(1/27/07) The recent cold spell witnessed by all in San Francisco has sent a very clear message to all those that understand Climate Change and sooner not later we have to deal with weather patterns for an extended period of time that will adversely impact not only humans, animals, but the agricultural sector and other modes of businesses that bet on good weather and can no longer take anything for granted.

These lands we call California much before it was invaded by Whites belonged to the First People. The First People took care of this land for thousands of years. The First People and in our area the Ohlone respected Mother Earth, cared for her and left her in good shape.

While most folks that deal with empirical data pay little attention to spirituality the First People of California first made sure they respected the Great Spirit and learned to keep a balance. Foremost they learned to live with Mother Earth and always remembered that they leave the Earth a better place for generations to come.

So called modern civilization in the name of progress see nothing in building modern cities that are no more then concrete jungles constantly evolving and constantly emitting the most toxic pollutants that human beings breathe day in and day out - fumes most dangerous and not visible to the eye and not sensitive to the nose. Added, worse particulates from vehicles that spew dangerous particulates into the air, the water, the land, and attach themselves to anything in their way.

In the name of progress society has failed and has chosen to surround ourselves with the most dangerous toxic particulates. The paradox is that we cannot see with the naked eye, these Particulate Matter some smaller then PM 2.5. So, even as we think we are surrounded by progress we have thorough our own volition chosen to put ourselves including children in harms way. Here in the Bay Area and San Francisco we use to be blessed with unique micro-climates. We were blessed with weather patterns that made our living good and our water and land fruitful and abundant. Once we had an abundance of abalone, herring, berries, frogs, and a host of animals that are no more. There were trees, vegetation, and a host of natural growth such as Tule reeds that is no more.

In the name of progress we chose to pollute our land, our air, and our water. Once we had large fish canning industries, people could collect abalone, those that hiked heard the sounds of the frogs, and we could watch birds, butterflies, insects, animals in abundance. Those of us that now venture in the few remaining Open Space and Parks in San Francisco, see little and even now in 2007 there is clear cutting of trees going on in our Parks and in places such as Parcel A on Hunters Point where over 400 mature trees were clear cut with the blessing of Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies protecting Lennar Corp.

Kudos to our advocates - just a very few who go out of their way to keep the balance and who fight for Mother Earth and for our trees, our vegetation, the frogs, the birds, the butterflies, the rare creeks, streams, and the little of nature that is left in San Francisco.

Franco Mancini, Sig, Nancy Wuerful, Bill Carlin, Peter Brastow, Carolyn, Judith, David Erickson, Philip Blatcher, Wounded Knee, Perry, Monika , Sharon, Damien and there are many more but few compared to the population that is left in the dark and have no clue what is really happening to our Earth and right here in our backyard.

Climate change did not happen suddenly in took years to erode a working ecosystem. However, it bothers me that in less then 100 years compared to 15,000 years some mean, greedy, uncouth, uncaring folks have killed so much that took millions of years to come to be.

Here in San Francisco the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has polluted the watershed with its leaking Clean and Waste water pipes most of which are old and leak. It has bombarded the Bayview with flares containing the most toxic particulates right in the middle of a residential area. It has on many occasions released half-treated sewage into the Islais Creek and the Bay. It has polluted the large watershed. Under Susan Leal the present Director of SF Public Utilities Commission the City and County of San Francisco is worse off and actively contributing adversely to Climate Change in San Francisco.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management has failed in its duty to protect the constituents of San Francisco. The Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the SF Health Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Regional Water Board has all failed to protect the constituents from pollutants of the worst nature.

Pollutants in the air, water, and on land help adversely impact the environment. Instead of these agencies doing their job by collecting empirical data most of them do little and waste tax payers' money. These agencies expect as a norm to get complaints from the victims that see something is wrong and then do little to mitigate the situation.

Most of these agencies should be investigated by the Environmental Branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and that includes the Susan Leal who is the Director of SF Public Utilities Commission. Doctor Mitch Katz and Rajiv Bhatia, one Amy Brownell all from the SF Health Department. For too long have these scum bags caused too much damage to the environment without taking the required mitigation measures.

We have a Department of Environment (DOE) but it has no clout. It gets no money from the General Fund; it is busy seeking grants to keep the department afloat. The DOE has failed to collect empirical data - especially air samples, where thousands are affected by cancer and other respiratory diseases. Mayor Gavin Newsom talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

I challenge Mayor Gavin Newsom to collect the empirical data linked to cancer and other diseases and release them to the public at large. Diseases linked to particulates and other pollutants all factors that contribute to Climate Change.

The City and County of San Francisco today cuts mature trees with little due process and as I said clear cutting of trees continues in our Parks and in our neighborhoods.

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