Radiological contaminated soils.


Mayor Gavin Newsom is deeply interested in bringing the 2016 Summer Olympics to San Francisco. When you see the photographs I have posted with this article just remember radiological elements. Daily these particles fly and settle on a wide area slowly killing thousands.

Close by are the Public Housing and daily poor innocent constituents are exposed to toxic dirt. The culprits doing the clean up have no conscience and will not cover the toxic dirt.

This operation has been going on for months day and night. When I spoke to the Navy some months ago they told me over $17 million has been expanded to truckers. Many of the truckers are not from the local area and many truckers from far away are making tons of money.

The worst radiological contaminated soil is being shipped out but in the interim dumped here, there, and everywhere along the route. I have seen workers mostly African Americans without the proper work clothes and they are putting their lives at risk.

Near by in the Public Housing people are complaining about various types of ailments and no one is paying attention. Rats and snakes that made their homes on these sites are now being redlined and fleeing closer and into public housing to find refuge.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and his side kick Dwayne Jones know little about what is happening to the constituents that live in Public Housing and closer to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard where all this activity is taking place. God help us all what is this world coming to?

People having been telling me about the operation at the Naval Shipyard for months - tons of toxic dirt removed and shipped far away at great expense by outsiders. The Public has not been told about the movement of this very toxic dirt and as one can see from the photographs the dirt is closer to human dwelling by the fence. I had to wear the right gear to get close enough to take the photographs for fear of getting exposed to dangerous levels of toxins. A few minutes in the area and I felt the air was polluted. In the mean time all living beings are being exposed to the worst type of hazardous materials worst then those classified Class One.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is busy thinking about bringing the Summer Olympics and same sex marriage two fundamental issues on which San Francisco's economy is based on or so he thinks! He cares not about Quality of Life issues.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has not given a thought about Quality of Life issues because that is low on his totem pole - land of which to make money is very high of his polluted list of things to do.

The Environmental Protection Agency is sleeping. So is the Regional Water Board, the Bay Area Air Quality Management whatever, and the local, State, and Federal Agencies all screwing around while innocent Americans are slowly dying.

Uncovered Toxic Soil next to Public Housing.

This area and beyond polluted for years.

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