Sophie Maxwell has never truly lived in District 10 to understand the complexities of this large area. Using her mother's clout she persuaded Willie L. Brown Jr. one of the most corrupt Mayors ever to step foot at SF City Hall and Room 200, to endorse her daughter - Sophie Maxwell in the year 2000. We all remember the $10,000 each Bill Boards of Linda Richardson who was the Slated Candidate but then came the about face turn and it was decided in the back room deals to back Sophie Maxwell. Nuru Muhammad knows about this and more and do long time residents like Espanola Jackson.

Today District 10 is a mess and with 26 candidates running the divided community cannot figure who to vote for. The candidates came from the woodwork and those that are familiar by face with the others are truly not educated on issues nor are they making any attempt to do service first to themselves and then to the constituents that they will represent.

Even today, none of the candidates that brag and make vain statements have failed to read the Final Radiological Historical Report and the latest amendments linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. None of these candidates were present at the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) hearing linked to Parcel A. None of them have read less studied the Record of Decision linked to Parcel A. All important issues to better understand the mess we are in District 10 and San Francisco.

Further none have any clue about the Housing Element and how this is linked to District 10 and its housing needs. All the candidates talk about Jobs and Training but none have studied Young Community Developers and the rampant corruption going on all these years. None of these candidates have been at City Hall representing and followed pertinent issues that have drastically and adversely impacted Quality of Life issues. Some may say that they attend a few meetings when the clarion call went out - but that is not what I am talking about.

The demographics of District 10 and the surrounding area have changed. In the future Asian and Latinos will play a huge role and in all the deliberations little has been mentioned by the candidates. At the important forum there is no candidate for example Marlene Tran and to add fuel to fire - there is no Latino candidate to first understand and secondly serve this constituency. Time will tell.

No candidate wants to handle the cause and effects of Gang Injunction. Even as the Gang Injunction has been imposed in the Oakdale Area one square block another one has been ordered and imposed in the Visitation Valley. Some candidate has to explain how this is tied to gentrification and if not why not.

The Crime Laboratory that has been shut was at Hunters Point two candidates I talked to did not know this fundamental fact. Both candidates, failed to understand how some SF Police Department Command personnel were forced to retire, others demoted and how this has affected the entire SF Police Department. That includes former Bayview Captain John Loftus a good man.

One candidate has been accused for sending a check to the Internal Revenue Service in the amount of $10,000 and in her own name. This is the same candidate who has moved to rake in money by making clandestine arrangements with folks such as the TransBay Cable folks. Endorsed by a corrupt person, the present Supervisor of District 10, Sophie Maxwell further proves that this person is for herself and has never, ever served the community at large. I challenge her to debate me on this issue. Her name is Lynette Sweet.

Another candidate got $1.5 to serve the community and turned around and created a Co-operative and has leached upon the community pretending to serve the community while all the time alleviating his status - buying a home and investing in other businesses. He has got endorsements from large businesses who are buying him to use him when time comes to build a large hospital and for other mundane reasons.

One moved here some years ago and was first seen walking on 3rd Street with her big dog. Slowly, she joined some community groups but for all the wrong reasons. She has made her home near India Basin to try to make money developing land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding but what is more polluted. It is strange how these folks enter the community through the back door, serve on the BVHP Project Area Committee and other committees for ulterior motives.

One candidate backed Lennar and the Unions. Now, he wants to make amends and talks about jobs. What has the UNIONS done for the thousands of skilled union workers that have been unemployed for over three years and more. It is a shame that this candidate cannot address the issues on the City College Board but now want to run District 10. Ain't going to happen.

One purports to be a Real Estate person in the know. All of her statements are general and she has not read the City Charter and I can say the others have not read the City Charter. Asked a question about Transit First option versus cars causing congestion and traffic - she answered the question wrong because she did not first understand the question. You must listen more and talk - less.

The way things are done in Washington DC are different from how business in conducted in the Bay Area and San Francisco. The Darling Company is not a company that decent people can bet on. For years they have polluted and continue to pollute. No one who has ties with them even though they have the endorsement of the Sierra Club can decide to run and work with the constituents of San Francisco. The man did not say a word when we were fighting Lennar. But, he was there to trying to mitigate a large fine meted out by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - and this is a shame using corrupt companies and money to run for an election where we should hold on to some standards. From the inception he has stepped on the feet of those he wants to serve.

Youth without experience is a recipe for disaster. Some may think they can play with fire using their charm but this does not work in the real world. I have been watching and observing and what I see I do not like. Anyone that has been near Gavin Newsom and thinks they have learned some from this weasel - is totally mistaken. Gavin Newsom has single handedly destroyed all that was good in District 10 and beyond.

