Lennar, a rouge developer established itself in 1998 as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and has since then restructured itself four times - it has recently registered itself as Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in Delaware. Lennar is not to be trusted and has a track record of negotiating one thing and doing just the opposite.

Lennar has a black eye for the entire world to see - right here in our back yard. Lennar promised to build 10,000 homes at Mare Island affiliated to the City of Vallejo. After 10 years Lennar declared bankruptcy, did not have the 10,000 homes in place and what is tragic made Vallejo declare bankruptcy.

I have said it many times. "If San Francisco does not divest itself from the machinations and ploys of Lennar it will sink with Lennar and bring untold misery to thousands of innocent San Franciscans".

Lennar has plans to develop Treasure Island but development at Treasure Island has come to a standstill. The U.S. Navy leaning on a recent Congressional Bill can demand Market Rate for the man made island that is sinking. The U.S. Navy has demanded $240 million and Lennar has to fork up this money. Will it - hell no.

What is Lennar up to? Well, this City and County of San Francisco working with some corrupt San Francisco, Board of Supervisors have permitted Lennar to have a field day, until now. At Hunters Point, Lennar has over 980 to play with but cannot do much because the area is very toxic - it is a Superfund Site.

Lennar is buying time and thinks this DEPRESSION with eleven percent plus unemployment is going to improve. Well, Wall Street that created this Economic Mess; says there is some hope but on Main Street the misery has been continuing for over two years - plus. The Housing Industry is sinking and Big and Small developers are scrambling for funds - and there is no hope any large scale financing will be available for building thousands of homes - anywhere in this Nation very soon.

Lennar, a rogue developer plans to use two models - both very devious in nature. Land Banking consists of buying land for little money and then laying the Infrastructure and selling the plots to others. Lennar has experience doing this elsewhere but no one in their right mind will be a SUCCESS while building homes on TOXIC land. This method is a sure ploy to get anyone in trouble.

Another complicated fiscal operation - dubious in nature with convoluted results is the manipulation of "sunken assets". Using this method, Lennar will consolidate some of its assets, create some fake equity and then sink in the cesspool of its own making. No one can rob Peter to pay Paul and think this can go on forever.

As I stated before Lennar failed on Mare Island and we all know that. It failed in Southern California with the LandSource machinations that cost innocent California Pensioners - the CALPERS system over a BILLION dollars. We, here in California know this and we here in California better get rid of LENNAR - while the going is good.

Lennar knows that it cannot play its games openly at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a site known the world over for having first tested Depleted Uranium. It is the site where numerous atomic experiments were tested. Thousands of large and small animals were radiated and buried all over the Shipyard that is ninety five percent landfill. Parcel E and E2 are so toxic and contaminated with Radiological Wastes that these two parcels will take over a BILLION dollar to clean up: www.hunterspointnavalshipyard.com

LENNAR, had the audacity using Senator Mark Leno to initiated Senate Bill 792 and steal 23 acres of State Park Land that comes under the Public Trust Land Act and the Burton Act. Such lands should be used for MARITIME uses and for mostly for Recreational Purposes. However, Lennar wants to build high rises, a twenty two high rise hotel and other housing units on land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding.

LENNAR, cannot run away from the Superfund Site that is just a few hundred feet away. Lennar cannot run away from Yosemite Slough saturated with the worst radiological and other toxic elements like PCBs. Lennar does of care if Alice Griffith and its newly stolen State Park Land, some 23 acres are in close proximity of a well renowned Superfund Site. Lennar, want the money and will try Land Banking and Sunken Asset Fiscal Ploys to cheat, steal, and hoodwink innocent victims.

Senator Diane Feinstein is playing her cards well in advance of the final game. She has already deployed Jared Blumenfeld the former Director of the SF Environment Department to be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Regional IX in San Francisco. This appointment that took place November 6, 2009 will help these Pacific Heights Mafia to wiggle any devious plans and take over all the land they want in and around Candlestick Recreation Area.

