Health and Safety under Mayor Gavin Newsom in San Francisco is under jeopardy.

We have a number of Departments that have no clue that thousands of people in San Francisco are daily adversely impacted because we have some SF City Departments that are playing games and holding the lives of innocent tax payers' hostage.

Since Mayor Gavin Newsom has been in office the San Francisco Police Department has under gone many drastic changes. It is a joke when the Chief of Police does not report to the Mayor but has to directly and indirectly report to the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ).

It is a joke when inexperienced folks in the MOCJ take upon themselves to study the organization and operation of the San Francisco Police Department and want to charge some entity on the East Coast to meddle with our private affairs and denigrate an evaluation that we can conduct at home with better experts from the Bay Area.

We have worthy institutions right here in the Bay Area well versed with elements linked to Law Enforcement that can provide any evaluation and do it in 3 months for less money. The University of San Francisco, the SF State University, and many former Police Chiefs some from San Francisco and others from other major Bay Area cities can do the honors. We should and must incorporate one or two experts from the SFPD. It is best to empower some within to bring about change with consequences - valued time lines and strict goals.

The Mayor has failed this City and County of San Francisco when it comes to the health and safety of the City. The Mayor was quick to jump when the video episode happened and promised a Blue Ribbon but nothing else has happened since. Again and again, in a fit of temper the Mayor will promise to do something only to find himself bluffing and making vague promises. This is not the End's Up Club! It is a crying shame that so many young people are dying and that our SF Police Department is in shambles. Within the 10 precincts there is no real law and order. There is fragmentation in the Chain of Command. Former Captain Richard Bruce and former Deputy Chief of Police Gregory Suhr could take the SFPD to a higher ground with higher standards. How ever some forces have jeopardized their ability and forced one to retire and the other is doing some justice in the San Francisco Public Commission as a Security Chief.

Within the Police Department not everything is flowing as it ought to flow. There are changes that cannot be implemented with the Crime Laboratory and in other areas linked to training. While some effort is made to address these situations nothing much is happening to affect real change. With over 250 less officers to do a job the SFPD is praying to God for help and for miracles.

The office that handles Incident Reports has a system that is primitive. Incident reports in the year 2006 are still handled manually and it is difficult to pull up thousands of cases from a particular category using computer models that are used and available in other Law Enforcement agencies. Primitive software rules within the SFPD and so too at the District Attorney's Office in San Francisco.

Kamala Harris is busy playing to Spin and Media while the City has thugs and drug pins making hay while the sun shines. Many of them come from outside San Francisco to work in San Francisco to sell drugs, pimp, whore, steal, and cause mayhem.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has been spending millions on consultants. The proposed placement of 3 Combustion Turbines by Pier 80 is detrimental to the health of thousands of constituents in San Francisco. The over 900 miles of sewer pipes over 75 years old need to be replaced as soon as possible. The same with the over 1900 miles of clean water pipes that are old, leaking, and just talked about. They need to be replaced.

In the Visitation Valley and along Old Bayshore millions of dollars of sewer and clean water pipes have been laid to accommodate filthy rich developers with huge construction projects who pay No capacity fees. San Franciscans passed the Bond Measure giving the SFPUV a Blank Check because the constituents were pressured into thinking that the SFPUC would address the Hetch Hetchy Project in toto, increase the holding capacity at the various sources, keep, replace, and reinforce the 4 major conduits that bring the water from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, and do a host of other critical changes. The scare was the Big One!

Under Susan Leal, Tony Winnicker, William Carlin, Tony Irons, Barbara Hale, Karen Kubbick, Laura Spignan, and the inner circle of life style enthusiasts - SFPUC has put thousands of innocent people in harms way and continue to do so each and every day.

The San Francisco General Hospital is a mess. One has just to visit the San Francisco General Hospital on any given day. I would suggest that Tom Ammiano visit the General Hospital and wait in line at the Emergency Room. There are some Third World Countries that have a better system and superior care complete with doctor and better nurses.

While some folks that are in dire need do need Universal Health Care it is totally wrong to send all of them to SF General Hospital. In fact we could strengthen the Clinics the one at South of Market, the one at Potrero Hill, the Silver Health Clinic in the Portola District, the Mission Clinic, the Southeast Health Clinic, the various clinics in China Town, and North Beach and all over San Francisco.

Smaller clinics with good nurses and qualified doctors can do much good. Sending every one to SF General Hospital is like sending thousands of cows to the slaughter. Just visit the SF General Hospital and go to the Emergency Room and see the treatment you get. You may go there for a small injury and come out in a coma.

Under Mayor Gavin Newsom the word Green has become Kosher. The Mayor loves throwing arrows in the air and does not care where they fall. He has been doing this since day one. Wasting energy on same sex marriage is a failure and cannot be compared in any way to Civil Rights. It is like day and night and a very wrong comparison. Queer Folks vote, they have better jobs, most people of color in San Francisco do not, they are better organized and love unprotected sex. They live in better homes and travel and have others superior amenities. They tax our health system and do get health care and yet the Mayor feels that same sex marriage is the vital component that will make Queer Folks whole and bring him fame, fortune and some ass.

Crime and Violence has increased under Mayor Gavin Newsom and instead of dealing directly with the neighborhoods he is busy making stupid policies behind close doors and making a fool of himself. He has appointed some SF Police Commissioners that are doing his bidding and causing harm to thousands of innocent tax paying San Franciscans. This nonsense must stop at once.

The infrastructure of our City is hurting and the Mayor has no clue. If the Big One strikes tomorrow we have no helicopters that we can call at a moments notice. We have no inventory of heavy equipment to lift very heavy objects. We do not have a communication system that works and can inter act with several agencies. We have no Standard Operating Procedures with the National Guard or other major entities to conduct major relief operations.

If the Big One hits many of our hospitals will not be operational. For sure the SF General Hospital will be down with bricks lying all over the place. The supposedly new facilities at Mission Bay will suffer because they will be prone to liquefaction. This is the reality of the Day.

Health and Safety under Mayor Gavin Newsom is in jeopardy and his cronies keep feeding him with disinformation that will only make things worse. We are for Open Space that is clean and not Toxic Hot Spots that some outsiders want to call Open Space to make money in the name of greed. Our animals, birds, insects, all living being should not be exposed to pollution of any kind. Now what about human beings?

Our attempts to follow the Brown Act and to use the Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act have been stymied by the Gavin Newsom thugs and this does not bode well for true Democracy.

Bottom line our health and safety is in jeopardy.

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