It is a shame that the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce that once was a very small outfit has grown into one so large that is it out of control. The staff keeps lying all the time on issues linked to Hunters Point Shipyard, the Workforce, and mostly it pushes the envelop for a Rogue Developer Lennar that will bring this City and County of San Francisco to its knees.

In the year 2004 Lennar clear cut over 400 mature trees without any permits. No one in the City has the balls to say anything about this fact. The Mayor, Gavin Newsom touts about this City being GREEN but this fact alone - should make him feel ashamed. On Hunters Point over 20,000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air. One ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide - the Mayor touts this City is Green but he cannot smell the gas that harms so many under his nose.

95% of Hunters Point Shipyard is landfill most of it poor landfill. What makes Hunters Point Shipyard unique and contested; is that all over the Shipyard there are hot spots mostly contaminated by Radiological elements and more? Once there stood two hill containing Serpentinite Rock that is also know as Ultra Maphic Serpentinite Rock and when you crush this Rock - the Asbestos fibers that are released are much more harmful then the commercial Asbestos that the SF Redevelopment Commissioner William Lee fails to comprehend.

Ohlone remains that once lay still on the two hills that were standing were demolished at the Hunters Point Shipyard. The human remains spread all over the Shipyard and desecrated. Shame on the U.S. Navy that has failed to archeologically survey one single square inch at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Shame on Mayor Gavin Newsom and the SF Board of Supervisor that have not demanded this important demand of the Ohlone, the first people of San Francisco that the area be archeologically surveyed.

Thousands of animals that took place at the Bikini Atomic experiments were brought to Hunters Point Shipyard and buried - here, there and every where. The United States Navy conducted experiments with Depleted Uranium the stuff that is now used in bombs that were dropped in Iraq and Afghanistan. One Atomic bomb left Hunters Point to be dropped on Japan during World War II killing millions of innocent civilians in Japan. Thousands of experiments were conducted at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard mostly radiological in nature.

Personnel that once worked at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard are alive today and we have their testimony. Hunters Point Shipyard is much polluted and the U.S. Navy has not done a good job. Initially in the late nineties one company International Technology (IT) fleeced the tax payers $300 million linked to the impending clean up at the Shipyard - yes, there hundred million. IT was supposed to do the cleanup but they did not and at the end of their contract declared bankruptcy.

Tetra Tech that now does the cleanup, abatement, mitigation for the U.S. Navy is much the same. Huge amount are spent. Monies release by the U.S. Government find some of that money into the coffers of Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - two so called Representatives that have adversely impacted Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Into their campaign coffers.

The Hunters Point Shipyard was closed in 1974 but activities still continued. In the early 1980's a rogue company AAA that repaired Ships polluted the Shipyard. We have eye witnesses that have revealed to us the amount of very dangerous pollutants such as chrome residue in large amount dumped on the Shipyard.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the San Francisco Health Department, and the SF Redevelopment Agency are not in any position to address the matters addressed in the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report. These uneducated folks and more immoral have failed the constituents of San Francisco. Early on, you had Marcia Rosen (the former Director of the SF Redevelopment Agency) taking orders from Willie L. Brown and Nancy Pelosi. These evil people permitted the Artists to live on the polluted Shipyard and many of them were inflicted with cancer.

The City and County of San Francisco went one step ahead and allowed the San Francisco Police Department use building 606 as a Laboratory and many of the folks there got very sick. The SF Police Department for years trained at the Shipyard and many healthy SF Police Department Officers got cancer. Recently, these bad decisions have been touted as good decision by those making presentation - linked to the Shipyard and how clean it is?. If this is NOT a crime I do not know what it.

The SF Police Department tactical force has since left the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The Crime Laboratory is next to Parcel E and the personnel working in Building 606 are exposed to the worst Radiological Elements and Methane Gas, spewing from the Methane Gas wells - installed by the U.S. Navy to release the gas and to avoid a fire and disaster - as happened in the year 2000.

When Parcel A was transferred in the year 2002, a short time later in 2004 - 400 mature trees were clear cut without permits. Foot prints of homes were found in one area. Further investigation led to sewer pipes that were contaminated by Radiological Elements. Now, remember the Record of Decision was signed by the so called Regulatory Agencies. But, now Lennar who controlled Parcel A in 2004 had to called Tetra Tech, who was contracted to the U.S. Navy with the consent of the SF Redevelopment Agency, the Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and do the clean up of the Radiological contaminants. All this was done hush, hush and the sub-contractors told to keep mum.

San Francisco has failed the constituents of San Francisco on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point. Proposition P mandated the entire Shipyard be cleaned to residential standards. We have the Precautionary Principle on our City's Book that is law - the City ignores the Precautionary Principle.

Why do we have to deal with folks like Diane Feinstein, in the past Marcia Rosen, Jessie Blout - today Mitch Katz, Peter Albert, Michael Cohen, Amy Brownell, Mark Leno. We have Richard Blum, Walter Shorestein, Darius Anderson creating ploys behind the scene. Why do we have to be at the mercy of the Pacific Heights Mafia? And, can some see what the common denominator is? Why are these folks that do not live in the community, have no desire to uplift the community, create policies, meet behind close-doors and destroy and divide our communities. Pitying one segment of the population in San Francisco against the other, this nonsense must STOP and be nipped in the bud.

