Over one thousands five hundred rental homes are slated to be demolished at Parkmerced; encouraged, by our San Francisco Planning Department, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce, the Mayor, Michael Yarne, and many other dubious entities such as the Pacific Heights Mafia.

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) passed in favor of demolishing over one thousand five hundred rental units and constructing brand new high rise building on land mostly prone to liquefaction and the imminent Big One - the predicted large Earthquake.

In the fake EIR no consideration what so ever is given to the Seniors, the children, other vulnerable segments of the population, the student population that rent from the nearby colleges. Newly, wed couples who are fortunate to rent a home and cannot afford too much money.

The fake EIR linked to the Parkmerced Project - does not address Cumulative Impacts and thoroughly ignores an Economic Analysis done by CB Richard Ellis, a study requested by the City and County of San Francisco itself. The report does not give a thumbs up to this devious project - something to consider about.

The general policy of the City and County of San Francisco is not to destroy existing housing stock, especially rental housing that is premium; but Mayor Gavin Newsom saw it best to fill his campaign coffers with deals made by a dubious Developer who has failed with their project in Canada. But, Gavin Newsom, who should know better has sold out; San Francisco, first with Lennar and now with the fake EIR and proposed demolishing of over one thousand five hundred rental units at Parkmerced.

Behind the Shenanigans a man Michael Yarne constantly comes up with ploys and machinations befitting a buffoon. I first encountered this person linked with the Power Stacks between Fifth and Sixth Market next to the Westfield Center. He kept saying the old Pacific Gas and Electric stacks spewed steam but I have not heard of any Power Plant that uses steam to generate steam. I know of Power Plants that use fossil fuel to generate steam.

The particulates we tested in the area had a high number of particulates and what makes this test difficult are the millions of vehicles that pass between Harrison all the way to Market and beyond on Fifth Street. We know some pollution emits from the hidden Power Plant - dangerous particulates that contribute to pollution and illness. Time will tell.

I saw Michael Yarne speak before the Land Use, SF Planning, always pushing for some program, policy, some project that has a hidden agenda. Always, trying to generate money using some ploy, some machination, linked with some sordid algorithm. Some time ago is was something to do with Infrastructure Fees closer to the Water Front in San Francisco.

Our City keeps hiring such charlatans - they have invaded the SF Planning Department, SF Airport, the SF Port Authority, the SF Public Utilities Commission; other City Departments, even the SF Board of Supervisors with their weird thinking, lack of conscience, less consulting the stakeholders their constituents whom they REPRESENT - always pushing their life style first tainted with sordid intentions - more, tutu fruity agenda.

In San Francisco you really cannot speak the truth about those Zionists that have invaded our Government and adversely impact thousands of innocent people. You cannot speak up, and explain; to those that consider themselves straight - about those that do not have the better interest of decent families - mother, father and children. The education and nurturing of children in an environment that is not devious - everywhere on goes someone is trying to impose the way of life. This crap must stop.

The Pacific Heights Mafia and other vested interests have ganged up and are trying to take control of everything. You may have a small piece of property and these vested interests want to have it all. It does not matter to them that you are small, little and have a small stake - they want it all.

Plans are afoot to build thousands of homes at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point, also at Treasure Island and the last frontier, the Southeast Sector - on vacant land mostly prone to liquefaction - it really does not bother the devious on the SF Planning Department that vote against the people, those on the Land Use Committee, the SF Board of Supervisors to care to discern. How can fools discern when they are not educated on issues, less have the spiritual and moral integrity?

When folks ask me sincerely why is it that we have so many evil people who do not care about our Elders and our children? I say because they side with the devil - you will always the evil, the ones that connive, the ones that plot, right under your nose. You will always have them ˆ and it is sad; that we have them - mostly because in the short and long run these evil folks, greedy to the core harm innocent people. Bottom line they lack spiritual integrity.

These evil folks did it at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and they will do it at Treasure Island. They plan to do it at Parkmerced and they will do it all over the City - using the most convoluted of ploys to grab land, build high density homes and make money.

When we in the Bayview Hunters Point were fighting Lennar the folks in and around Parkmerced knew what was going on; but many did not support us openly. From the State University we had the students and they listened to us and supported us because they attended our Town Hall meetings. Today, some of them have fallen victim to the issues and factors that befell those innocent Elders, children, other with compromised immune systems in the Bayview Hunters Point. We are now in this fight together - we must be united ˆ to fight the forces of evil.

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