Thermal Maps of the Bay Area.


There was a time when all that is now the Bayview Hunters Point belonged to the Ohlone. There were two hills on Hunters Point that the Navy demolished. Sacred Burial Grounds that were desecrated by the United States Navy and which the Navy and the City and County of San Francisco must acknowledge as facts. White folks do not desecrate their cemeteries but when it comes to the First People they will steal and do atrocious deeds without any qualms of conscience.

Much of Hunters Point was taken by using Eminent Domain so that the Navy could use the land in the War Effort. Today the Navy has conveyed Parcel A to the City and County of San Francisco. Parcel B, C, D, E, and F that is under water and part of the Bay still come under the jurisdiction of the Navy.

On parcel B, C, D, E, and F we have very dangerous and serious pollution, this issue becomes all the more very significant when the issues relate to radials and radiological elements. Cesium is not something that has a short life and there are other dangerous toxins and products that will take billions of dollars to do a through clean up.

The City and County of San Francisco is using the SF Health Department that has no expertise in dealing with the abatement and disposal of radiological elements to deal with a situation that is beyond them. The SF Redevelopment Agency is about Tax Increment and will work with chosen greedy developers to make money. As long as we have Michael Cohen, Jesse Blout, and Marcia Rosen on any team we can expect the worst type of decisions be it on Hunters Point or at Treasure Island.

No one is looking at the Cumulative Pollution in the Bayview Hunters Point. The City and County of San Francisco does not have empirical data on air, land and water pollution. They do not want to go there right now because if the do - they will fail and they will break all the standards set today linked to clean air standards, abatement of land, and clean water acts. Thermal photographs taken from the air show that Bayview Hunters Point has the worst pollution and we have shown it on this site. We have the Mirant Plant that continues to spew the most dangerous particulates. The Hunters Point power plant will be shut down in a couple of months but that means nothing - for over 60 years it has polluted the land, water, and air and this mitigation must go on. So far we have no plan of action to address the pollution of the past and the mitigation of the future.

The City plans to place 3 Combustion Turbines at Pier 80. These 3 Combustion Turbines will spew PM 2.5 and dangerous pathogens in the air. Mayor Gavin Newsom does not want to address this fact and has given the inept, ignorant, Susan Leal from the SF Public Utilities Commission to do as she pleases about these dangerous and polluting Combustion Turbines. She is joined by Barbara Hale and Karen Kubick that do not have the interests of the constituents of San Francisco.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Plant that comes under the jurisdiction of SF Public Utilities Commission continues to spew particulates when flares are released in the middle of a neighborhood. The Darlin Plant at Pier 92 is even worse together with foul smell it spews pathogens and particulates into the air it manufactures tallow. Add to this the millions of vehicles that spew diesel in and around 3rd Street and the City and County of San Francisco thinks nothing of it.

We have over 400 toxic hot spots from industrial waste and other pesticides that were dumped into the various neighborhoods by companies and people that with intent disposed these dangerous wastes in an indiscriminate manner. The City and County knows about the toxic hot spots but will not do any clean up.

Everyone knows about the high incidence of cancer, asthma, and other chronic respiratory diseases but no one is doing anything. Mayor Gavin Newsom and an evil person like Marcia Rosen think they can take over huge parcel of land in the Bayview using Eminent Domain to develop the land. Again and SF Redevelopment Agency has failed to do clean ups they prefer to cap the land and make the maximum by building homes on toxic land and brown fields. It is time to kick out the SF Redevelopment Agency and those that support this evil organization. We do not want folks like Dwayne Jones who lives in Oakland, Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, and Marcia Rosen screwing up things in our neighborhood. The worst among these scumbags Sophie Maxwell the sellout - her time will come.

Blacks on the SF Redevelopment Agency Commission sold out everyone and especially the Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point Francee Covington, Leroy King, and that smart ass novice London Breed. These folks are ignorant and did not read the faulty Environmental Impact Report. They had nothing to say because they could not comprehend. No one is talking about Cumulative Pollution. The City has Clear Cut over 400 trees on Parcel A on the Hunters Point Shipyard and no one is talking about this real fact. We call ourselves a Green City. We talk the talk but we cannot walk the walk. The time has come to fight - we should not give these scumbags one more single opportunity to step one single foot or gain one square inch of jurisdiction in the Bayview Hunters Point.

We have very serious pollution issues in the Bayview Hunters Point but no one wants to address them.

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