The indigenous people have always had respect for Mother Earth. In respecting Mother Earth the indigenous people also known as the First People shunned GREED and practiced sustainable practices for thousands of years. They believe that tapping into petroleum, coal, minerals and other resources in large amounts for profit does Mother Earth harm. The First People have said this forever but some are now just beginning to blow their trumpets.

It should not come as a surprise to those that want to address Peak Oil and other such notions leading to fake sustainable practices that the hour is late but not too late. It is imperative to before understanding the adverse impacts of all life those that have fostered an EVIL way of life have to first admit GREED as the foremost factor that has resulted in the expansion and resulting pollution of our Earth. We cannot turn back the adverse impacts in the so called Industrial World who have failed to understand - simplicity as understood by the Indigenous people, the First Nations or the First People.

Being simple is rooted in spirituality which most so called Industrial Nation will talk about in passing but practice little of that helps foster more GREED. Capitalism is engrained with competition and competition begets more GREED. You can sit down with some of the world's best minds that understand simple living that cannot simply understand waste and the never ending saga of waste products and excess production. For hundreds of years some of us in the so called advanced countries have produced products to simply generate and make money for the sake of making money.

The same practice has been used in farming and controlling plants and seeds. It has been used to control materials, and products, and deprive folks of medications in the name of making money and spitting on humanity. The so called Western Civilization is a scourge that has for the last two hundred years sucked the living life and made hell for many countries. Slavery and a host of other means of making large amount of money stem from GREED and lack of spirituality. Only the EVIL seek to control and have power and this has brought the fall of many institutions some faking Spiritual Power and other fostering Material Possessions and production of goods and trade for selfish needs.

Here is San Francisco most of the so called wealthy folks have made their money on the backs of poor Nations and poor people. The paradox is when it comes to the production and waste of petroleum and petroleum products the highest percentage of petrol came and comes from other countries outside the United States. The other link of importance is the greedy capitalists hail from the so call Industrial Nations. Until very recently when Nationalist Movements booted them out of oblivion and to the cradle of their vast treasures inherited through BLOOD MONEY.

The vast fields of petrol in Saudi Arabia were harvested by foreigners - many of them so called industrialist that have continued to fleece poor countries be it in Nigeria, Brazil, or the many African, South American and other countries that need their technological, logistical, and marketing experience but more their compassion linked to Quality of Life issues.

One does not have to be Rocket Scientist to fully comprehend GREED and just reading the history of any Nation with vast Resources very little is written about the "foreign thugs" that came in and stole what they wanted while the people were kept in check and under duress.

There is only so much that any market can endure when we put all our eggs in one basket. There will come a point when humanity will be forced to reduce its reliance of petroleum and petroleum products. We, at least those that care about humanity, realize, that the present way of thinking using agricultural land to attain some production of bio-fuel is NOT the way to go. Others are dabbling with algae but we are far from making such discoveries practical not only for ourselves but for the world.

In the year 2009 many still do not understand the impact of the Carbon foot print. Still less, the harmful impacts of Global warming and the depletion of the Ozone layer and its universal adverse impacts on Mother Earth and humanity. You hear so called experts talk the talk but few can walk the walk because in the Industrial Nations the name of the game is GREED and MONEY.

The recent collapse of the Monetary System and fake Economic Models such as Sub-Prime loans, and huge financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, American International Group, Lehman Brothers, others that were given unlimited powers and with little over sight from Regulatory Fiscal Bodies - in broad daylight gambled with our money in the Billions and brought Wall Street and millions of banks all over the world to a standstill.

A handful of crooks going back to the days of the Knight of the Templars,others, money mongers most despicable and leading the charge persons like Paulson who once worked for Goldman Sachs decided to bring about some semblance to the Economic Turmoil by printing paper money.

If you noticed and paid attention the barrel of oil that was as high as $110 a barrel spiraled down to less then $60 a barrel and below. But, as soon as the paper money was floated around it was business as usual.

Millions of innocent folks lost their Retirement Funds. Millions other lost their homes to balloon payments and worse. The fiscal Tsunami brought fiscal misery to millions and the trauma still continues. While the majority of the population in so called advanced Nation bore the brunt of these ill conceived fiscal maladies - no one really cares about the death and destruction in so called Third World Countries.

