You have every reason to worry and be afraid about your health because you are bombarded by dust filled with toxins and added to that Asbestos Dust which will kill you years down the line emitting from Parcel A on Hunter Point Naval Shipyard.

Parcel A is the worst monitored site in the Nation and over 20 Notice of Violations were issued to Lennar BVHP LLC. The United States Navy which has jurisdiction over Parcel B, C, D, E, and F issued five Notices of Violations to Lennar.

For months Lennar BVHP LLC chose with intent to bombard the community and all of San Francisco with dust and other toxins from Parcel A. Added to this fact the others parcels part of the Superfund Site contribute pollution. No one is monitoring the Cumulative Pollution.

After several death and hundreds of innocent children and others being rushed over the last one and half years, to local hospitals including the San Francisco General Hospital - community advocates and leaders became very concerned and our investigation led us to the following:

1.    Parcel A on Hunters Point which comes under the jurisdiction of this City and County of San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and Marcia Rosen and which has been given to Lennar BVHP LLC to develop is the LEAST monitored site in the Nation.


2.    With intent both dust monitoring equipment and Asbestos Monitoring Equipment were NOT in place for months. During this time all protocols as laid down in the Dust Mitigation Plan and signed by Lennar BVHP LLC were totally ignored. The San Francisco Health Department and Doctor Mitch Katz was cognizant of this fact and with intent did not do anything. Thousands have been adversely impacted and the seriousness of this fact can only be adjudicated the Court of Law. God willing it will very soon.

3.    Many experts who have witnessed the blatant bombardment of dust and other toxic materials in and around Parcel A consider the actions of Lennar BVHP LLC and its sub contractors criminal.


4.    The toxic dust generated on Parcel A itself added to the Asbestos Dust that comes from crushing Serpentine Rock known to cause cancer and other serious ailments has adversely impacted thousands in and around Parcel A and the surrounding six mile area. The State, Federal, and Local enforcement authorities have NOT been duty bound and have failed the community.


5.    The Air Quality in and around Parcel A is very toxic. At times Asbestos particles as high as 55,000 have been registered per cubic foot. Yet Doctor Mitch Katz has made a written statement stating that "the air quality in the neighborhoods near the Shipyard is better than other parts of the neighborhood and the city and many portion of California". This statement is shocking coming from the Health Department.  Mandates in the Disposition and Development Agreement a legal document has NOT been followed.


6.    The constituents in and around Parcel A have been constantly bombarded by the worst toxic dust and added to this Asbestos Dust with no safe guards put in place by Lennar BVHP LLC  and absolutely no enforcement from San Francisco Health Department defying mandates laid out in detail in Article 31 signed and agreed upon by the City and County of San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom, the SF Redevelopment Agency, SF Health Department the key enforcer, and Lennar BVHP LLC the culprit of numerous atrocities.


7.    The unique ultra myopic serpentine rock found at Hunters Point, Potrero Hill and parts of the Presidio of San Francisco is very harmful and much more dangerous then other Asbestos Dust. That is why hundreds of people have been suffering from all sorts of respiratory diseases, bloody noses, watery eyes, acute headaches and stomach aches, and general loss of health. We have documented hundreds of victims while the SF Health Department and Doctor Mitch Katz have gone on a misinformation and disinformation blitz of the community stating that everything is fine.


8.    Many workers that worked on Parcel A are now experiencing health problems because they worked without proper protective gear and have inhaled and exposed themselves to all sorts of toxic dirt and the worst materials in and around the Superfund Site and Parcel A.


9.    The San Francisco Health Department, Amy Brownell, Drs. Mitch Katz, Rajiv Bhatia, and some local mostly Black Sell outs are spreading lies. Printing material without any contact information and intimidating people. We know that Lennar BVHP LLC in a last ditch effort is trying to divide the people. The people are united and will fight the evil forces and win.


10.        Every Thursday at the Grace Tabernacle Community Church situated at Ingalls and Oakdale in the Bayview at 6 p.m. anyone can come and ask any question. Any one can attend and be educated on issues. We have documentation, empirical data, and letters from City Officials lying about real facts and working against the Health and Safety of the people in the Bayview Hunters Point and San Francisco.

Call 1.866.475.6907 for further information.

If you have any concern leave your name and telephone number and we will contact you.

In the interim join us to be educated on issues and help stop Lennar BVHP LLC from adversely affecting thousands of innocent children, adults, and anyone that does not have any idea about the evil designs of a developer that is greedy and backed by evil forces.

Time is now we want Lennar BVHP LLC out of our community.

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