Espanola Jackson by the Intermodal Bridge in contruction.


No one is really paying attention while on the quiet an intermodal bridge is being built on Illinois Street. By Cargo and on 3rd Street if you heading towards AT&T Park make a right on Marin Street and then another right you will see the mess. This project has been given to Shimmick and Homer and the company is at a loss how to handle this delicate project. Not far away is the bridge by Marin Street. We will have two bridges in close proximity the only place in the whole City.

The dumb, inept, ignorant Supervisor from District 10 has NOT said a word. She will when the Main Force that carries 80% of the City secondary effluents and a 100% from Daly City, Brisbane, Burlingame, and Colma is compromised. The bridge is being built above it.

Most constituents from District 10 especially those that are NOT informed see something going on by Illinois Street but the local newspapers have not said much. Over this Illinois Intermodal Bridge millions of vehicles will ply - spewing the worst type of pollution mostly dangerous particulates that will bring death to many that work and live in the surround area. It will of course compromise the Force Main.

As fate would have it the tallow plant, the neighboring concrete plants, the two power plants, and the traffic on 3rd Street all contribute to the pollution. Not to mention the stench and the dangerous pollutants from the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant that comes under the jurisdiction of Susan Leal the inept San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Manager. The SFPUC took part in the compromising of the Force Main when they participated in the building of the failed conduits under the Force Main.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) have employees working for them and many of them are Black - daily they continue to do injustice to the Bayview Hunters Point community. Some act like consultants and for money they will sell their mothers for a dime. Tony Winnicker thinks he is smart but we are watching the cronies paid to divide the community in the same of some fake ass outreach. What else would any one expect from perverts - the many that make their home at SFPUC and think they control San Francisco?

Mayor Gavin Newsom may learn a thing or two from his visit to Shangai. For sure, if he has some vision he will have a second look at the pollution that is hitting innocent human beings in the Bayview Hunters Point area. Pollution contributes to crime and Sophie Maxwell would do well to address infrastructure issues and not look to appointing a crime czar to further address fake ass issues. The woman has no sense but what is more no clue. It stems from being uneducated.

Three conduits were built under the Force Main and Sophie Maxwell knows all about it from the inception. Millions of dollars were wasted, the conduits compromised, the Force Main compromised, and the City and County of San Francisco put on an Emergency Alert. Millions of gallons of half-treated sewage were dumped into the Bay and Sophie Maxwell has nothing to say. She continues to be an Uncle Tom working with despicable Whites that are Racists and continues to adversely impact people of color with intent in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

At the Board of Supervisors the other Supervisors try not to put down the ignorant Sophie Maxwell who continues to call for hearings and continues to appoint cronies to task forces out of which have come naught. They do not want to hurt the poor dumb ass woman's feelings.

Shimmick and Homer think they can fool all the people all the time. Not so - we already know about the band aid and the divers that have reported to the authorities about the sad state of affair in and around the Force Main. Built on landfill and weak from constant disturbance by the construction of the conduits and now the constant drilling of pilings around the already weakened Force Main that spews millions of gallons of treated sewage into the Bay by Pier 80 also called secondary effluents. It is only when a tragedy strikes that the other newspapers will report what I have stated here, much before the real tragedy happens. Just like I stated what will happen at Hunters Point or for that matter on other issues sensitive to Quality of Life issues that affect the common innocent tax paying constituent in the Bayview Hunters Point. Sophie Maxwell cares for only one personal factor - the corrupt Sophie Maxwell is on the take and has been for a long time.

To those few corrupt Blacks that have failed to unite the community and have been sellouts the time has come for you all repent and leave the major issues alone - while the going is good. Especially those that do not live in the Bayview but pretend they know a lot about it and continue to milk it daily. Shame on you scumbags.

The time has come for those that can read and understand to take a stand on the Illinois Intermodal Bridge - this bridge will bring the destruction and kill many innocent folks in the future. No concrete Environmental Impact Study has been done - one was done a long time ago but factors have changed. Soon the SFPUC plans to place a Combustion Turbine that will emit particulates PM-2.5. The millions of vehicles plying will emit dangerous particulates and there are other new factors that have not been incorporated in any environmental studies.

This land belong to the Ohlone and was once pristine that is until the Whites came and ruined it all. This nonsense continues today and many have blood on their hands. Mayor Gavin Newsom cannot understand what it really means to be Black or a person of color. The Newsom administration is Racist and we see it with the spurt of crime, killings, shootings, and thousands leaving San Francisco mostly people of color.

We have Asians, Polynesians, Blacks and others that have NOT attended one single Public Meeting to inform the constituents about the details about the Illinois Intermodal Bridge. Not one single Public Meeting. Can the City and County of San Francisco think with their rabid ass way of doing things that they have the confidence of the public. As I said this is a Racist City - people at City Hall with intent want thousands to die by polluting them and not telling them the truth. The intermodal bridge in on San Francisco Port property. The Burton Act and Public Trust law - mandates and prohibits non-maritime uses and do not encourage pollution. The intermodal bridge does all that and more and the SF Port Commissioners that approved the bridge breaching the mandates and Public Trust laws have blood on their hands. Again and again dumb commissioners will not reason but will follow the dictates of politics that favor greed and materialism.

I explained to many people and to Espanola Jackson who has lived in the community for over 45 years. She agrees with me. Again this City that knows how has failed the constituents of San Francisco and more the First People from whom this land was stolen. We cannot talk Green, or about Quality of Life issues by encouraging such dubious actions that are divisive and what is more very Racist.

Ramp built on top of Force Main.

Thousands of workers adversely impacted by particulates.

The existing bridge by 3rd Street and Marin Street.

This is what most people see as they drive by 3rd Street but have no clue.

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