The area surrounding the Candlestick Point by the Candlestick Stadium and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is toxic and the many air samples, soil samples, more the tests from the near by San Francisco Bay and Yosemite Slough point to many toxic elements - saturated PCBs, mercury, lead, arsenic, cesium, and a hundred and more, other very toxic elements in elevated proportions all adversely impacting all life.

Add to this you have Methane Gas spewing in the air - ninety five percent of this area some 1200 acres is landfill. Prior to 1974 anything and everything went into the landfill prior to the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. The United States Navy invited garbage and other secretive medical waste from all of its affiliations. The National Defense Radiological Laboratory had a field day testing all sorts of atomic experiments, and while that was going on hundreds of huge animals were buried at night by the U.S. Navy.

Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. One of the atomic left Hunters Point and killed million in Japan there is justice crying to heaven for justice. No one can kill, maim, poison innocent folks, and think for a moment all will be well.

Add to that the sand blasted - from the many ships that participated in the Atomic experiments in and around the Bikini Islands and you have a large volumes of very toxic sand, most very radiological in nature, and spread all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The secretive operations of the sinking Navy.

The U.S. Navy in its documents will admit hotspots of mercury and other very toxic material and state they there has been a clean up of sorts but, what they tell you is just that. The U.S. Navy has been known to lie, prone to use human beings to test Syphilis and when they did it they always chose people of color and LIED to them.

The U.S. Navy saw nothing in dumping thousands of barrels containing low level atomic waste so they say in and around the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary - just off the Golden Gate Bridge. On a clear day you can see the islands. Many folks love going near the islands when the huge whales visit the Bay Area on their long trip to Baja, Mexico and then back again to Alaska.

In all the years the U.S. Navy has been at Hunters Point it has polluted the area - so much that it is so toxic and put on the Superfund List - only the worse of the worst toxic sites are put on the Superfund List.

The area around Candlestick is landfill and much of the Candlestick State Park was at one time a garbage landfill. Methane Gas still spews in certain places and the Jack Rabbit and gofers dig their burrows and often fall victims to the free flowing gas. State Rangers have been affected and often complain of headaches and nausea. The Friends of Candlestick Park would not know that and so would NOT Art Feinstein from the Sierra Club and one Saul Bloom from Arc Ecology. Nor, would Mark Leno the author of Senate Bill 792 who with intent went against the wishes of the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. So, did Sophie Maxwell, who is being recalled and God Willing will be removed from the SF Board of Supervisors - shortly.

Near by the Alice Griffith Public Projects were once built for the Navy personnel. Then handed over to the Housing and Urban Developemt who is turn handed it over to the most dysfunction City Agency the Housing Authority. The SF Housing Authority has been treating most of its residents like dirt. There are shootings and killings. Break-ins and intimidation. Drug sales and rampant prostitution - you name any crime and you find it in abundance in the SF Housing Authority complexes.

Alice Griffith is now considered part of Candlestick Point just as Executive Park - just, so that LENNAR a rogue developer is aided by the City and County of San Francisco and the despicable San Francisco Redevelopment Agency to build inferior homes on toxic land and sell it to innocent home buyers. That is if the decent folks that are fighting LENNAR do not succeed in driving LENNAR.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) and the San Francisco Planning Department have released a fake Draft, Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Under any normal circumstances before any major project is done - there is a sound Environmental Impact Report. The project sponsors then weigh in and see what is best for the constituents, the residents, and the end users - the project at large. We had this done in Santa Clara with their Stadium and related facilities linked to the 49ers - where the 49ers have decided they will stay.

Here in San Francisco, we do things ass backwards. The land at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - most of it, still belong the U.S. Navy that is parcel B, C, D, E, F, G, UC1 and so on. The recently addition that Lennar wants added to the Alice Griffith Public Housing is still State Land and has NOT been acquired. Yet, with large areas more then 1000 acres not acquired the City and County of San Francisco and SF City Planning has jumped the gun with a fake, Draft EIR.

So has SF Redevelopment Agency, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development with Michael Cohen and Tiffany Bohee lying and initiating a Draft, EIR that has no sound Transportation Document. It makes no mention of the added 30,000 residents and how these residents will be accommodated. Speak of over 177 meetings held in the community none of which was conducted with accountability and transparency. Latinos, Asians, Polynesians, decent Whites and Blacks, Native Americans, other all have been kept in the dark. Over 100,00 constituents from zip codes 94107, 94134, and 94124.

Right now Public Transportation linked to Hunters Point, Candlestick Point and Executive Park, Alice Griffith and Candlestick Stadium area is pathetic and full of misinformaton. Maps are labeled wrong, data is missing, and the pertinent aspects such as a sound Transportation Document non-existent. The City of San Francisco knows this but has done nothing in the last thirty five years - to prepare the way. We have a Light rail on Third Street that begins at 4th and King and end in the middle of no where in Visitation Valley it cost over $700 millions and has not helped the resident of Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley, Portola District, Little Hollywood - at all.

The recently concluded Climate Summit in Copenhagen had experts from the entire world address the various factors linked to Climate Change. The area around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point besides being very polluted and most of it radiological in nature is prone to flooding.

The base-line data and factors linked to ocean temperature rise and water rise now have new calculated figures. And where for example the base-line rise in water before was stated in inches it is now stated in feet. This changes everything and any EIR must reflected the new figure as it is a legal document.

