Lynne Brown from BVHP.


In the year 2006 one would think racism and the most blatant disregard for all life would be something from another era - which we would have learnt from our mistakes and the least we could have done is permit humans and others live without being adversely impacted. That we would stand together and do all in our power to fight for and stand for Quality of Life issues.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is worse then the worst particulates that slowly kill thousands of innocent people all over the Bay Area. This agency should be taken to task because it lies and fails to fulfill the basic requirements its goals:

1. Attain and maintain air quality standards. 2. Increase public awareness of positive air quality choices. 3. Develop and implement protocol and policies for Environmental Justice.

Again and again at various times through many years the BAAQMD has failed the constituents of San Francisco. The constituents of the Southeast Sector have had a number of meetings and talked to personnel of the BAAQMD only to be bluffed and given fake promises regarding air pollution issues. It has not developed sound protocol and policies and it has failed miserably when it comes to Environmental Justice.

On March 23, 2006 I cancelled many important meetings to attend a hearing held in the presence of Thomas M. Dailey, M.D the Chair, Christian Colline, P.E., Julio A Magalhaes, Ph. D., Terry Trumbull, Esq., Rolf Lindenhayn and the Clerk Neil Advani.

The idiots on the panel were quick to favor any comment that came from the BAAQMD staff and the City and County of San Francisco attorneys. All White and all very biased. It did not matter if due diligence was not attained and it did not matter if process was shoved aside when Lynne Brown, Michael Boyd and Robert Sarvey testified. However, when it came to the Intervenors, the ones I have mentioned Lynne, Mike, and Bob that represent the constituents of the Southeast linked to the Final Determination of Compliance Application 12344 - an appeal of Californians for Renewable Energy (CARE) - the panel were biased, failed to adjudicate the matter at hand.

I was a bit early for the hearing and got an opportunity to meet the Clerk Neil Advani who was not at all friendly and tried to boss me around. I have seen vermin like her - dime a dozen and did not pay attention to this imbecile of a kind. The Court Recorder was nice and we made some small talk before the Hearing began.

I spoke under Public Comment on issues that were not on the agenda and had to do it within 3 minutes. The City Attorneys were there trying to push for the 3 Combustion Turbines that will spew dangerous 2.5 particulates and this is wrong especially since Mayor Gavin Newsom touts that the City and County of San Francisco is a Green City.

This City of San Francisco has clear cut over 400 mature trees on Parcel A at Hunters Point and that would never happen if we were truly a Green City.

This City wants to place 3 Combustion Turbines and has been doing it without proper public noticing and process. The key Regulatory Agencies are meeting without inviting the Intervenors. The Environmentalists and the advocates are shut out. Barbara Hale and Karen Kubbick who work for SFPUC have blood on their hands and they know why.

Over 80,000 gallons of diesel very near the proposed site where the 3 Combustion Turbines were spilled and the City kept a low profile for weeks before the matter came to light. What if ammonia is spilled or if we have an accident at the proposed site? How can we trust SFPUC, DPW, the City and County of San Francisco to attend to matters pertaining to Health and Safety issues when it has not it the recent past on many occasions? The constituents of San Francisco does not trust San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - more Susan Leal - the inept, ignorant and very arrogant SFPUC Manager. Recently, I testified before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in San Francisco. The EPA wants to mandate tougher standards regarding PM-2.5. The world now realizes that particulate kill. In San Francisco we continue to place Combustion Turbines when we really do not need these killer turbines. At it is our children are dying and others have been harmed. This Health and Safety issue has been relegated to the back burner by mostly White Racists.

These Racists do not give a second thought when it comes to placing dangerous Combustion Turbines and placing other facilities that adversely impact thousands. The BAAQMD and other Regulatory Agencies want to hood wink the public and more the Intervenors that are part of the process.

At Pier 80 fifty feet away from the proposed MUNI Metro East Facility the 3 Combustion Turbines will be placed significantly impacting thousands of employees that will be working for the City and MUNI. This is a crime crying to heaven in the year 2006.

There is only so much one can cover under Public Comment and within 3 minutes but I think I did cover all that I have stated above.

I have an Intervenor friend Robert Sarvey who by profession is a cobbler. He is pretty good at what he does including working with those that need special shoes because of their disability. On the side he spends a lot of time addressing air pollution issues and is well known among those that attend and hold hearings on Pollution Issues in the Regulatory Circles.

Robert wanted to exercise his right but the panel with Thomas M. Dailey, M.D. as the Chair chose to deny Robert Sarvey's Petition for Intervention. Robert was also denied to be an Intervenor based on some Jurisdictional issues. These Racist will not stop at anything to use their convoluted laws to harm those that will protect Mother Earth.

The crooked attorney that work for the City and County of San Francisco Jeanne M. Sole and the attorney who works for BAAQMD - Alexander Crockett scumbags of the highest order did all in their power using diatribe and convoluted legalese to deny Robert Sarvey his rights. I had to sit on my ass and listen to the idiots play games and deny Robert Sarvey his rights for hours - Robert should have stayed after Robert was denied his rights - but chose to walk away dejected and the Racist feeling some pride that they have the power to do wrong when all the time they should be doing - right .

Mayor Gavin Newsom is not fully cognizant of the fact that many City Attorneys are playing with fire and Dennis Herrera who brags and prides himself that he is doing right has many of his attorneys trampling on the rights of those that need help.

I got a second chance to address the Panel and what they heard I hope they remember for a long time. The BAAQMD is worse then the worst particulates and the constituents of San Francisco continue to suffer from air pollution the worse ever. The EPA will soon mandate higher standards by September 2006.

The City and County of San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom, the City Attorneys, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission continues to defy the constituents and this is wrong. We should have nothing to do with dangerous particulates and do everything possible not to have our City Employees, other constituents adversely impacted by these killer particulates.

At this rate judging from our actions we should be ashamed to call ourselves a Green City. We could and should name ourselves the Particulate City.

BAAQMD no photographs allowed!

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