In general the many candidates some 26 are vying for a seat and have not taken the time to study the issues that have adversely impacted the community in general. Some think that all good will happen at the Schlage Facility - little knowing that the clean up has not been done to standards. Also, the developer has tainted money and when the details are announced they will be shocked. But, that is how it goes when most folks look at the surface and have no clue what lies beneath.

The present Economy demands that those candidates that want to lead have a strong financial background and have had some experience balancing and working on some large projects. Unfortunately, we do not see one single candidate with such an experience.

Not one candidate is fully aware of all the details that San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has in mind with the rehabilitation and upgrading of the waste water projects and the stinking Digesters that are never mentioned. You do not see these candidates at the SFPUC meetings, less the Budget and Finance meeting, less any meeting of importance at City Hall. But some have the backing of Bevan Dufty who will lend his name to any candidate not worth the salt. One that I have in mind is Lynette Sweet and I would add since he talks to me from time to time that is his prerogative.

Sophie Maxwell, is busy using her last days at the Land Use meeting pushing Resolutions and Ordinances that will adversely impact the City and County of San Francisco. I have not seen one single candidate at the Land Use meeting recently, nor have I seen them participate on the deliberations linked to the America's Cup, or for that matter the issues coming before the San Francisco Unified School District or at the San Francisco Port Authority.

The debate held at the Genentech Community Hall at Mission Bay had ten candidates participate in a forum - ten out of the 26. I do not know if a tape is available but if it one can watch the deliberations and hear the answers for oneself it would enlighten some. Generalities and answers that are vague can take these candidate to a certain stage and then reality will hit them like a bolt of lighting.

The Bay Guardian and some other magazines and newspapers have tried to reveal the corruption and the lack of experience of these candidates - but it has not made a dent. The San Francisco County Democratic Committee went so far as to select candidates that are clearly the pick of some one like Willie L. Brown and Aaron Peskin. All this is all the more dangerous when in the past ten years only about 47% of the constituents have gone to cast their vote in the City and County of San Francisco less in District 10. This time it may be the same. Rank choice voting can further damage who is selected and adversely impact this entire City and County of San Francisco.

Sophie Maxwell was planted to further the interest of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and developers. The only entity that took her on early on and then faded away were the Residential Builders. Sophie Maxwell has done her dirty work, she single handedly has furthered the cause of gentrification. She has four properties and has made a cozy nest complete with her jack pot that will keep her butt content for years to come.

A full 45% of the Bayview and Hunters Point is a Project Area and the candidates have no clue that the Mafia and other corrupt entities are behind the land equity and that the parceling of Potrero Hill to Bridge Developers, Hunters View to the John Stewart Company, Sunnydale to Mercy Housing, the other projects like that at the old Schlage Lock company by Arleta and 3rd Street by the Seven Eleven, have all been planned in detail, complete with Community Benefits that first demand money up front that have gone to Sophie Maxwell's coffers and that of Gavin Newsom. The constituents be dammed - where are the Community Benefits from the Executive Park area the Candlestick Cove apartments. Where is Fran Martin and others that were tied to Sophie Maxwell's hip?

Truckers have died working at Hunters Point exposed to radiological elements - not once has this issue been mentioned by the candidates - what the freaking hell, you folks must be out of your mind. Recently, at the Budget and Finance committee, the San Francisco Fire Department continued to receive one million dollars to service the Hunters Point area under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy. The point is that our SF Fire Fighters are put in harms way and have no sound training fighting Radiological Elements.

Not one of the candidates is fully aware and has read the reports of the 2000 fire that ravaged a large area and was contained on Parcel E2. Over 200 tons of Methane Gas in released into the air at Hunters Point and the surrounding areas - all landfill, reaction from the composting and infill on former wet lands that have long since vanished.

None of the candidates have spoken on the closure of the Willie Brown Academy on Silver and no one cares why the SF Unified School District wants to build a brand new school and waste money. This building is sound and served the Police Academy in years gone by. Education is important but the candidates are far away from the issues and cannot catch up with reading legislation, following the California Budget, keeping in touch with the new policies on education released by President Barrack Hussein Obama and the Department of Education. Less when it comes to City College, State University, and other Universities.

Well this is clarion call to the candidates - if you are corrupt do not attempt to lead any constituents from San Francisco and please do not use excuses when you are called out - and you will.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. None of you that does not have a sound moral compass, can move in any direction worth the salt, and what is more take anyone person to a better place. Some of you I know, others as you read between the lines I do not want to know, one or two of you can make the mark with great difficulty. Once you are in office you will comprehend some and then years later - remember who told you so.

The blood of our children and our Elders are upon those that let them down. Do not think for one single moment that the job of representing can be achieved like the Mother of all Sell Outs - Sophie Maxwell. Aho.

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