Community Policing in Room 263.


It is a shame that those that represent the community at large our Supervisors have no clue about the health and safety issues facing thousands of hard working constituents in San Francisco. They have no clue about Community Policing if they did today we would have had Community Policing.

We have thousands of people especially in Public Housing that daily are not sure if they will be alive to face another day because of the violence and crime in many areas. Dumb, inept, ignorant, and very arrogant Supervisor Sophie Maxwell has done nothing to offer long time jobs and to address Quality of Life issues.

Sophie Maxwell keeps calling for hearings of violence and killings where people and so called experts vent and after venting nothing good comes from these very stupid hearings. This nonsense has been going on for the last 2 years.

Now joining the fray we have Michaela Alioto-Pier. Michaela has no clue and this air head better understand that she has got too many things on the silver platter because of family connections. She lives in a very safe neighborhood and was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She cannot feel nor comprehend what is going on in the hot spots where killings and shootings are an off shoot of lack of Quality of Life issues.

I could not believe my ears listening to some White men trying to offer rewards so that folks could point out to law enforcement as to the shooters and killers in the neighborhoods. When it comes to snitching one better be careful. Rampant snitching will fail because the concept fails to understand the under laying factors that bring about the adverse impacts and lack of Safety and Health issues.

As the Director of Community Policing from the SF Police Department stated many young men are forced to carry a gun because if they do not they may not be alive. It is not as if living in some areas is safe - it is worse then living in the worse areas of Iraq. People that have not been to ground zero especially in the night have no clue as to the state of affairs. Snitching does not work. What works are good jobs, extra curricula activities after school with supervision, good schools with great teachers, sports with incentives to do well in school, and other visionary models that the Supervisors cannot think off because most of them are stupid. We need to help single mothers and spend money to take care of our very young children.

Then Tom Ammiano the Queen opens his mouth. There is a whole section in the Portola District that this Queen has not visited. From Silver Avenue to Bacon Street and from San Bruno Avenue to whatever the rows of homes going towards Mission Avenue. The idiot has not connected nor visited this area.

The idiots changed the boundaries of District 10 and forced thousands to come under District 9 only to be left high and dry. Here we have good homes with good folks working hard every day and pay taxes. But again and again crime has arisen and the folks that come to prey on the innocent are not from District 9. Hundreds of incident reports linked to assaults, breaking into cars, breaking into homes and now killings and shootings have flooded the Bayview Police Station.

All of these perpetuated by the worst thugs mostly from the area that Sophie Maxwell has control over.

Merchants on San Bruno Avenue are fed up with crime. Many remember a long time ago when those that could not behave themselves could not cross Bayshore and if they did and misbehave themselves they would be in for deep trouble.

The idiots that changed the District boundaries had no clue about Quality of Life issues. We cannot tolerate thousands of folks without any skills and on drugs to try to irk out a living and having no chance to make a decent living. So these folks prey on others much like survival of the fittest. Much like animals in the jungle waiting for any prey that will come their way and then hoping for the best when the next meal will come again and again. No one gives a damn about the innocent that are victims of foul play sometimes many times over. Lack of Quality of Life issues force many youth to commit crime without a second thought. Parents on crack cocaine and other drugs have no control on their children. Children as young as 12 to 14 years go in and out of facilities that incarcerate and leave deep scars. I deal with some of these youth. Many are prone to committing suicide and will do anything sometimes even kill because of serious mental issues.

For Michaela Alioto-Pier and Sophie Maxwell to take the real issues facing our community lightly by not giving a chance to the victims to speak and explain their position in focused workshops or dialog is totally uncalled for. Please do not make a mockery of issues that totally come under the jurisdiction of Supervisors that have no clue about Quality of Life issues and no way of gathering focused quality information from victims of crime and violence.

The Board of Supervisors has failed us on Transportation Issues. The Board of Supervisors has failed us when it comes to Housing. The Board of Supervisors has failed us when it comes to Health and Safety Issues. The Board of Supervisor love to play games but they cannot fool all the people all the time.

We have a large area from SBC Park to Candlestick Park along the water front that is not patrolled. Drugs, guns, and whatever you want come into our neighborhood from this area. The area is not patrolled from 5 pm to 6 am every single day.