The International Monetary Fund pretended to have known about these maladies but says it warned the so called Super Powers but in fact it is part of the problem. It has used devious loaning methods keeping hundreds of Nations on a fiscal leash while bleeding Nations stealing minerals such as gold, diamonds, cobalt, titanium, and so on mostly in poorer countries the majority of them in Africa. Some despots are given large sums and moneys invested in secret Swiss Bank accounts while countries are pillaged by mostly European countries and America enjoy the spoils with the other thugs.

There is a common denominator in the understanding of the Peak Oil Tragedy and it is linked with GREED. In past centuries so called Great Powers and Nations ruled and enjoyed ruling other Nations. Then one by one they fell on their faces in disgrace. The common denominator was Pride and Greed. The Greeks ruled and lost their Empire. The Romans too failed miserably and before them many others. In recent times the English once boasted of the Sun never sets on their many colonies - today they are licking their wounds and their divide and rule policy is a disgrace to the human race.

The indigenous people believe that it is wrong to exploit others and the most serious crime is the exploitation of mineral wealth, harming Mother Earth. As long as we pump the oil without any meaningful universal sustainable plan we are in a sorry state of mind. As long as we manufacture cars so that each person can own as many as she or he desires and as long as they can pay for these mostly polluting machines - we will wallow in our fake pride and fail.

In many countries and large cities policy makers have failed to incorporate Spiritual Elements - we have failed again and again to take any serious clues from the Indigenous People. Indigenous people lived on this Earth for thousands of years and imagine in the last three hundreds years we have undone what they preserved for thousands of years.

Three hundred years ago we had vast areas of pristine forests. Clean lakes, rivers, hills and mountains surrounded with healthy air, the water sheds were not polluted ˝ all over our Earth. Our Oceans were filled with healthy life, the many species of birds, fish, animals, and so on are disappearing all over this Earth. Very few of us are concerned about our moral duty to take care of Mother Earth, in fact many live - with a business as usual attitude, fostering GREED and abusing our Earth.

Clich╚s such as "Peak Oil" and other such fancy words mean something but the underlining malady is the lack of respect, decency, spirituality, and the love of money and greed. Many countries think nothing of invading other Nations and killing the citizens, be they innocent children and women for OIL. Others will invade just to show their military power.

When will we PEAK our sensitivity and fine tune our moral compass so that we all as human beings can go to a better place and what is more share our common resources with humanity. America can pollute but it has no control over its pollution. The same can be said of China. When the Chernobyl incident took place it affected many other Nations far away. We are in it all together on this Earth there is no way we can afford to be selfish forever and ever.

Mother Earth is patient and really does not mind if the Human Race acts like fools. The Earth has come to a dominant end of sorts before, more then a hundreds times and more. Then, things change and life begins to foster and this will happen if the human race decides that it cares not to respect Mother Earth. The Earth can heal itself within a thousand year something we humans cannot if we polluted the Earth and make life unlivable.

In recent years with the advancement of the Information Age many of us are philosophizing and rightly so. Some do not want others to reveal the hidden demons of corruption and GREED. There are forces out there that want to curtail the spread of information. In fact in many countries some of the content that we take for granted in the Unites States can land one in jail and death.

The paradox is that America has failed the First People and the Indigenous People all over the world. These lands with its vast resources were stolen and have been enjoyed by those that are thieves for lack of a better word. Time will tell.

No one should talk about Peak Oil and other such clichés without first understanding fully about the Earth's Resources. More the elements that have to be respected pertaining to our Oceans and the many waters, the air, the land, the watershed, and the fundamental use of what we can use and how we use it. Gone are the days when we wasted our resources and thought nothing of it. Today those that are simple and conscious with a fine tuned eco-friendly compass are trying to find a way and lead many on a path of sustainability.

Time is running out and vague phrases, talking from both sides of our mouth, spewing diatribe will not bring us to a better place. In San Francisco we have not addressed less are not cognizant of hundreds of tons of methane gas and other gases that pollute and adversely impact all life forms. One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. We have large areas that spew mercury and other pollutants. Add to this toxic stew, particulates from the millions of vehicles and you have a situation that must force us to stop and think and act.

Understanding Peak Oil simply is not as simple as one thinks.

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