The Bayview Jobs, Parks, and Housing Initiative is pushed by two very evil proponents one for sure is Lennar BVHP LLC and the other the Senior, Senile, Senator Diane Feinstein.

The Bayview Jobs, Parks, and Housing Initiative is full of very drab, deceptive language that really offers nothing much in concrete and progress to the constituents of San Francisco that need dire help.

The many sentences in this deceptive initiative that begins in the word "should" is a clear sign of the times and how some evil folks will stoop low and hit below the belt to get their wishes. Should means "nothing" and must and will is appropriate.

In San Francisco there is but one remaining last frontier and that is the Bayview Hunters Point. The thugs did all the damage they could in Mission Bay and now they are coming for their last act of thievery. The Candlestick Point is part of Bayview Hunters Point and has always been. This side of that infamous rail line on Old Bayshore the dividing line in years gone by.

The crooks will use Tax Increment and other dubious tool like Melrose Financing to trick the public and make hay while the sun shines. These thugs have no Moral Compass and all they seek is to line their pockets.

There has been NO Environmental Impact Report and the Radiological Elements, the Heavy Metals, the PCBs that are concentrated in the Yosemite Slough area, the many toxic ailments as many as 56 mean nothing to the crooks and thugs in and around Candlestick Point.

These thugs want to cap the land and build homes and facilities. They have grand plans for soccer fields, stadiums, tall building as high as forty stories and may be sixty. The crooks have no conscience they will make sure they sell the homes and not blink an eye about Quality of Life Issues.

No one is talking about liquefaction and less about landfill that is prone to the earthquakes. The land is close to the Bay and Global Warming will bring in high tides and the rising if the waters in years to come. We must be prepared for floods and other such unforeseen calamities by the Bay.

In the interim we have our own Initiative and we have but three weeks to collect TEN thousand valid signatures and we will. We will NOT rent or hire signature gatherers but we will use a grassroots volunteer force. We need a minimum of Seven thousands two hundred to be on the save side. But, we are sure we can and we will gather TEN thousand.

Our well trained volunteer force is in place and waiting for the City Attorney to sign on the papers and assign as a title to our Initiative. Our Initiative demands fifty percent affordable housing and we have room for those with NO INCOME.

Our plan has room for real dialog and only the focus dialog that the ENEMY is engaging in. We have attended some of their meetings and we do not like what we see.

We have a model with CREATIVE FINANCING in place and are reaching out to countries like China, India, the Middle East to help us build good homes and before that do a through clean up without any Federal, State and Local fiscal help.

We are watching the Pacific Heights Mafia line up to Land Grab the Bayview Hunters Point that has a better panoramic view of the City of San Francisco then these "thugs" have - where they live.

We are watching these thugs very carefully and are ready to hand them a sound defeat with our Initiative that will silence them and many others for years to come.

We will gather signatures on a war footing and do it the right way. That is why we are having daily orientations and have dedicated people - all volunteers with badges - who will give all they have - to do the right thing and hand the ENEMY a resounding defeat.

We challenge the sellouts the likes of Angelo King, Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, Willie B. Kennedy, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Sophina "Thug" Maxwell, Keith Jackson, Gary Banks, Bishop Green, Olin Webb and many more to watch out.

You cannot fool all the people all the time. Consultants that take money from Lennar, Home Depot, the many other Big Developers - and line their own pockets with tainted money. Blacks who do not represent the community - especially the Samoans, the Asians, the Latinos, the decent Whites and Black and others that live in Bayview Hunters Point.

Our Volunteers will be inspired by the Spiritual Movement that is in place and numbers growing daily. We meet weekly for our Town Hall meetings but have other meetings that we divulge only to those that are committed. After all there are various levels of commitment and those that have what it takes - are given the best of information to tackle and defeat the ENEMY.

Most of those that attend our Town Hall Meetings are committed and do not get any money from the City and County of San Francisco. We all pay huge taxes and feel we get no benefits in return. We know for sure our children, Elders, and those with compromised health were adversely affected by Lennar BVHP LLC.

As the days go by we will see our ranks swell all over San Francisco. The time has come to get rid of those "thugs" that have sold out the community and San Franciscans. Among them the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. We have given them a pass in the past but now - no more.

Watch out those that are aspiring to run for office. If you are NOT with us - you will be against us. Those of you that did not want to support our Initiative did not think - this matter would come to bite you in the butt - well, it has.

Our Initiative will protect the rights of those that desire Affordable Housing and at the income they are at now- those making $50,000 and less and those that make $25,000 and less. And especially those with NO INCOME. Figure that out - jackasses and especially Lennar BVHP LLC.

The Initiative that is endorsed by the Senior Senile Senator Diane Feinstein and Lennar BVHP LLC will not accommodate those that we want to accommodate as our first priority - especially the very poor.

This is the Alamo - you live or you die that is no in between. On this issue we will WIN.

When the time comes we want you all to support us - good San Franciscans.

Bayview Housing Initiative

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