In many neighborhoods you can buy guns and ammunition far superior then the guns and ammunition that any Law Enforcement Agency uses. These are the days of Homeland Security and San Francisco is making a mockery of our security.

The City and County of San Francisco is not green. In the year 2006 Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission wants to place Combustion Turbines that will emit the most dangerous particulates and kill mostly those that live in Bayview Hunters Point. Our youth get hyper because of the millions of vehicles that emit toxins into the air and no one is monitoring the air samples. Mayor Gavin Newsom has been told too many times about Cumulative Impacts but he simply cannot understand the adverse impacts of pollution.

The San Francisco Environment and folks like Jared Blumenfeld, Jesse Blout, Dwayne Jones have no clout they do not want to bite the hand that feeds them. They all pander to Mayor Gavin Newsom and the cronies that feed the Mayor with very bad information.

Care not Cash is a failed project and yet the Mayor and his cronies think they have done this great City - justice. We have dock laborers and other workers living out of their vehicles. We have immigrants living in deplorable conditions - all because we have no decent affordable housing. The Mayor talks the talk but he cannot and will not walk the walk. He can take on the Cable Operators but cannot deal with reality and real issues.

Community Policing is about Quality of Life issues but to do this folks should be united but more educated on issues. Again and again some forces have done all in their power to discourage good Community Policing and among them is Mayor Gavin Newsom. He keeps changing the rules and adding amendments that make no sense.

The Mayor loves clichés and Spin but he cannot fool all the people all the time.

In the year 2005 we had more people die of killings and shootings some 106 plus. In the year 2005 the air pollution was the worst ever. In the year 2005 we still have not had two bridges that will allow MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail move - the bridges at 3rd and Marin Street and 4th and King Street are still being retrofitted.

In the year 2005 MUNI failed to address particulates and continues to pollute our air. In the year 2005 the over 1800 miles of clean drinking water pipes and 900 miles of sewer pipes much of them over 70 years old continue to leach and pollute the water shed. I could go on and on - suffice it to say that in the year February 2006 we are worse off because of Mayor Gavin Newsom. Any Mayor that has NO clue about real Green, Quality of Life issues, Housing for those that need most, a Mayor that encourages Ellis Act evictions, building Combustion Turbines, failing to have the San Francisco Health Department with a 1 billion dollar plus budget attain a decent standard of service, in the last 3 years the poor and homeless are worse off.

We have crooks like Saul Bloom from Arc Ecology also known as Donald Solomon make millions in San Francisco working for Jesse Blout from the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce. Michael Cohen the Czar of Base Closure and a panderer to Larry Florin and Lennar BVHP LLC. We have folks like Karen Pierce, Olin Webb, Jesse Mason all supported by Sophie Maxwell who fosters corruption - any investigation will reveal that and more.

In the Bayview Hunters Point the Mayor wants Blacks to move and will do all in his power to bring this change. Right now Blacks make less then 6% of the City and County of San Francisco's population. I bet you in 5 years it will be less then 3% of the population of San Francisco. Black on Black violence could have been prevented a long time ago but it has been allowed to go on because the forces that be want Blacks to kill one another and that is the truth. In 1978 there were no drugs in the Bayview now we have too much. It would be interesting to find out who brought drugs to the Bayview Hunters Point. Then guns and more to destroy the most vulnerable and force out the poor out of their homes and neighborhood.

The Mayor continues to encourage Lennar BVHP LLC to build over 1600 homes on Pacel A at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Parcel B, C, D, E and F is surrounded by radiological elements. Mayor Gavin Newsom cannot understand Cumulative Pollution. Over 300 trees were clear cut on Parcel A. Friends of the Trees have been given over $500,000 by SF Public Utilities Commission to grow trees so that these trees can negate the adverse affects of the Combustion Turbines. What a joke!

In the mean time we have no Community Policing. We have Combustion Turbines placed killing people slowly. Then on the streets more people get killed. In other areas thugs prey on the poor. In the mean time mostly White Folks have ideas how to help poor Blacks and only these idiots know what is best for those that suffer the most.

Good attendance - Community Policing.

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