Thousands of innocent children in the Bayview Hunters Point suffer while thousands others that can do something look the other way. Many of these folks call themselves women and men of faith but they way they behave themselves and the lack of concern makes any person of true faith wonder - why do they care to call themselves human beings? Most of them are like that reed blowing in the wind.

For years when Lennar a Rogue Developer with intent bombarded thousands with toxic dust, asbestos friables, radiological elements - those in the know and I mean it in the know, took money and looked the other way. Many of them were politicians and leading the pack was Willie L. Brown Jr. a thug and one of the most corrupt politicians ever to step in the field of politics. The worst of them all on the local level, in all of District Ten, one known as Sophina Maxwell.

The so called Tabernacle Group consists of men of the cloth that have sold their souls to the devil. These men mostly Black have taken thousands of dollars to do the dirty work. From the pulpits where one should be bring the flock together and care for the sheep, these men have led the flock astray and many of the those in their respective congregations over the precipice and into the cesspool of internal damnation.

Never, ever doubt that if you knew that our children and elders were suffering and you did not offer some solace, some comfort, some help and looked the other way because you think, you know better, and know more then what God is telling you - it does not matter who you are, because you knew and did not bother your disobedience, sin and discomfort will be a thousand times more.

Life is not for the living dead and that is what we have in the Bayview Hunters Point. Thousands of people have been divided by politicians. The politicians promise and hand some stale bread crumbs. Those ignorant and oblivious to the TRUTH sell their souls for little or nothing. We have no women and men of honor that can stand up and speak for our children and elders with authority. Some do stand by but when they do they are thinking all the time - what is in it for me? Can I benefit while pretending to speak for the children and the elders?

I have been following this episode linked to Lennar since 1998 when Lennar secretly incorporated itself and came into the Bayview Hunters Point and contacted local “thugs” all Black to do the devil’s work. In the year 2004, years later Lennar with INTENT poisoned our children. In the year 2008 the Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar $515,000. Only a few stalwart advocates have had their hearts in the right place. Outsiders jump on the band wagon for their fifteen minutes of fame and then disappear.

Today, in the year 2009 in the month of September, Lennar continues to poison the community. In recent weeks we have had exceedances when the count of Asbestos Structures has been over 16,000 structures per cubic meter. We have had readings in the high 45,000 plus. The paradox is that near the Lennar Trailer right by the Navy Gate the exceedances have been the most and that is a sign from God.

In the interim the United States has disbanded the Restoration Advisory Board, the first I have heard of in California. Even though Lennar has over 980 acres promised them on the toxic Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, the City and County want to give Lennar 22 acres at Candlestick Recreation Area, Open Space that come under the Public Trust Land Act and belongs to all Californians. No one can make the innocent children suffer and for a nana second not escape the wrath of God. There are thousands today that follow the anti-Christ and have prepared for his coming. These followers of the devil are politicians, so called pastors not worth the salt, others shallow men and women of faith, others so demonic in their behavior you feel their negative vibes miles before they arrive on the scene. You have deviants, perverts, men and women that break the laws of God and yet will laugh at your face pretending to support you, while all the time supporting those that help make our INNOCENT children and elders suffer.

This City and County of San Francisco is the most corrupt. The San Francisco Health Department has not followed Article 31, the Dust Mitigation Plan. The Mayor has with intent allowed certain City Officials to cause harm to our children and elders while encouraging a Rogue Developer to do as it pleases.

We have on our books the Precautionary Principle and no one talks about it. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is impotent and looks the other way, when some one will point to them the facts. No one should turn away when innocent children are suffering? Those that know that innocent children are suffering and are supposed to help the children will suffer - a thousand fold, because you knew but you did not lift a finger to help those that need help most.

This Racist City will help the Pacific Heights Mafia to carry out actions without an Environmental Impact Report. No sound Transportation Document. No Economic Analysis. No meaningful dialog with the community. The thousands of Asians, Latinos, African Americans, Whites, Native Americans, others are left out of the equation. Fake Citizen Advisory Committees are formed and deliberations made with folks knowing little what they are talking about.

Folks that do not live in the community are planted to divide the community and the community is so fed up with those that make promises and do not keep them that they do not know what to believe and have lost HOPE. In the mean time our children suffer and our elders in their last days are tormented physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Time is running out and though we have put up some fight- most, able folks are not with the MOVEMENT. The few that are very slow to comprehend and NOT educated on issues. They talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Some of them have no clue how government works, not on the local level for sure, less on the State level, and little if nothing on the Federal level.

To those that harm our children and elders I say: - “your punishment will be a million fold. You knew and yet you made those that God loves - suffer.”

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