A Congressional hearing was held on the 58,000 Bunker Oil Fuel Spill that has caused havoc to our Bay Area coastline and killed thousands of birds and adversely affected Marine Life.

The Cosco Busan and its Bunker Fuel Fiasco will go down in history as having been the one major incident to expose our frail so called Emergency Services Response Network - and more especially expose the San Francisco Office of Emergency Services (OES).

I heard the Chair of the sub-committee Congressman Elijah Cummings make his preliminary remarks and they were not too through. Before that Speaker of the House started spewing her remarks gathered mostly from shallow media reports.

Mayor Gavin Newsom tried to explain his point of view - mostly spewing diatribe - the jackass, could not sustain himself and took off to Hanna, Maui with his significant other Jennifer Siebel. Mayor Gavin Newsom was quick to point out the cracks in the Emergency Services Bay wide - but failed to state that he does not act quickly to alarms within his reach and within his jurisdiction. Left the fort unattended.

It was wrong for Congressman George Miller to chastise the Admiral who as everyone knows is dealing with a very convoluted situation. The pilot John Cota had to deal with a faulty Navigational System and the response from the Coast Guard - some peon down the totem pole - given the inferior equipment provided by the National Transportation Safety Board and related Departments could not support John Cota.

The SF OES should be put of notice to have Standard Operating Procedures to address a spill of this magnitude or bigger and also to factor an incident - radiological in nature that could adversely impact thousands and be prepared at all times.

As everyone fathomed and rather quickly San Francisco does not have the ability to put into action and carry out any model with trained personnel - with results - a calamity as this 58,000 gallon bunker spill.

The Bay Area enjoys an unique Eco System and Environmentalists, the few genuine ones that understand the nature of the beast are NOT pleased with the politics and more with our Government that has failed to have Standards when it comes to communication, equipment, and rapid protocols that can address any such calamity- quickly.

Thousands of birds and animals have been impacted and died. Marine Life will take months to recover - and it all stems from the lack of respect for Mother Earth. This land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

I heard the Congress persons and was not impressed. Most of them have jumped on the bandwagon to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Nothing good will come unless money is set aside to improve the communications and a through - follow through, of old and antiquated protocols that do not address the changing times and concern for a better environment.

We cannot go to a better place when have no moral compass and lack the vision that is given to those that embrace all with love and understanding. The first people embraced the strangers - who keeping screwing them again and again.

The Congress would do well to address the toxic and radiological bombardment of our children at Bayview Hunters Point - a Congressional hearing would expose Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein. The other so called Congresspersons who joined this time to put down the Coast Guard while allowing the slow death of our Elders, our children, and others with comprised health - in Nancy Pelosi's backyard.

This Congressional Hearing on the 58,000 Bunker Oil Fuel Spill held November 19, 2007 at the Golden Gate Club at the Presidio of San Francisco - was a farce and one that will be remembered by those that know - better.

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