Gravity bring millions of gallons of excreta to Bayview.


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) under Susan Leal is in a mess. San Franciscans remember well that the plea made to SFPUC was to fix the Hetch Hetchy system so that if any major catastrophe hits San Francisco and the wider Bay Area we were prepared. So we passed a bond measure and gave SFPUC a blank check.

We were so concerned that we literally gave SFPUC a blank check and now is the time for us to go back and cap the limit to the check and mandate timelines with accountability and transparency. Hold SFPUC feet to the fire. If need be investigate and send some of these crooks to jail.

For all of you that are in the dark Susan Leal and her SFPUC Commissioners have eliminated the 4 main pipes that bring water from Hetch Hetchy to 3 huge pipes. They have all done this because they feel by doing so they are serving the rate payers and the over 2.4 million customers. This is a blunder because the 4th pipe is vital to the operation of delivering the Sacred Water stolen from the First People to the over 2.4 million customers in the extended Bay Area.

I attended all the work shops linked to the SFPUC plan and attending to the Hetch Hetchy Clean Water Project. I took time off, canceling meetings to get a feel about the SFPUC. This organization is a mess and most of these folks making decisions are shit deep in trouble and swimming in a cesspool. Public comments was kept to a minimum before some one from the Board of Supervisors insisted on Public Comment after every Action Item placed on the SFPUC Agenda held in Room 400 at SF City Hall.

No where in all the deliberations for the longest time ever was any consideration given to increasing the holding capacity at the source from where the Sacred Water stolen from the First People makes its way all the way to San Francisco and beyond. Why is anyone's guess! Perhaps the only sane person that has to tolerate the nonsense is Art Jensen who does not work for SFPUC. I have known Art for a long time and have tried to prod his mind and get a feel about the state of affairs. I wish him well in his pursuit to work with some psychotics and so called experts that favor life styles but cannot attend to the project at hand.

San Francisco has hardly dealt in earnest with the Clean Water Program when now suddenly SFPUC wants to deal with the Waste Water System.

Initially we were supposed to deal with the two Treatment Plants, the 900 miles of clean drinking water pipes within the City and the over 1900 miles of sewer pipes all over 75 years old that need immediate attention.

SFPUC will not deal with capacity fees when it comes to the thousands of new units that come on line. SFPUC thinks and feels that it is fine for standing customers to pay for those units that are coming on line as far as capacity fees are concerned.

In some presentations SFPUC has lied about capacity fees. Just like it lies about the thousands of customers it serves outside San Francisco like Colma, Daly City, Brisbane that send all their sewage all the way to the Bayview. And that includes the Presidio of San Francisco. The Presidio could send its sewage by Pier 39 so that Aaron Peskin could really smell the shit and further enjoy swimming in the Bay with an aroma floating on that toupee he wears.

SFPUC is in a mess as I said cannot figure out how best to focus on its mission and much less on its delivery system. It could not collect payments at one time and over charged customers for years on end. Everything decent seems not to exist when too much emphasis is put on life style and a way of doing business more kosher to what transpires at the Bearded Lady of yore or End's Up.

Tony Winniker is quick to criticize the lead actor of Indian Jones when it comes to Hetch Hetchy restoration that as I said who stolen - the land and the Sacred Water from the First People of the area. SFPUC has failed to acknowledge the First People and will bear the consequences. SFPUC are a bunch of perverts that have heard the First People because I brought them to the podium but what can one say when lubrication and orgies seem to be of paramount important to the likes of Susan Leal and Tony Winniker. They simply have no clue about Infrastructure and less about the Clean and Waste Water Project. Still less about Community Aggregation when it comes to Electricity and even still less about Clean Energy - tidal, wind, and solar.

You have Barbara Hale and Karen Kubbick wasting too much time on the 3 Combustion Turbines to be placed on land that is prone to liquefaction - the project is long due and going no where. There has been little meaningful public outreach they now want to handle Community Aggregation having lied before LAFCO and Ross Mirkarimi time and time again.

SFPUC tried to sue Pacific Gas and Electric prodded by Susan Leal and lost time and time again. Now they want to take control of transmission lines and generation and will never ever come to see the fruition of this exercise in futility. What sense does it make to spend $60 million to take control of something that now cost about $40 million? Where will the extra money come from? You cannot fool the tax payer every single time.

It is a joke listening to the Pontiff of SFPUC Richard Sklar and now that Warbach is working for Walmart it will be interesting to see this old fox whoring his ideas that are stale and dubious in nature stemmed in the diplomatic maneuvers that failed in Bosnia for sure.

Under SFPUC today our Hetch Hetchy system is worse off. Racism is on the increase. We cannot get the right information at the right time and folks like Kimo Crossman had to use the arm of the Freedom of Information Act to pull teeth and get some little truth from the very corrupt SFPUC and its Public Relations and Information Department.

Because SFPUC lied they had to hire legal help and spent over $200,000 dollars to provide the right answers hidden in bales of hay and covered with tons of lies over the years but especially since the ignorant and very arrogant Susan Leal was anointed as the very inept Manager of SFPUC with a over $300,000 salary that does NO justice to the constituents of San Francisco. I have written about Global Warming and with thousands of trees cut in San Francisco a fact that goes against the mantra that we are a Green City. We used to have a Marshal Foster the Green Czar he has jumped shipped.

Over 400 mature trees were cut on Parcel A and SFPUC knew about it so did the Department of Public Works and the Water Department. Thousands of other mature trees continue to be cut at McClaren Park and other forested areas by the City and County of San Francisco.

For years salt water has been eroding our waste system pipes and it is an event waiting to happen the flooding of the two Waste Treatment Plants flooded by Salt Water and the utter catastrophe that will shut down the systems.

Global Warming can permits the water level to rise and the salt water enters the outflow pipe linked to the treatment process and eventually enters the operational system. The present system we have linked to the Waste Water Treatment Plants do not accommodate the Salt Water factor. Salt Water corrodes and can play havoc with Health and Safety. Gravity that once did a lot of work at a premium has now come to roost and will take us for a ride if nothing concrete in done very soon.

Do you think the SFPUC gives a shit about the state of affairs and have the balls to do something about it? Do you think that SFPUC really understands that it is detrimental to San Francisco and San Franciscans to import millions of gallons of excreta from Daly City, Brisbane, and Colma?

Susan Leal at an expense of over $20 million has laid newer, bigger, and better pipes to bring waste water to San Francisco from far off areas bordering the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. She has been pandering the rights of San Franciscans for favors and adversely impacted thousands in San Francisco. Over 30,000 units will be built in the Visitation Valley, Executive Park, Sunnydale, Bayshore, 3rd street corridor, Hunter Point. San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is all excited and so are the developer crooks that have all the infrastructure in place for free to hoodwink innocent constituents. They will build many units most will not be able to accommodate a Queen bed in any one room.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is busy pandering to the Media and Spin. His cronies that surround him know little and the Mayor less.

Thousands of homes and down it comes to Bayview.

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