed our health system and want more on the platter?

The Federal and State government has been kind to San Francisco and all patients. It has gone out of its way since the mid 1980s to help those that have fallen prey to AIDS and other infectious diseases. In recent years the Bush Administration has cut funds and all of us are hurting. How ever again and again millions are set aside for AIDS victims to the detriment of other patients that need help and are mostly straight.

Again and again we see Tom Ammiano and Bevan Dufty and Mark Leno batting for the gays. We do not see this open support when it comes to straights and they is not the way the politicians should behave in public and fight only for one segment of the population. The gay population is also very prone to taking illegal drugs and bringing that problem to the doors of the San Francisco General Hospital.

Such acute problems harm straights and many innocent people have to suffer. We have been kind to one segment of the population for too long. It is time that Mayor Gavin Newsom takes care of this population that has taken so much for others and given us very little in return. This blatant favoritism must stop as soon as possible. I think the time has come to build an AIDS hospital at Mission Bay. We have sufficient well to do gays that can make that happen. With Mark Leno, Bevan Dufty and Tom Ammiano at the helm of affairs they can save the straights and cater to the AIDS patients with first class service at Mission Bay. If the AIDS victims need transportation and other like services the gays can make that happen.

In recent weeks we have seen gays in key positions and seen the glee exhibited by Mayor Gavin Newsom jumping and thinking all will on the gay frontier. Now is the time to take care of his supporters and the best place is closer to Mission Bay; closer to the Bio tech companies where I am sure a cure will be found for the victims of AIDS and other chronic diseases.

In the mean time let the SF General Hospital stand tall and cater to those that it took care much before the services were expanded with other services like AIDS treatment.

One of two of the red buildings can be demolished and a special hospital built for the youth and youth needs. Minorities need the SF General Hospital and hopefully many minority doctors will care for the patients.

We have to begin now and take care of business. Be leery of folks like Mayor Gavin Newsom and the many Racists politicians that we have in San Francisco. That is not to say that we do not have good people in San Francisco. The few we have want to be kosher and not speak the truth.

We learned a lot from Laguna Honda originally built by San Franciscans and named Alms House. Today it has been taken over by the SF City and County of San Francisco. Some months ago drug addicts were transported to Laguna Honda to prey upon the Elderly and Disabled. Mayor Gavin Newsom knew about this nonsense but did nothing much. His cronies looked the other way. We fought to right the wrong and won big time. Let us seismically retrofit San Francisco General Hospital and cater to the straight minorities that have always been taken care off at the hospital. Mayor Gavin Newsom and his folks can go to Mission Bay and enjoy the view over there.

Save us our gracious past our historic building and the care that will come to us because we will pray. We have some decency and ethics and will not stoop to those levels that beg the question about decency and good life that come from sound, good, health habits.

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