Owing land makes or breaks you. The Bayview Hunters Point, Candlestick Point, Visitation Valley is the last frontier. There is gentrification happening. Instead of the people first being educated on issues, we have ignorant folks asking for jobs without the U.S. Navy doing the cleanup. We have the San Francisco Board of Supervisors pussy footing on this issue that will come to bite them in the butt. If have outsiders such as the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, Lennar and others - getting ready to Land Bank, hoodwink the local communities and build Gated Communities.

In the year 2004 the clear cutting of the 400 mature trees went unnoticed. The Radiological Hotspots found after the Record of Decision was signed went unnoticed for months. It is these episodes that went unnoticed that prompted LENNAR a rogue company under the direction of Kofi Bonner at that time - to NOT have operation Dust and Asbestos monitoring equipment for months on end and bombard the community with Ultra Maphic Dense Serpertinite Dust Particles - better know as Asbestos friables and structures, when large areas were graded in 2004. This crime cries to heaven for justice - our children and elders suffered and continue to suffer. This City and County of San Francisco has NOT taken the responsibility to test one single child.

The dumb Aurelious Walker is aware of these facts and he better learn to talk about his own view of things, with his own low IQ of which he is not aware in his own privacy - much like any one that has lost it. The man does not know the high unemployment rate in the Bayview is 40% plus and not 15%. He is aware that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar $515,000 but will not admit this fact. He was behind the material sent to homes that the Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) says all is fine at the Shipyard. The EPA has refuted this in a letter that was sent to the Mayor, Gavin Newsom and all Regulatory Agencies, key SF Department heads.

Only Parcel A comes under the jurisdiction of the SF Redevelopment Agency and they have made a mess of the situation. Lennar could have easily avoid cutting the 35 foot Ultra Maphic Serpentinite Rock but did so anyway - without Dust and Asbestos monitors for a long time - some say four months other more like six months. Mitch Katz, Rajiv Bhatia , Amy Brownell, Marcia Rosen, Jessie Blout, Gavin Newsom, and others all have BLOOD on their hands.

While most folks were ASLEEP I was on the forefront fighting Lennar and exposing them for their wrong doing. Informing the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and other Regulator Agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that crimes were committed on innocent constituents. The politicians called on these agencies and told them to look the other way. Yes, this is the TRUTH. My fight with LENNAR goes back to 1998 where they were incorporated in Sacramento - today, they are in Delaware!

In recent times a Draft, Environmental Impact Report was produced that has many flaws. We have held focused groups and educated many at great expense to ourselves. This feat was not easy but we did it with the help of God. It is not easy bringing people that are confused, less have not been connected with the issues at hand for years, and then inform them of these highly technical issues. But, thanks be to God, we have done that and forced many of the Regulatory Agencies to take a step back and review every aspect with a fine tooth comb.

June 3, 2010 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that have NOT seriously understood less taken a stand on Hunters Point Shipyard must stand up for what is right. The same at Treasure Island and the many conceptual plans that are released. Conceptual plans are like a dream, you wake up and it could be your worst nightmare.

Senate Bill 792 which I fought against from its inception now permits Lennar and the Mayor, Gavin Newsom to permit Lennar and its other dubious partners to mess with our State Lands, some 23 acres of the 43 acres at Candlestick Point. The Public Trust Act has been infringed, not one single meaningful meeting was held in the Community. The residents bused by Lennar come to City Hall and talk about Jobs and think all of them will get brand new units. Well, Lennar has promised the same all over the Nation and closer home at Mare Island and Vallejo and failed to keep its promise. That is why we called LENNAR - a rogue developer backed by the Pacific Heights Mafia.

June 3, 2010 is round the corner and the Final, Environmental Impact Report to the Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point has NOT been released yet. We have yet to see, less review an Environmental Impact Report linked the fake Transportation Plan, that Peter Albert talks about with much favor. The same happened with Parcel A and someone took upon himself to sue City and County of San Francisco and won - when there was no sound Transportation Document worth the salt. We will sue the City again - if they think they can hoodwink us in broad daylight.

In the meantime on Parcel A companies like Ranger, Yerba Buena, and others are lying down some basic infrastructure filled with toxic dust and Asbestos structures. Much of the work is poor because the companies have no faith in Lennar and have done a sordid job. Lennar has been slow in paying these companies and there is more. The time-lines linked to the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Parcel A has not be adhered to - Lennar has defaulted on the DDA. Go figure.

For the record Espanola Jackson and I were at the SF Board of Supervisors when Sophie Maxwell introduced a Resolution trying to push for drastic changes for the Alice Griffith residents. We helped bring the issues back to the Land Use Committee. We saw that the residents had a say and language was included for the residents to participate in all the deliberation.

Also, mandatory one for one units in the Resolution - as and when the new units were built at Alice Griffith for the residents that live there, today. Today, some sell outs paid by Lennar; think that we the initial advocates that fought for the Alice Griffith residents - are against them - these folks have no clue what they are talking about. It is important to note that they have turned against the very people that fought for them. None of these folks a year ago knew what was happening at City Hall, about folks making polices against Alice Griffith residents and they still do not know much about the decisions made behind close doors.

The City and County of San Francisco under Mayor, Gavin Newsom has failed the constituents of San Francisco in general but more those of Bayview Hunters Point, Candlestick Point, Visitation Valley, the last frontier in particular. What good can come from Caligula!

Enjoy the photos from the last SF Planning Commission held May 6, 2010:


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