All over the world dramatic climate changes have adversely impacted thousands and left an imprint that clearly points to global warming and large tracts of ice masses in the Artic and Antarctic melting and flowing into the Oceans. There is a hue and cry now - our Oceans are rising.

Those that climb the highest mountains all over the world are noticing that huge ice caps are melting and vast areas with unique micro climates changing for the worst. We see this on Mount Kilimanjaro but also in and around Mount Everest and all the mountains that have been studied all over the world.

We all know the impact of Hurricanes and there will be more to follow. What will happen in the future is that the Hurricanes will come in earlier and more of them which will adversely impact millions of people. In San Francisco it will get colder and impact thousands especially the poor and those that cannot afford heat.

When the Oceans raise the impact on land masses will be immense. Closer to home the landfill that we have in San Francisco closer to the Bay and land closer to the Ocean can and will be impacted. If we have a Tsunami in the Pacific Ocean the rise in the Ocean water will adversely impact San Francisco greater then ever before.

Many States in the United States fail to understand that we have to do all in our power to curb Global Warming. Even if the White House fails to understand the impact of Global Warming and continue to pollute the air, the water and the land by its stupid policies - it in no way means that States cannot and should not continue to have a higher standard.

Some States have chosen to lead by having higher standards. Here in California as a whole we are trying to do our best. We have a set standard for fossil fuel used by vehicles that are regulated and if they were not - the amount of pollution spewed in the air would have been in the millions of tons more contributing actively to Global Warming besides impacting the immediate area. Smog controls are in force. In California as in some other States we continue to grow trees and plant vegetation knowing well that trees can create oxygen and curb Carbon dioxide. Create Nitrogen and help germinate and enrich the soil in and around forest and every where that most humans and other life forms love to coexist.

One indicator that I love following everywhere I go and which some naturalists love monitoring are frogs. Where ever there are frogs - one can be sure to have the best of balance as far as nature is concerned. I am not talking a couple of frogs but frogs in the thousands if not millions.

In our Bay in San Francisco a good indicator of how healthy our Bay was at one time was fish and native plants. Today, we know the White men with his pollution, insecticides, chemicals, rampant development and other poisons has killed the fish and destroyed so many species.

Tons of chemicals flow into the Bay some natural like Mercury from the old mines but more those manufactured by human beings in the name of progress. Further we have criminals and thugs even today in 2006 that will throw the worst chemicals into the Bay just to avoid the proper way to dispose dangerous and hazardous chemicals.

There are folks called experts that monitor the birds, insects, native plants, the soil, the air, human beings, the Bay in San Francisco and even the Pacific Ocean. It is a shame that once pristine places have been polluted. By the Farralones Islands thousands of barrel of so called low radio active barrels were disposed by the United States Navy. Parcel F and E on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has been polluting the Bay each and every single day because of radials and other radiological elements.

Heron's Head Park is a Toxic Park and dredge containing dangerous toxins and other hazardous material made an artificial land mass what once was a Pier. The San Francisco Port Authority has failed in its obligation and Mayor Gavin Newsom continues to send thousands of innocent children to Heron's Head Park by stating again and again that nothing is wrong with this area. Further the Hunters Point power plant has been bombarding Heron's Head Park with particulates for the last 60 years plus and it just a few feet way from this very toxic park. As much as some FOOLS continue to state that San Francisco is a Green City we are not. At one time the Golden Gate Park, Presidio of San Francisco, and some parks like McClaren Park absorbed a lot of pollution when not so much of the air, land, and water were polluted. Today respiratory diseases take a heavy toll of our population some 780,000 living in the City and County of San Francisco.

Today San Francisco is a mess and vast areas are polluted the United States Geological Survey and other Scientists have thermal maps that reveal to us the vast damage caused by literate folks like Mayor Gavin Newsom - he talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Recently, over 400 mature trees some over 40 year old were clear cut on Parcel A the only area conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco by the Navy. By Pier 96 we have companies daily adversely impacting the air, land, and water dealing with concrete, aggregate, and sand.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission under Susan Leal continues to release dangerous flares contain very harmful particulates and pathogens into the air in a neighborhood right by the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant in the middle of Bayview. Mayor Gavin Newsom anointed this woman who is not an engineer and has no clue about Engineering issues. Mayor Frank Jordon introduced this woman to San Francisco politics through the back door of fetish happenings.

We have 900 miles of sewer pipes and more then 1900 of clean water pipes all in bad shape and over 70 years old. Water is leaching into the water shed which once was pristine. Today, no one knows the state of affairs of what should be pristine.

We have millions of vehicles plying in areas where two toxic spewing power plants spew thousands of tons of particulates and other dangerous toxins into the air. These factors contribute to Global Warming in a real way and we cannot brag that we are a Green City.

Even as some of us forced the closure of Hunters Point the City wants to place 3 Combustion Turbines in 2006 by Pier 80. Mayor Gavin Newsom approves these dangerous monsters that spew tons of PM-2.5. The Darlin Plant on San Francisco Port Property does not contribute to Maritime uses and even as dead animals and fatty substances collected from all over the place are processed at Pier 92 - daily the Darlin Plant continues to pollute the area with foul smell and ever more dangerous toxins. Our San Francisco Health Department has no clue about enforcement and so do other State and Federal agencies.

At the Alioto-Lazio Fish Company the Exxon Oil Company continues to pollute the Bay at Fisherman's Wharf with its leaking fuel tanks and pipes. It is the responsibility of the San Francisco Port to clean up the mess as the land lord but the Port prefers to harass the innocent. Even so daily the Bay is polluted where Aaron Peskin and others swim in a cesspool that no one pays much attention too. This nonsense has been going on since 1991.

In San Francisco in many areas Clear Cutting of Trees has been going on. City Departments are ignorant and dictatorial whims and fancies as was displayed in recent times at McClaren Park and Parcel A tell us that some FOOLS have no idea about concrete Global Warming.

Each mature tree is valued at around $170,000 when it comes to role of each tree contributing to clean oxygen and other purposes especially absorbing particulates. Now imagine cutting hundreds of trees if not thousands without any impunity. Mayor Gavin Newsom has No clue about his fact and if does then his talk is fake.

This land we call the Bay Area and San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone. It was stolen from them. Once there were pristine hills, rivers, creeks, lot of trees, and the best of native vegetation. The Ocean, the Bay, the rivers were rich with fish and other healthy resources. Animals and birds were in plenty and then came greed and so called progress that destroyed all and set the clock back wards and heading towards Global Warming.

Thieves have no conscience and at City Hall we have idiots that chose to take control of Parcel A at Hunters Point without the abatement and clean up of the Parcels B, C, D, E, and F under the Bay. No one talks about Cumulate Pollution and less have any understanding of this critical factor when a holistic approach attains better dividends. We have crooks like Arc Ecology and Saul Bloom aka Donald Solomon working with Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Olin Webb, Karen Pierce, Willie B. Kennedy, Marcia Rosen and others all contributing to Global Warming and adversely impacting thousands because of greed and ignorance.

How so? They look the other side when Clear Cutting is done on the quiet, the want 1600 homes to be built in the middle of Chernobyl when near by Methane Gas is free flowing and affects Global Warming. The want to make money trying to abate and deal with remediation on the Shipyard when they have no qualification to do so. They are the sellouts that have done people mostly of color and poor the worst - injustice.

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