History is not in favor of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency for the simple fact that San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has with INTENT in the past and many times in recent years adversely impacted mostly people who need help and are vulnerable. SF Redevelopment Agency has a track record, working closely with Big Developers, the likes of Lennar, a Rogue Developer and others that pander to SF Redevelopment officials and harm innocent tax payers.

SF Redevelopment Agency has in the past taken property using EMINENT DOMAIN laws, removing and evicting innocent home owner and ruining their lives. There in lays the crux of the problem - no one Agency, including the drab SF Redevelopment Agency can run away from KARMA. I said this a long time ago and I will say it again: "SF Redevelopment will FAIL and those that work for it will fall on their faces".

In recent years the SF Redevelopment Agency did not hold LENNAR a Rogue Developer's feet to the fire. SF Redevelopment Agency failed to make Lennar accountable to the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) a legal document. The DDA is linked to Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

This same DDA mandated that SF Redevelopment Agency that was quick to take over the jurisdiction of Parcel A and hand it on a platter to Lennar for free, some 700 plus acres. However, SF Redevelopment Agency, was slow to do anything and backed LENNAR when it poisoned our children and our elders. Of course we documented each and every Notice of Violation and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined LENNAR $515,000 that is five hundred and fifteen thousand. Lennar paid this fine and thus this fact clearly demonstrates that the people were harmed but to this date the people bordering Parcel A - have not been made whole - by the Regulatory Agencies.

The same can be said of the Environmental Protection Agency, the SF Water Board, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the SF Health Department and the many other State, Federal, and local agencies that could have helped our children and Elders but chose with INTENT to listen to the corrupt politicians and think they can circumvent the laws that are higher.

It is a shame that those Supervisors that voted for Lennar and approved the fake Environmental Impact Report, that was hastily put together and which did not take into consideration a sound Transportation Document, the wishes of the First People, in this case the Muwekma Ohlone: Failed to conducted one single meaningful meeting in the community, and for that matter any where in San Francisco - because the business of the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is that of all San Franciscans.

Those San Francisco Supervisors that voted for LENNAR in the 8-3 vote in favor of LENNAR have BLOOD on their hands. The present Supervisors that favor SF Redevelopment in their nonchalant statements are also hinting that they do not care about the constituents and in favoring SF Redevelopment Agency are blooding their hands. Let them read Proposition P that the people of San Francisco approved by eighty seven percent and mandated the entire Shipyard be cleaned to Residential Standards.

These mostly inept Supervisors have not read the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report and its amendments to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. They have not read the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) linked to Parcel A - to find out for themselves - why LENNAR is NOT in default - when it should be, a long time ago.

Lennar the Rogue Developer promised rental units and amended this clause attached to the DDA. It promised Community Benefits and spent the money. Lennar has made so many amendments to those time lines Lennar agreed upon in the DDA linked to Parcel A. The paradox it that both the SF Redevelopment Commission with lackeys the likes of Leroy King, Darshan King, and Richard Swig unequivocally support Lennar and work against the people.

The SF Redevelopment Agency has supported Lennar by requesting the State of California for millions of dollars, from State Redevelopment funds and funneled this money to Lennar. We the people attended the many SF Redevelopment Agency meetings and brought this to the attention of the SF Redevelopment Agency Commission - to no avail. Governor Jerry Brown has been made aware of this fact and will side with the people. God willing or there will be ciaos.

Today Lennar who is broke is planning to dump the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Conceptual Project is has. It is seeking partners as part of a ploy called Land Banking. There are no takers. Lennar will drown in the cesspool of its own creation. I said that years ago and I will say it again.

I was the proponent of Proposition F and we spent $5000 and collected a record number of signatures in just 10 days facing incumbent weather conditions and put Proposition on the Ballot. Lennar, Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Sophie Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, James Bryant and a whole bunch of sell outs mostly Blacks backed Lennar with $5 million and fought the wishes of the people. Hundreds of Television Advertisements each costing $10,000 plus flooded the Media - we, the people could not afford one single advertisement ˆ we had time on our hands - the TRUTH will prevail.

Lennar and SF Redevelopment Agency and Commission have been doing the devil's work. Those that support these two agencies know on what side they are on. Our so called Representatives are not educated on issues and when one looks to Willie L. Brown Jr. a thug mayor, Doris Ward know for her shopping spree and more when she was supposed to be at work, Willie B. Kennedy that has supported SF Redevelopment Agency and worked against the community- we the people understand who is on the side of the people.

If all goes well come July, 2011 - we, the people will get a clear picture about the fate of all Redevelopment Agencies in California. Most of these Redevelopment Agencies including the SF Redevelopment Agency will wither on the vine. There is no doubt the many employees working for SF Redevelopment Agency who have BLOOD on their hands are now contemplating to jump ship. Well, in proportion to the harm these vermin have carried on and harm put on the people - these evil people will bear the consequences. The SF Redevelopment Agency employees should not to be pitied they will have to bear the consequences of their dubious actions. It is called KARMA.

In San Francisco - for sure Treasure Island and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard will be shelved. The present Economy will not permit any movement on these two major projects, fast tracked with parties behind the scenes working against the people and in favor of the Big Developers to put these two projects on the fore front - these two projects will sink and witness the present Economic Tsunami .

Many projects including the Mid-Market will suffer. So, will the impending new SF Police Headquarters proposed at Mission Bay. Smaller projects that SF Redevelopment was counting upon but now will have to be salted and there is more. The hundreds of units that SF Redevelopment Agency built on Third Street, the proposed 1800 units at the old Schlage Lock Company, the SFHOPE convoluted deals with Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing, John Stewart Company, and promises made to other Big Developers including Lennar - all put on the back burner.

Thousands of homes are in foreclosure and the thought that SF Redevelopment and its supporters had the audacity to think of building 10,500 homes on toxic land and more thinking that are would be stupid people to invest in such a deal. Compromise their health and their families-more their children. It is difficult to think we have such devious people but the SF Redevelopment is one of them and those that back this evil agency with all the ploys and machinations. Those that support Lennar linked to Hunter Point and Candlestick Point should be ashamed of themselves. Get a life and do not think for a moment that the people will trust you. The well is dried and we see the mostly Black sellouts already complaining and that includes the Poverty Pimp Pastors, the many we have in the Bayview Hunters Point that pandered to Lennar, the Rogue Developer. Today these vermin are aghast but that has been the history of those that are shallow, have no moral, less standards and do the devil's work.

The people have a clear understanding but not the so called idiotic Representatives and that includes the incumbent - SF Board of Supervisors that support - Lennar. The monies supposedly that would be flowing down the evil pipeline of SF Redevelopment Agency is no more - SF Redevelopment is history and rightly so. Compounded the present Economy does not favor building thousands of homes on land prone to liquefaction and more contaminated by Radiological elements. Of course one needs to be educated on issues, have an understanding, and not pander to Big Developers and be content just because they fill the campaign coffers. It is so funny to see the chameleons change colors - even before they have settled down.

It make take time but we the people will bring these minions to their knees. Just like it is happening all over the world today.

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