The Pacific Height Mafia has already placed Richard Swig at the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency- securely enthroned to do the Devil's Work. Now, all it take to have a candidate for Governor of California which is what Mama Diane will do at the appropriate time. These evil forces are out to steal land and destroy this City.

God in His infinite wisdom and mercy has stalled the ploys and machinations of the EVIL entities such as the Pacific Heights Mafia with this current Economic Depression. Had this Economic Depression not been in place - havoc of an unprecedented measure would have hit us like a Tsunami. The Economic Stagnation has slowed the EVIL ENTITIES - some.

It does not help with the San Francisco, Board of Supervisor not fully comprehending the toxic contents at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Less the fact that Lennar has a very bad track record of lying, stealing, and failing. Mare Island is a blatant fact - a slap on the face of all people - decent. No one in their right mind is paying attention to the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA). The many defaults linked to the DDA that have occurred and not acted upon.

November 17, 2009 the San Francisco Planning Department will release the Draft, Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Behind the scenes the former SF Planning Director, Dean Macris is conniving, cajoling, and greasing palms to make EVIL stuff happen. The last SF Planning Department meeting was such a circus. All the SF Planning Department Commissioners thought LENNAR has done such a wonderful job! Dean Macris who has them all in his pocket - has managed to corral the Planning Commissioners - and has them like puppets on a string.

This is a difficult fight to stop the evil Lennar that we want out of our community. My fight began when I first learnt that the thug of all times - Willie L. Brown Jr. invited Lennar to develop Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in 1998. In 1991 the First People the Muwekma Ohlone declared our Right of First Refusal on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and other Federal Bases within the Patrimonial Jurisdiction of the Muwekma Ohone: www.muwekma.org

The United States Navy has an obligation to clean up the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard but is too slow to do it. Millions were stolen by the former contractor International Technology (IT). Million more by the current Tetra Tech Company, involved in the current so called fake cleanup - that has been compared to Dick Cheney's devious operations. The top authorities that are are on the take linked to the U.S. Navy as has been revealed by the Freedom of Information Act reports on the recent $82 million given to the U.S. Navy. More waste in the millions spent in recent years.

Saner minds must prevail in this debacle of sorts. The first priority is to clean up the entire 980 plus of land in and around the Shipyard to Residential Standards. The U.S. Navy polluted the land and hence has this mandate and obligation. Once that is done we can talk about any kind of development.

If you work on a site that is polluted - more by Radiological Contaminants you will perish. The HOLISTIC approach is to do RIGHT by God and clean up the Watershed thoroughly. Then, you can build your homes, put your fake ART, embrace the fake African Market, and other so called Community Benefits that have been promised to the sell outs: www.sescdc.org

Environmental Justice Advocacy and Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation has been on the fore-front of this fight for years. In recent times we have seen folks that do not live in the Bayview Hunters Point more San Francisco - come and bark up the wrong tree. Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. No one can survive in this fight with the EVIL MONGERS and WIN if you do not fine tune your moral compass.

This land all of it was stolen from the First People. The Strangers then abused the land and more polluted the land. Now, these immoral people want to build the City of Sodom and Gomorrah and think nothing of it. Candlestick Recreation Area is prone to liquefaction and flooding. Once a dump site it has serious issues with poor landfill and methane gas. Even so some chose to fight for it years ago and create the first Urban State Park in San Francisco.

Arc Ecology has been bought and so has some elements within the Sierra Club one Art Feinstein. Saul Bloom aka Donald Saleman the Director of Arc Ecology says a gun was put to his head and he was neutralized on the Candlestick Recreation Park issue and the sale of 23 acres to Lennar a Rogue Developer. He makes no mention of the millions Arc Ecology receives from the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, Lennar, and other entities. These men do not live in the community but come in to rape the community and fill their personal coffers.

Then you have the likes of Mark Leno, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Sophie Maxwell, and other to many that if I name them will tarnish this web site. Suffice to say they all have connections with the Pacific Heights Mafia. The Righteous have God on their side - and I guess that is all that matters in these trying times. It does not cost much to speak the TRUTH.


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