More youth are dying on the streets in San Francisco and poor leadership at City Hall from the Mayor's Office Of Criminal Justice (MOCJ), the Board of Supervisors from District 9, 10, and 5 especially have put our constituents in harms way.

It is a joke to watch Lenore Anderson parade a host of idiots who will do anything to say what Lenore Anderson wants them to say. They talk and talk and talk and the public has to wait for hours before they can contribute a comment or two. This nonsense must stop - now.

Lenore Anderson is White and was appointed to the position of Director of MOCJ, based on her work with youth and jails. Books not jails was a focused project with a failed system linked to the California Jail System and incarcerated youth.

Killings, shootings, and maiming on our streets of San Francisco are on the increase and we have buffoons the type of Sophie Maxwell, Bevan Dufty, and Ross Mirkarimi thinking that they can food all the people all the time by venting in public and throwing arrows in the air.

The Safety Meetings in a Room 263 are a waste of time because Lenore Anderson has chosen to parade idiots to say and give data without any practical value.

If have youth that do not respect our Mayor - the Mayor has been busy sleeping with his best friend's wife. We have crooks like Sophie Maxwell taking money from Lennar BVHP LLC the worst Real Estate Developer in the Nation. Sophie Maxwell has failed District 10 and with intent harmed thousands of innocent people and children in the Bayview.

One must watch Bevan Dufty who loves talking from both sides of his dirty mouth. A man who loves to chase his tail like a dog that barks too much but has no bite. What has he done to curb crime, violence, and killings all over San Francisco? In Bevan Dufty's District crime is on the increase and when we testify before the Safety Select Committee - the man is NOT paying attention to Public Comment. This known son of gun thinks he knows it all but fails to under the basic elements of what really triggers crime, all violence, shootings and killings.

You must watch and hear Ross Mirkarimi go on and on and on. There is no difference between Ross and Jake when he opens his mouth. Everyone is fed up with the long talk and no action. It is something to watch the many that talk the talk but fail to walk to walk.

One important fact the Bevan, Ross, and Sophie fail to understand is how much real, sincere, honest contact they have with youth. Again and again these scum bags especially Sophie Maxwell has failed to provide extra curricula activities to the youth.

Summer is here and our Supervisors have nothing worth while for the youth. In the Bayview Hunters Point the youth do not have one single facility to recreate - the only recreation facilities - the Joseph Lee Gym is under construction. The Boys and Girls Club at 195 Kiska Road lacks Americans with Disability Access.

In the Western Addition recently we had 9 shootings and I am asking Ross Mirkarimi what has been done about this situation? The solution Ross has is flood the area with the California Highway Patrol and the San Francisco Police Department.

There can NO solution to stop any violence and killing by flooding any area with Law Enforcement and try to intimidate youth with superior guns and snitch tactics that have failed this City. What has Lenore Anderson to say about the increase of killings, violence, and death on the streets of San Francisco more so with her disappointing appointment replacing the inept Allen Nance?

What did the Select Committee on Violence and Guns accomplish? And now what has this Select Committee on Safety accomplished? Same committee different name - too much talk and no action. The common denominator that tarnished the two Select Committees is Sophie Maxwell and this year with Bevan Dufty joining the scum bag the issues linked to quality of life issues is made only worse.

We understand that Ross Mirkarimi is the Chair of the Select Committee on Safety but check out and see who surrounds him. Birds of a feather flock together.

June 19, 2007 we have a Town Hall meeting in the middle of the Western Addition and will address some of the concerns that I have mentioned.

We paid our dues attending meetings, giving our honest opinions, working hard at ground zero and again and again we have mostly idiotic folks pretending to know something and screwing things for every one.

Spiritually most of these folks are bankrupt - you have young people that know too much about these scum bags and refuse simply to acknowledge them as leaders.

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