There was a time when San Franciscans were proud of their neighborhoods and each neighborhood had much to offer. There was a time when those that represented the City at City Hall made sure they put the City first and cared for their neighborhood is like fashion. There was a time when San Franciscans enjoyed diversity and there was compassion that was recognized world wide.

Neighborhood fairs had much to offer and those neighborhoods that fared best were those that took pride in small businesses. Most of that ambiance has been lost thank God to representatives who purport to represent the constituents but are ignorant and have no clue what representation is all about. We cannot keep hurting small businesses and pretend that all will be well.

There was a time in San Francisco when children and families were welcome and well cared for. San Francisco was known as a Union City and many families sent their children to good churches, good schools, and good colleges many later went to work and got very good jobs.

Youth were well cared for and killings and shootings as we see today was something foreign. Today we have killings and shootings because for the longest time possible - no one took it upon themselves to nib the problem in the bud. You cannot expect the dumb, inept, ignorant Sophie Maxwell to understand the issues of Crime and Violence.

Today the foremost wave that rules in San Francisco is same sex marriage and other related issues fermented to this issue that is becoming stale in California. We notice some representatives like the man that loves to chase his tail think that he is a Harvey Milk - it will take him years to even come close to Harvey Milk who is and was an icon that few can touch because few can go to that place he went with an open heart and without fearing to speak the truth in an era that needed a person like him. We cannot expect crooks and some perverts to even touch his shadow in today's contemporary world. In the Southeast Sector we have Big Ass Little Brain play games at the Land Use and Economic Committee pretending that all is well with the Eastern Neighborhood Plan. Our City and County of San Francisco has a $5 Billion Budget yet this City chose with intent to set aside a paltry $100,000 to study the Socio-Economic issues in the Eastern Neighborhoods. I added Socio because I know why.

Big Ass Little mind has no clue about the over 5000 small businesses that have no respect for some one that lacks common sense and yet represent them at City Hall. The last frontier is the Southeast Sector and the area has not had good representation. If the small businesses keep hurting they will leave San Francisco and go to Brisbane, South San Francisco, Daly City, and a host of other cities that will embrace them.

At one time $100,000 was put aside to do a through Economic Assessment study linked to the Eastern Neighborhoods. Out of this money only $50,000 were really spent to study the Economic Issues in the Eastern Neighborhood and that too with old statistics and the end result was injustice to the study.

This City has forgotten about standards but more about Accountability and Transparency. This City will not go anywhere as long as we sell our souls to a corrupt agency such as the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) and a witch that heads it Marsh Rosen. We cannot make progress with a representative that is a sell out and represents District 10 - she shall not remain nameless we shall call her Big Ass Little Brain from hence forth.

This City should be ashamed of itself to permit the Eastern Neighborhood Plan that was started by the San Francisco Planning Department to be shelved. Ignoring the constituents and permitting as in the case of Bayview Hunters Point - the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) to use Eminent Domain and Tax Increment to fleece those home owners that can ill afford to be homeless and lose their homes to fake blight and corruption blessed by Jake McGoldrick, Aaron Peskin, Michaela Alioto Pier, Fiona Ma, Sean Elsbernd, Bevan Dufty and of course leading the circus Big Ass Little Brain. Some of us attended the Eastern Neighborhood meetings, contributed with ideas, and dreamt that our aspiration would be attended to - just to be fooled by SF Planning Department. Nothing much as changed at the SF Planning Department, now we have diplomatic planners and a Smithsonian Director that is playing second fiddle to Mayor Gavin Newsom and down town developers and greed.

We cannot and will not be able to address the Socio-Economic issues facing San Francisco unless we have a sound Housing Element. We cannot make progress unless SF Planning Department has a Transportation Document. We cannot fool all the people all the time by not paying attention to those comments in those lengthy workshops where we tried our best to serve the needs of the City and County of San Francisco by addressing pertinent issues linked to the Eastern Neighborhoods.

When will our Board of Supervisor begin to understand that the neighborhoods have good neighbors living in them and that we can ill afford to have crooked representatives that are on the take and a Mayor that did not get a mandate that now PIMPS unashamedly for the down town interests and uses poor folks as pawns. This is Racism of the highest order.

At the Land Use and Economic Meetings often you will see some few White Men that think they can push for the Better Neighborhood Plus Ordinance that should be flushed down the commode. The bottom line is we need community process and progress because neighborhoods are made up of individuals that have chosen to live in certain areas called a neighborhood and they have every right to preserve their neighborhood character and more.

The Economic Studies conducted on some level linked to Mission Bay, the Mission Neighborhood, the Eastern Neighborhood all point to the lack of Accountability and Transparency at the SF Planning Department. Further these documents lack of leadership from the Mayor's Office in this case Mayor Gavin Newsom. Statistics linked to these documents are not current and fail to do justice to the money spent - all taxpayers money. Missing is a sound Environmental Impact Report (EIR) linked to the Eastern Neighborhoods. The SF Planning Department tries some how to get the SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) to fund for some critical EIRs. The SF Planning has been promising us an EIR but to date we have not seen it. In the mean time as far as the Bayview Hunters Point is concerned the SF Redevelopment Agency ready to take over huge areas as a Project Area. SFRA is ready to redline a huge area where people of color have invested in homes in the Southeast Sector but now SFRA wants to steal their homes.

To date over 18,000 signatures have been collected from all over San Francisco to defeat the programs brought about by the dubious deeds of SFRA. We need 21,000 to put the issues of SFRA and a Referendum on the Ballot. We have six more weeks and we will WIN this time hands down. This time around SFRA has something coming down that will teach other Redevelopment Agencies a thing or two about doing in innocent folks that pay their taxes.

We cannot make progress when this City chooses to penalize Small Businesses. We cannot make progress when we fail to address Cumulative Pollution and Quality of Life issues. We cannot trust those officials that side with SFRA.

The last time Empirical Data was collected in the Southeast Sector linked to particulates and Cumulative Pollution was in 1999. It is in the Southeast Sector area that the Power Plants spew particulates and other toxic matter; it is in this area that the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant spews dangerous pathogens and other dangerous toxins. The Concrete, Aggregate, Tallow, and millions of vehicles catering to the industrial facilities all contribute to Cumulative Pollution of the worst order.

The above mentioned factor adversely impact human beings and should be part of any sound Economic Report. Schools, health centers, good supermarkets, and so on also count and a sound analysis is called for to better the standards that this City and County has not addressed for the longest time. The Southeast Sector need good transportation and this has not been addressed. Health and Safety issues are a must and this has not been addressed. 20 percent of the youth live in the Southeast Sector and they have been shafted.

The racist powers that be and that includes Mayor Gavin Newsom now want Blacks and other people of color to be removed from the Southeast Sector so that Whites and more Whip Cream that habitat the best area with the best climate.

We see it with the 3rd Street Light rail and the Redlining and constant discrimination when it comes to giving opportunities to people of color in the Bayview Hunters Point and beyond. We see it with some Black sellouts falling for the bread crumbs offered by SFRA. The Project Area Committee is a disgrace and has done a very bad job. No legal elections have been carried on in years. This under the watchful eyes of SFRA and other crooks ready to use some sellout Blacks for ulterior motives and detrimental to the community at large.

We demand a sound socio-economic document. We demand that we not be marginalized and that this Racism of the Worst Order be stopped.

A worthy note of great importance is that children make up over 20 percent of the Southeast Sector. This factor is important to be considered. In the rest of the City you have very few children. The trend has been to foster same sex marriages while doing everything possible to drive families with children out of San Francisco. Mayor Gavin Newsom and his Young Turks cannot fool all the people all the time.

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