Combustion Turbines (Cts) that use very expensive fossil fuel should not be embraced by any community - when we have other alternative clean fuel sources and more when we have not explored each and every avenue to purchase or preferably generate clean energy - where communities live.

We, in the Bayview Hunters Point community oppose placing any Combustion Turbines (CTs) or small power plants using very expensive fossil fuel. These operations emit very dangerous particulates and other toxins into the air. If secondary effluents are used as part of the cooling system - pathogens that adversely impact all life. We must adhere to the Precautionary Principle.

We, in the Bayview Hunters Point have been fighting the CTs for the past seven years and we do not want them anywhere near the Bayview Hunters Point community. So, when the San Francisco Public Utilities Commissioners voted unanimously to stop the placement of the CTs and recommended to the SFPUC General Manager to sell them - it was music to the ears of the constituents from Bayview Hunters Point.

We fully understand the misinformation belted out by Supervisors, Aaron Peskin, Jake McGoldrick, Bevan Dufty and of course the inept Sophina Maxwell. Who would ever think these scum bags would file an Initiative named: The Toxic Cleanup and Environmental Justice - that favors the placing of the CTs in the Bayview and can appear on the Ballot Measure - this November, 2008.

We, the community of the Bayview Hunters Point are also fully cognizant of the fact that dirty politics is forcing the present SFPU Commissioners to NOT seek the position of Commissioners. This is blow to the community and to all things fair - especially losing Dennis Normandy, Richard Sklar and David Hochschild. Mr. Crowley is not too enthused but I hope he stays to keep some company with Ann Moller Caen - the perennial just Commissioner and wife of the famous Herb Caen - world famous columnist of the SF Chronicle when it was worth - and made some good reading.

Ed Harrington the SFPUC, General Manager has a shadow cast and he has to perform well under very difficult - circumstances. In the pipe line the Clean Water Projects worth some $4.2 billion. An avalanche of problems with the Environmental Impact Reports and engineering problems that will have to be solved by level headed - individuals. Richard Sklar fitted that role of bringing about solutions. Novice Commissioners will nod their heads and if they do not understand - approve projects without - fair adjudication and review.

In the year 2008 we must adhere to containing the Carbon Footprint a cliché that seems to be used without much comprehension. In the Southeast Sector tons of Methane Gas is released into the environment. One ton of Methane gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. We have radiological elements from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - spewing into the air and adversely impacting all of San Francisco but more the near by community. Tons of heavy metals, and dangerous particulates from vehicles and other sources using fossil fuel.

So, why in God¹s name do we need some very expensive fossil fuel generated Combustion Turbines further spewing toxins into the air? Let us get a grip on life and stop playing with the lives of innocent children and the elders.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commissioners spoke loud and clear - saying that they do not want the Combustion Turbines in the Bayview Hunters Point. Further, knowing the dirty politics and the shadow of corruption hovering above the head of the SFPUC, General Manager - requested, Ed Harrington to sell the Combustion Turbines.

These, Combustion Turbines are now in a Ware House in Texas - and we pay over $250,000 to house them and more to test them. We have done this since the year 2000. We can easily generate about $40 million for the four CTS and keep some if not all of the money - for the City and County of San Francisco.

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SFPU Commissioners

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