Within ten years a rise of 8 feet of water is now seen as normal and many areas as we speak are losing water-front properties. In the last couple of days we saw this happen in Pacifica. As a matter of fact it is happening today at Candlestick Point at the State Candlestick Park at the end of the beach that exists there.

The latest information we have from the United States Geological Survey and its experts whom we invited to come and explain what would happen when the Big One strikes - state clearly that Hunters Point and its land fill areas and Candlestick Point, those areas that are land fill are prone to liquefaction. Yet, LENNAR sees nothing in think of building 40 story buildings in its conceptual plans. Conceptual plans are dreams when you wake up it could be your worst nightmare!

At Hunters Point two parcels E and E2 are much polluted and the U.S. Navy is so afraid of cleaning, abating, mitigating - these two parcels that it wants to wash its hands and cap the parcels. A through clean up of these two parcels will amount to $1 billion at the least. The City and County of San Francisco does not have the money and the U.S. Navy has the obligation to do so under the Precautionary Principle, Proposition P and the mandate of the voters by eighty seven percent, and by the very fact that the U.S. Navy is mandated by Federal Law to clean up bases that it has polluted - in the first place.

Instead, of permitting the U.S. Navy to clean up the U.S. Hunters Point Naval Shipyard- greedy developers, poverty pimp pastors, dubious characters, folks that are not educated on issues, less the Precautionary Principle, buffoons that have no clue about radiological contamination that adversely affect all living beings - want to permit the developers to do as they please for some stale bread crumbs.

The City and County of San Francisco - Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, Michael Cohen and one dubious in nature Tiffany Bohee, Dwayne Jones who is an implant provocateur and a SF Housing Authority Commissioner, Angelo King the so called corrupt Chair, of the Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) Project Area Committee, Veronica Hunnicutt the Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, the many Poverty Pimp Pastors, all Black and on the take - have with intent created division in the community. They are all on the take and the authorities that be know it.

Discord and tempers have been raised to foil process and decorum at the SF Redevelopment Meetings, the Land Use meetings, the SF Board of Supervisors meetings, the SF Planning Meetings, the BVHP Project Area meetings. Thugs come and intimidate and keep repeating that they want JOBS and that the project should not be delayed? Very few can speak to the Draft, EIR because they have NOT read the Draft, EIR. Yet, those bused in and fed pizza, are paid to say things they do not comprehend.

No one should want to live in and around Chernobyl or Three Mile Island. Yet, LENNAR, a rogue developer desires to build 10,500 homes and 30 to 40 story buildings, some as hotel s on land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding! Not to mention the impending Big One that will hit this area within 25 years.

About 100,000 constituents are directly affected by zip codes 94107, 94124 and 94134 and most of them have no clue about this large development and less about a fake Draft, EIR. They have not read it and it cannot be read in a short period without some explaining the key factors - add to that it is voluminous. Some 400,400 pages along full on technological jargon, fake maps, wrong data, and missing vital elements such as the latest base-line information from the recently concluded Climate Change Summit and of course no sound Transportation Document.

This time around LENNAR will be scrutinized by Government Agencies that I have provided detail information. There is only so much one can do on behalf on our suffering children and elders and those that cannot defend themselves.

Thanks be to God we have some decent people be they Polynesians, Asians, decent Whites and Black, Native American, Latinos , others that will listen and support those that are speaking the TRUTH. Ten years ago I said: "Lennar will drown in the CESSPOOL on its own making". Now I add: "it will take this City and County of San Francisco down, just like it did Vallejo when on Mare Island, Lennar promised to build 10,000 homes and after ten years declared bankruptcy".

Lennar is tied to Treasure Island and nothing good will happen to this man made island that is sinking each year. Hunters Point was not what it is now, ninety five percent of it is landfill and it shares the characteristics of Treasure Island except that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has a huge contamination of very toxic pollutants, most of it radiological in nature.

The land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco. It was stolen from them:

The Draft, EIR has failed to consult the First People, the Muwekma Ohlone and for this arrogance those that initiated this fast paced, ill prepared Draft, EIR will pay a price. I see it already- the SF Planning Department is in shambles and so are Dean Macris and his elves. The SF Redevelopment Agency will not be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point as it did with the Western Addition.

The SF Redevelopment is about Tax Increment, borrowing money, and using dubious models like the Melo Roos scrap to cheat people. This is San Francisco and the few decent people will see to it that those that have EVIL plans have their day in Court. We know the plans of those that live like Bernie Madoff and we have revealed the plans of the Pacific Heights Mafia.

Mayor Gavin Newsom who is out of the Gubernatorial Race can let go off Lennar before the San Francisco City and County suffers. Our present SF Board of Supervisor is like a reed in the wilderness - they blow any which way and have no standards, less morals. Not all of them but most of them. They have listened too much to those that do not have the better interests of the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point and bent backwards to help - LENNAR.

This fight has just begun and already the BVHP, PAC and the CAC to the Shipyard are seeing fissures too deep to repair. Sell outs are beginning to talk and telling us that they thought all was going to be good - but, what they see now is very bad. There has never been a case where one has put their trust in the DEVIL and come out victorious. Those that deal with the DEVIL and Evil will perish - ask Mayor Gavin Newsom he will tell you that. The poor man cannot sleep at night and when he wakes up - he has to deal with living- hell.

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