Hunters Point Community Youth Park situated very near Malcolm X Academy Elementary School was very recently completely rehabilitated by San Francisco Conservation Corps (SFCC) at great expense. A near by Recreational Facility too was completed made over by volunteers - while the near by neighbors mostly from Public Housing and others living at the Northridge Cooperative Housing - looked on with glee and care not to keep their environment - clean.

The leadership at Hunters View is inept and the few that purport to be leaders are on the take. Communities of Opportunity (COO) under the direction of one Dwayne Jones continues to do one thing well - this non-profit organization takes advantage of poor folks and creates opportunities for the filthy rich.

COO an organization works closely with Mayor Gavin Office and has been instrumental in destroying communities at Hunters View, Oakdale, and Alice Griffith. All areas target to be developed with brand new housing with the present stock of homes torn down and gutted. The people removed and gentrification executed much like the Nazis did with a segment of their population. Only in this case it is done in broad daylight with people laughing and not knowing what is going to befall them - with a couple of years from now.

The plan again is simple drive the people that live in Public Housing away. The Housing Authority and the San Francisco Police Department are used as tools to create machinations of every type to weed away the poor people that have no say as to what their future holds and absolutely no empowerment to improve themselves.

Many of these folks live move to District Six and live in abject poverty and on Sixth Street where you if you go today - another smaller Hunters View community have been transplanted. People know this but say little and do nothing. It is a shame that people in Public Housing at Hunters View are treated worse then polluted dirt. All this on Mayor Gavin Newsomıs watch - Caligula!

The neighboring Malcolm X Academy Elementary School is a joke - and the attendance at this school pathetic. Some years ago some of us stood up and saved the school from complete closure - only, to be slapped in the face by the San Francisco Unified School District. A White principal and a staff try to address the situation at hand but they have no connection with the community and less with the culture of the students mostly Samoan and Black. Abject poverty, pollution, crime, killings and shooting, and mostly ignorance on the part of all parties away from the school - further create pandemonium.

Imagine NOT having one a single book on Malcolm X on the shelves at Malcolm School Middle School. What is more not a mural - nor symbol where the students could be told and explained why the school was named after the great Malcolm X.? If this is not pathetic, more deplorable - I just do not know what is.

The students attending this school that are a grade five level read at a grade three level. Special Education which is a curse and a way of saying - well, if you are here - we will promote you so that you can say you attend class and this school garners disrespect for the students and more for the so called educators. Never mind if nothing is imparted during the many hours spent in this schools - and education which is learning and gaining quality information never imparted. This nonsense has been going for years with little or no attention given by the San Francisco Unified School District and the San Francisco Board of Education.

Some of these pathetic souls want to be on the Board of Education so that they can run for SF Board of Supervisors. Some of them exhibit mannerism that is dictatorial in nature. At the SF Board of Education meetings these jerks can speak all they can - but, reserve one minute to the public at large. If these so called Board of Education members do not take time to feel the pulse of the community - do you think these inept folks stand a chance to represent?

The near by surroundings by Malcolm X School is deplorable. The Hunters Point Community Youth Park was full of weeds six feet high and a play ground for young children full of needles, spent ammunition, and trash. This has been going on for years - and no one in their right mind was doing anything. Recently, this sad state of affairs was brought to my attention by All Islanders Gathering As One - an all volunteer group that addresses injustice and brings hope to areas and communities that are slowly dying. Hunters View is one of them - you see filth, despair, abject poverty, shooting and killings, robberies, you name it as far as crime is concerned - and the community slowly dying.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies care about bending over to help a thug developer the John Stewart Company that already has ruined the Northridge Community Cooperative and tortured the people that own this complex - by treating them like dirt - with gas leaks, poor maintenance, and a face lift that is inferior and a disgrace to the community that own this complex.

