We all look at what British Petroleum has done to the Gulf of Mexico and wonder how could that happen? Well, it has been happening because the Republican Governor, the local regulatory agency, the State agencies, the Federal agencies have treated the citizens of Louisiana like dirt. There are hundreds of toxic hotspots mostly in poor neighborhoods and no cares when Corporations and Developers will pollute and build on top of contaminated sites. The constituents fight and confront and God sees it all.

Here is the Bay Area we all know about thousands of toxic hotspots. We know of Superfund Sites and the local, State, and Federal Agencies do not give a hoot. Local advocates and environmental groups have taken on the U.S. Navy, Chevron, many industrial entities that pollute the air in Oakland and elsewhere. Many of us have confronted the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and brought some resolution at the Oakland Port; Parcel A at Hunters Point and in the Central Valley but there is much to be done.

A well know scientist from the New Orleans area was here in San Francisco trying to address the mess that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The community brought her here thanks to those few community stalwarts that put themselves last and the community first.

Wilma Subra is a well know scientist but what is paramount is that she is not afraid of the local, State, Federal regulatory agencies and the Corporations and corrupt officials that are on the take and will not represent the better interests of the community. Wilma Subra is now addressing a host of issues on the East Coast, some near her home and some far away. And as I said she is fully aware of what is happening with Lennar, the corrupt San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, the corrupt SF Redevelopment Agency Commissioners all of them, and those at the SF Planning Commission that voted for Lennar - Ron Miguel, Michael J. Antonini, Gwyneth Borden, William L. Lee.

The SF Redevelopment Agency Commissioners all of whom have blood on their hands - Rick Swig, Darshan Singh, Leroy King, London Breed, Miguel Bustos, and France Covington. Leroy King and Darshan Singh in the past have been interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and will be in the near future.

Corrupt corporations and greed developers most of them could have give a rat's ass when it comes to compassion, looking after the health and safety of the citizens, and going beyond their call of duty to care for our children and elders.

In the case of British Petroleum they have cozy relations with the Department of Interior and with past White House and other Congresspersons and Senators. You line the pockets of those that make laws and policies and all is fine so they think. Here, at home do you think for a moment that Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, Congresspersons Nancy Pelosi and others - do not know about Hunters Point and the radiological contamination? Do you think the consummate thug Willie L. Brown Jr. has no clue about radiological contamination and inviting LENNAR to build thousands of housing units - without first doing a cleanup? GREED comes first to them.

Tell me, why would anyone in their right mind jump the gun and fast track the process at Hunters Point with a fake Draft, Environmental Impact Study when most of the Shipyard still comes under the control of the United States Navy? Who do you think is connected with thugs like Richard Blum, Walter Shorenstein, Willie L. Brown, Darius Anderson, Ross Perot Jr., and a host of other vermin that have descended to steal, rape, and destroy the little that is left in the Southeast Sector.

On the East Coast the Gulf of Mexico will not recover for the next fifty years so say the experts. Fifty years is a speck on the scale when we think how long it took for our Earth to come to a stage where most things settle. Only, for human beings, filled with GREED to destroy most of it in 700 years. Man is the worst animal to live on this Earth and the worst trait she and he has - is GREED.

My friends tell me from the East Coast that we in California will not comprehend the destruction that BP has brought about in the Gulf of Mexico. Well, I cannot speak for the rest of California but I do full understand and comprehend the corruption and the GREED that BP executes daily without blinking an eye. But, rest assured that has all come to an end with BP. The anger of the people in toto will bring BP to its knees and relegate it to history. BP can drink all the oil they want and drown in it.

As much as the GREEDY mongers think they are in control - when they least expect it they get shafted. The same will happen at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The Ohlone were there for thousands of years. So, here come some thieves, the worst ones ever and want to first destroy the wetlands and then build operations that killed millions of innocent people all over this Earth. There is a connection with the Bikini Islands and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

There is a connection with Hunters Point and the bomb dropped on Japan. There is a connection with the Ships built at Hunters Point and the death and destruction these ships and operation brought to thousands of innocent people that came in their way. There is Karma and all those that did evil will reap their share of that KARMA.

Of course fools cannot comprehend what I am saying but that is fine - it is not meant for the foolish and the greedy to live and contribute to this Earth - there are thousands that embrace mundane stuff and are the living, dead. Those paid by Lennar to open their filthy mouths and spew diatribe are the living, dead.

There is nothing wrong in first cleaning the entire Shipyard and making it a living and growing eco-system. It was there for thousands of years - wetlands. Lennar will never, ever succeed. This dire economy has brought them down just a little, but within six months because of their pride they will be brought to their knees again and again. Everything I have said before has happened. I said years ago: "no good will ever happen at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard". Mark your calendars for the year 2012 and the month of July.

Lennar is rogue developer that with intent bombarded and harmed our children and elders. So, Kofi Bonner knows that and must repent and make restitution. Michael Cohen and Tiffany Bohee know that are still continue to defend the Lennar Conceptual Plan that is a dream. The SF Planning Department and the SF Redevelopment Agency are prone to failure - simply because they are playing with fire. No one should mess with radiological contaminants. If you are not educated on issues better learn the facts - it is not as if I am not talking to Fred Blackwell, Kofi Bonner, Michael Cohen, and the others.

I talk to them and they talk to me - they know I speak the TRUTH and they are speaking what they are told to speak.

The signs of the times are here. This fight has been long but it has brought solace to those that need it in the midst of suffering and great trials and tribulations. God has been very good to me and someone else would have perished. Even as the enemy has spend hundreds of hours, I have spent thousands of hours and eighteen and twenty hour days - are but my daily routine.

God is His infinite wisdom sometimes prepares one for the fight, the many battles that win the WAR. One has to be humble and strong, you just cannot lose your cool when you fight with the devil. Those human monsters that take money and work against the community do not enjoy much sleep and have qualms of conscience. That is their plight for years until they go to HELL. I know them and they know me and when they see me they squirm and that is right. When the light shines on darkness that which is dark - is seen, in its entirety, and what one sees may not be pretty but with fortitude one must see - address it, and get rid of it. This fight is not for the weak but for those that align themselves with a FORCE that sees all and has it origins from a place that is not from this mundane EARTH.

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