Three hundred years ago everything was pristine in the Bay Area and in like manner San Francisco. Today, the entire San Francisco area is in jeopardy but no one cares about San Francisco. We have already polluted the watershed, contaminated our air, looked the other way; when it comes to the Superfund Site at Hunters Point and done nothing at all to the over 3000 toxic hotspots all over the City and County of San Francisco. That includes Port property that is the worst; more at Pier 70, 94, 98 and beyond in the other direction closer to Lower Fort Mason.

Right now the San Francisco Public Utilities is tunneling to accommodate a large sewer pipe line that will bring the access sewer and drain storm water from Sunnydale and the adjoining area - and will release it by the State Park and in an area where windsurfers use that part of the Bay; that is 7 miles long - as their recreational and sacred playground. Imagine when the swim and smell excreta.

For those that are ignorant and we have many sitting as Commissioners, Department Heads, and the many that pontificate and the worst of all arm chair critics that I detest. Take them on and they plead for compassion and when they look bad; come out with the worst excuses. I meet them from time to time and these vermin hinder progress being uneducated and what is worse put a damper on meaningful dialog. We saw this with the Bayview Hunters Point, Project Area Committee and folks like Angelo King and Doris Vincent. We also saw this with the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard with folks like Veronica Hunnicutt.

There was a time right where Highway 101 going towards the airport and close to Candlestick Park was all wetlands. Here you could fish and get the best fresh fish. There was an abundance of Abolone, herring and much more. Today, the former wet-lands are filled with inferior dirt and millions of tons to toxic particulates spew into the air. There is talk to build a Causeway leading to Hunters Point that will bring more traffic and the millions of vehicles that ply; will further increase Cancer, Asthma, and the many chronic diseases that cause so much pain and suffering. Of course the sell outs could not care less the lies of Aurelius Walker, Calvin Jones, Linda Richardson, Sophie Maxwell and others.

Over the years the two power plants one closer to Third Street and 18th and the other at Hunters Point by Huntersview polluted the area and released contaminated hot water in the millions of gallons into the suffering Bay and killed the fish and what was healthy once has become an unhealthy, sordid - Bay. Then the runoff from the Mercury Mines near Santa Cruz released Mercury waste and further polluted the Bay. All this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) continues to release contaminated so call effluents that many a times turns out to be half-treated sewage into the Bay most of it by the Force Main by Islais Creek at Pier 80. Over 200 million gallons are released most any day and on days when we have heavy rainfall as much as 500 million gallons of contaminated water.

The once health Bay has already been contaminated by the poor landfill that was going on until some laypersons put a stop to it. There are a few astute Environmental entities that still monitor the Bay and some have sued the U.S. Navy and won. And it is time to sue the SFPUC for not Representing the constituent of San Francisco well and for the many negligent acts which have further caused the once pristine, later harmed, today to deteriorate and cause alarm to those that care about Natural Resources and nature at large.

A hundred and fifty years ago it was common to dig wells in San Francisco and tap water from the large watershed that lies beneath San Francisco. One large underground lake from the Presidio of San Francisco all the way to Lake Merced; most other cities would tap into this resource; but we in San Francisco do not, because of Hetch Hetchy and the millions of water contained in the that pristine dam. The Raiker Act was created and endorsed to provide San Franciscans with Resources that we could use with care. Our Mayors, our SF Board of Supervisors and more of so called Enterprise SFPUC have all failed us.

Most of these folks have not visited the Hetch Hetchy area, Crystal Springs, Calaveras Dam, the Sunol Temple and other choice places and sites that were stolen from the Native Americans who I like to call the First People - the indigenous people of the sites, the area, our Bay Area and California. These First People cared for Mother Earth and took care of the Resources. We, should be ashamed of ourselves for not only polluting the areas in question but today with intent further causing harm to the last of the Resources leading to disaster.

It may not come as a surprise to most folks that the California salmon is dying and the smelt that is a precursor to determining the health of our Bay and the many rivers that deposit silt and other dangerous contaminants. The scientists I have met have been sounding the warning alarms, and for those that care to read there are tons of empirical data to evaluate.

The main point that I want to make is that you cannot convince greedy folks that are steep in materialism and lack basic spirituality to make the required change; but what is more, genuinely care for Mother Earth. We, all remember the time when most folks thought nothing to kill thousands of Buffalo for their skins and leave thousands of tons of Buffalo meat rotting. Of course the killing was made easy using shot guns - before that you have weapons but one could not cause so much damage and what is more bring about disgrace to the human race. I am talking bow and arrow and may be a spear of sorts. Primitive but it slowed you down and of course made you respect the power of the beast.

It is the same with over fishing but now with the salmon we have dubious entities after engineering and creating domesticated salmon, devoid of the taste and color of wild salmon are now busy counting the engineered salmon and proclaiming from the fake count; that there is a abundance of healthy wild salmon. Well, most folks fall for this scrap but those in the know and especially the First People - smell the rat and have been for a long, long time. What you eat is what you are! Notice the obesity and the many incurable diseases that plague some strangers.

San Francisco has been proclaiming that it has reduced its Carbon Foot Print to the level that existed in the 1990s. I can tell you that is a lie. Some may think a nice way to come to that conclusion is to increase the acreage and given the shrinking human count in San Francisco - bring about some false count. Much like the down fall of our economy with algorithms that most people that are not well versed with; mathematics and of course those versed with algebra detected a long time ago a rat. Those that are greedy, fake, the likes of the ilk of Bernie Madoff have brought about adverse impacts and we have tons of them around us. More at City Hall well placed as Department Heads, devious to the core; they come to work to cater the filthy rich, the Big Developers and folks like the Pacific Heights Mafia - then go laughing to the bank depleting our values.

So called consultants led by former political scumbags are busy doling out contracts to outsiders that care little about San Francisco and more about making money. In the past the FEDS have got them and the FEDS and Law Enforcement can still get them - if they want to. Other, outreach folks are hired that tow the line, have no history of San Francisco, less the Bay Area. The pertinent factors that pertain to sustainability, the viable solutions to slow the growth, stall contamination and the many adverse impacts that come with unchecked development. Environmentalist can only proclaim must like John the Baptist and the prophets of yore.

Our City favors building Infrastructure on contaminated sites, more Superfund Sites and favors pandering to Big Developers more like Rogue Developers and Lennar comes to mind. Our City once had and practiced standards. There was a time when some in City government adhered to Accountability and Transparency. No more is this the case - ineptness and corruption is now the norm and our once great City and County of San Francisco is going down the drain. We are drowning the cesspool of our own creation.

This Earth was given to us to take care off - only the First People the Indigenous People will tell you that; most others steeped in greed, that cheat, steal, lie and pander to the bearers of money and sordid actions could not care less. Well, all one can do is sound the clarion call and stall the current nonsense that is going on unchecked. We have the Empirical Data and all we can do in this digital world - spread the word around. We have the Precautionary Principle but most do not care to read it- and this is a crying shame. Take a shot:


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