Mayor Gavin has NOT lifted a finger to help the youth at Hunters View. He has gone there on some few occasions to play basket ball. On one occasion while he was playing a few hundred feet a man was shot and killed and his car set on fire. This incident point to individuals that care and evaluate the state of the crime in this neighborhood - for too long the community has been - neglected.

Malcolm X Academy Elementary School lies between the Northridge Cooperative Complex and Hunters View Public Housing. The thug developer John Stewart operator of the infamous Geneva Tower has set his evil eyes to operate and take control of the whole area with panoramic views. Never mind that the Northridge Cooperative Complex in old and its building material inferior and cheap - when the people living in them ask for maintenance they get crap. Recently our group Stop Lennar Action Committee (SLAM) with People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER) helped the people living in the Northridge Cooperatives to better their lives with much success. But, things have not improved and things are getting - worse as the days go by.

Malcolm X Elementary school and the Hunters Point Community Youth Park stare at Northridge on one side and the Hunters View Public Housing on the other side. Some miscreants will use the Park mostly when it is dark to conduct nefarious activities - demeaning themselves and bringing shame on those human beings that live there and want to live a decent live.

Some parents do not care what their children do. Children love to imitate their parents. So if parents do drugs, curse, use foul language, keep their homes filthy - what does the child that is brought in such an environment mimic? They know no better and take these filthy abhorring habits to school, to the community, and when they venture outside the hood and behave in the manner they do - they land in jail and incarceration becomes part of their life. Many take pride in earning their stripes by going to jail and others brag quietly the number of lives they have taken.

City Policy Makers and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors know this - more Mayor Gavin Newsom and before him other Mayors - including the biggest thug Mayor - Willie L. Brown Jr. And guess what they all do not give a rat ass as to what happens to people that mostly live in Public Housing. The worst among them - one Sophie Maxwell that lived in Public Housing and today looks upon those that live in Public Housing with disgust. For over twenty years at least - people at Hunters View have been left to fend for themselves in deplorable conditions. Most of them Samoans and Blacks.

The John Stewart Company with the help of Mayor Gavin Newsom uses his ploy called HOPESF, his cronies like Sophie Maxwell who is the District 10 Supervisor and a dumb one at that - are all poised to help the thug developer John Stewart. Right now there are about 267 units with lots of open space - the units in Public Housing standing now have large bed rooms - built by the United States Navy some sixty plus years ago - for a short duration and now falling apart. The San Francisco Housing Authority manages the properties and does not do a good job. The agency is under funded and under staffed and does a band-aid operation and is willing to forgo managing Public Housing to thug developers who are into Greed - much like Lennar and others.

The John Stewart Company wants to build high density buildings on the Hunters View hill over looking the Bay. Some 880 plus homes - most of them with small bed rooms and mostly catering to another type of community with gated amenities and guards posted to see that only those that are so-called desirable - are the only ones given access to this future paradise where now sits Public Housing. Hunters View Public Housing Residents can kiss their ass good bye. Never mind the history of past bling, bling, bling and the bang - bang. Let us not even go there!

There are no real educated men left at Hunters View in Public Housing. The few that you see have no clue what is happening. Asking them about the John Stewart Company and what is going to take place and they look at you in astonishment. Eighty percent of the Hunters View Public Housing is boarded up and in complete disrepair. The near by Parks are a reflection of what is going on in Public Housing. The abject poverty, the despicable conditions, is transferred to the Park and other Recreation Facilities. The Hunters Point Community Youth Park was completely rehabilitated but now is it a mess. Why is this so and why is Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Recreation and Park not checking on this area?

Some Community Based Organizations were given money to carry on a mandate by the Mayor Office. This year these CBOs will get nothing much - further creating discord. The Hunters Point Community Youth Park - emphasis on YOUTH - is a reflection and symbol of that area. Where have all the warriors gone? And if you are armed - are you armed with information and knowledge? And if you are from the hood why does your community live in abject poverty worse then the third world countries? No sound transportation? No supermarket? No health facilities? No nothing much and this for so many years! Warriors do not take pussyfooting from cowards like Mayor Gavin Newsom who is famous for his extra curricula activities - screwing this best friendıs wife - while having a wife on the side.

