It is a shame when some crooked Blacks think in the year 2008 they can represent a diverse community in the Bayview Hunters Point compromising of Samoans, Latinos, Asians, Whites and other minorities. The American way is to embrace diversity - but some Black are perpetuating the Plantation Mentality in the the Bayview Hunters Point.

Recently the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee (BVHP PAC) and the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard convened a joint meeting to address the Conceptual Plan to Candlestick Point and related issues. These two organizations did this after the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Commissioners - rubber stamped this same process - weeks ago.

An uninformed, inept, ignorant employee from the Mayorıs Office of Economic Development and Workforce tried to paint a rosy picture about the Conceptual Plan at Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - praising Lennar. The presentation was drab and full of flaws as is Proposition G - and Lennar a Rogue Company - cannot be trusted and will never, ever- deliver. All over this Nation - Lennar has left a stench and it smells bad and people run away from - Lennar.

For the first time in recent history some educated Blacks women and men refuted the Cityıs position linked with the proposed Conceptual Plan, the fiscal unworthiness, and the lack of transparency and accountability - linked with the Rogue Company- Lennar. For the fist time some light was shed by the community. Now, we all hope for the best - we hope to crush the evil forces.

The Bayview Hunters Point is the last frontier. The BVHP PAC has permitted the SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) to take large areas and make them a Project Area. There has been no thorough dialog with the community and the rubber stamping has been going on for years. The BVHP PAC receives money from the SFRA. The Bayview Opera House acts as the fiscal agency. The key members of the BVHP PAC are on the take and pander to Lennar and other Cityıs Agencies Department Heads.

At this time hundreds of Black families are pushed out of Hunters Point Public Housing. At Hunters View over ninety five percent of the residents do not know what is happening to them. Over sixty percent of the Public Housing units are boarded up. Killing and shootings are rampant the poor people in Public Housing - traumatized.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is toxic. No homes should be built and the water shed is polluted. Depleted Uranium was tested on the Shipyard. Ships that were used in the Bikini Atomic Explosions were brought to the Shipyard and cleaned up. They were sand blasted and the toxic residue is found all over the Shipyard and in the Bay that is Parcel F. Radials very toxic are buried all over the Shipyard. Over 146 documented toxic elements are found on the shipyard.

Methane gas flows in some areas and there is an on going underground fire. There are Mercury hot spots. Deep down in the Earth no one knows what a cesspool of radiological elements can be found - the compounds may be unique - because no laboratory can test what stupid fools were playing with fire when they buried - all sorts of large amounts of dangerous radiological wastes - not thinking for a moment the consequences to the Mother Earth and to future - generations. When liquefaction takes place - the toxics will spew in the air.

The Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard gives one a thorough idea of what really is gong on and the toxic soup that will take millions if not billions to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The worst areas are E2 but all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard are found hot spots - most radiological in nature.

The Pacific Heights Mafia wants to cap the Shipyard and build Homes and Parks. Promises have been made to give Jobs to folks that if they work on the Shipyard will be exposed daily to the worst type of toxic materials - much of it radiological in nature.

Our children and elders have been exposed to heavy metals, radiological elements, Asbestos structures by the Rogue Company - Lennar. We have not been supported by the SF Health Department and the State and Federal Regulatory Agencies. Why? Could it be because of political expediency?

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. At last history has been made - no one is taking the crap that has been shoved the throats of the community for years. Better speak the truth and have your facts ready - if you are on the take - do not convince the community that what is good for you is good for the community. You do not invite the community to check your pocket and the dubious actions that many of these sell outs participate in - mostly behind close doors.

We, the community - the diverse community consisting of Samoans, Latinos, Asians, Blacks, Whites and other minorities will not allow - anyone, to come and re-arrange the furniture in our living rooms. Tell us what to do and try to hoodwink us. Enough is Enough.

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