It is amazing to find out how some crooks will follow the money and especially those few Whites vying for money by pretending to create fake wetlands in the Bayview Hunters Point among people of color.

First we had Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) pretending to create Open Space on the worst toxic land formerly known as Pier 98. Now, all of a sudden with money flowing from State of California and more from the San Francisco Environment with the Blessing of Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Port Authority- Pier 98 also known as Heron's Head Park suddenly becomes a clean Open Space.

LEJ brags that over 6000 children are taken to this toxic land every single year. The land is fifty feet away from the Hunters Point Power Plant the worst toxic spewing power plant in California. Now, imagine Mayor Gavin Newsom the Spin master of everything Green allowing our children to be exposed to the worst pollutants on land that has been bombarded with toxins for the last 60 years by the power plant.

Yosemite Slough is well known as the worst area having a very high concentration of PCBs, Dioxins, and Pesticides not very far from Candlestick Park. Now all of a sudden Arc Ecology headed by Saul Bloom and with millions of money flowing from the State wants to clean up this area and restore it to a fake wetland.

Saul Bloom also has this fake vision to restore Parcel E which most knowledgeable folks will not touch and convert it to another Crissy Field type operation. The paradox is that it is all about money and the White man telling others that they can pollute and then just like that restore that which is most polluted with no respect for Mother Earth. I have said it many times all the land we see in the Bayview Hunters Point was stolen from the First People. Much of the land was pristine wetland and marshland that the First People are the most knowledgeable about and they do not accept fake wetlands as acceptable when touched by fake folks that do not know much about anything at all.

I am all for abatement but would surely not want anyone to go near Pier 98 and Yosemite Slough. I would NOT take innocent children anywhere near these most polluted areas. It is amazing how for money some will sell their mothers for a nickel.

Recently the Governor of California chose to review the many State Commissions that have failed the constituents of California. These Commissions have many meetings and have no timelines with real goals. Often times they fund crooks and those that have connection through lobbyists and chosen friends.

The present Governor wants to change all that but these changes do not bode well for Arc Ecology. Why not? It would just like that cut off all his funding and all his crooked ploys and fake projects like Yosemite Slough very near Candlestick Park home of the 49ers football team.

Why is it that some crooks will stoop to the lowest level to exploit innocent folks and pretend that they can work miracles when all they are good for is deceiving folks because they do not have any accountability and transparency - less morals.

It is a shame that in the year 2006 we do not have leaders and especially Mayor Gavin Newsom who has chosen to side with corrupt folks like Arc Ecology and LEJ. These folks have nothing to do with the holistic approach so vital to treating people and our Earth with respect. These folks will do anything for money - most people can see through that but not Mayor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Environment. They talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Some folks think that if they have access to Jesse Blout, Marcia Rosen, and Michael Cohen that they can do anything. Enough is enough - we have been watching these few crooks with the worst type of connections for a long time. It is not fair to kill our children and those that help the crooks have blood on their hands.

I hope that those in authority and those leaders that read this article will take the challenge and fight for what is right. We should protect our children and we have no business to expose our children to toxic sites and the worst type of pollutants. Pier 98 and Yosemite Slough are much polluted areas - any simple test of the water, soil and air will prove me RIGHT.

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