For over sixty years the Hunters Point Power Plant polluted the area in question. Dumping thousands of tons of dangerous particulates, lead, mercury and a host of toxins into the air and environment. Some of us at the Stakeholders meetings held at 77 Beale shut down the Power Plant. But, others were quick to take credit - the ones that went shouting at the Pacific Gas and Electric offices and at the Power Plant.

Our people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge and take self pride in things that are mundane. Many of these fake leaders - are on the take - and many act like snitches - penetrate certain groups and take the information back to the devil. Leadership at Hunters View is pathetic and with Communities of Opportunity around a cancer to the people that are already - ailing and dying.

Others take pride in wearing hats and a jacket with names like Chief Executive Officer. CEO of what? Public Housing? Public Housing was never meant to be permanent housing. You were supposed to live there for a short period - may be six months - then move away and make a life for yourself. But, when one wears a cap and a jacket with the words CEO and pretends that they are in charge - this circus of sorts - could not get worse. The John Stewart Company has exploited such ignorance and the few that cooperate with this company will drown in the cesspool of ignorance and betrayal of the community at large.

The present fiscal constraints, Economic Crisis on lending and the poor housing state of affairs will slow the John Stewart Company. John Stewart once worked for Fanny Mae and has connection in Sacramento where he aims to get his money from. The present state of affairs in Sacramento is in dire straits - and John Stewart will not get much. His project will be stalled and may be in three years - will he see a light at the end of the tunnel. In these three years this thug developer and property manager better change his life and the way he has mistreated thousands of innocent people.

If not the John Stewart Company will be destroyed much like Lennar and sink in the CESSPOOL of its own making. We will never forget Geneva Tower and how the John Stewart Company managed it - complete with thugs armed with guns.

The John Stewart Company and Lennar are a like - they both do not give a damn about the community - their bottom line in the Almighty Dollar and GREED. As I said this is a clarion call to the John Stewart Company - we are watching you closely and we will not give you a free pass - much as we have not given Lennar a pass.

The Malcolm X Elementary School , the Northridge Cooperatives, the Hunters View Public Housing, the Hunters Point Community Youth Park and Recreational Facilities - all have something in common - they are surrounded by evil forces ­ that do not want to see them there. The Pacific Heights Mafia is busy - formulating models and using ploys to remove people of color - it does not matter if you own the property they will get you before you know it.

Mayor Gavin Newsom the worst Mayor ever - has now set his eyes on being the next Governor. This City and County was never in the hole - it is now with an over $600,000 deficit and growing on Mayor Gavin Newsom watch. Mayor Gavin Newsom backed Lennar to that his campaign coffers would be filled. Lennar and others like John Stewart have helped Mayor Gavin Newsom. But, what these devils never ever expected is the present on going Economic Crisis. This Economic Crisis will bring these evil forces down - in the next two months - you will see hundreds of City Employees laid off. Then San Francisco hit with the highest unemployment rate ever. Then an increase of killings, shooting, and rampant crime - all this on Gavin Newsom watch - there will be mayhem in certain areas. Then within six months a natural calamity on Mayor Gavin Newsomıs watch and the world will watch while this City and County is exposed for all its fake talk and frailty.

We must learn to connect the dots. The Hunters Point Community Youth Park has been cleaned some - a symbol of the state of affairs and a holistic approach of the occurring pathetic state of affair linked to the Cooperative Housing near by, the Public Housing, the Malcolm X Elementary School, poor amenities in the community, poor transportation, lack of health facilities, rampant shootings and killings - and all designed on purpose to remove a large segment of the current population to make room for gentrification.

Here are some photographs of the volunteers working at the Hunters Point Community Youth Park:


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