San Franciscans every where stood up and signed the: Affordable Housing Requirement for the Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Shipyard and Mixed Use Project.

In a record 10 days we collected over 11,118 signatures. The requirements to place any Initiative on the June 2008 about 7200 signatures and we did this in inclement weather.

We are blessed in San Francisco that we have an informed constituency and the ability of many decent constituents to take up any challenge and deliver.

As the proponent of the Initiative on Affordable Housing I would like to thank the Nation of Islam, People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER), and the many community leaders and decent constituents - that delivered. Kudos to you all and Chris Daly.

We often say that ours is a Spiritual Movement and we worked hard and with God on our side - we won. The love and sacrifice was immense and felt all around.

San Francisco City Hall has felt the shock and those politicians that are corrupt are put on notice. If we say we will RECALL any fat cow - be ready - you will be recalled.

We have a New Leadership in the Bayview Hunters Point and the time has come to deliver - complete with time lines and goals that should be achieved. We are serious when we say fifty percent affordable housing.

Our Spiritual Movement that has grown and is strong has been in place for over one and half years. We have been meeting at the Grace Tabernacle Community Church every Thursday and God has been with us. We thank Bishop Ernest Jackson and the First Lady for their support and kindness they give us access to their Church.

Our victory is one of many. Enjoy the photographs:


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