It is a shame that in the year 2011 we have morass reigning at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (BOS) - in Room 250 at City Hall. Lackadaisical leadership and poor governance taking this great City and County of San Francisco down the drain and into oblivion - further; adversely impacting thousands of innocent citizens that work hard and pay their taxes.

We have laws that help this City to initiate and deliberate issues - especially important issues that govern Land Use. Again and again; at great peril we have had immature SF Board of Supervisors, fail to do the peoples work, work for the COMMONS - pander to the filthy rich, the greedy, and Big Developers.

Three large projects have been deliberated with fake Environmental Impact Reports. Each of these projects is now in Court - the Hunters Point and Candlestick Point Project, the Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Project, the Park Merced Project. And may I add the impending project at North Beach and the building of a new Library.

In the many years that I have been going to City Hall - if and when a project was in the Courts as was the San Francisco Housing Element twice - no lengthy deliberations were carried on at the Committee level and no matter sent to the Full BOS for deliberation. These jerks do as they please and this is a shame.

We must remember that; we, the people do not have the time to waste as do the BOS who take pride it spewing diatribe, making long winded statements, and not doing the people's work. They each earn over $120,000 plus benefits and really do not deserve to be paid for their shoddy, shallow - results.

It has become fashionable for these inept, lazy, and distrustful folks who want to call themselves Representatives - take added holidays; whenever any minimal opportunity present itself. If there is a holiday that falls on a Monday; these lazy folks will take Tuesday and Wednesday off - and there are times they have taken the full week off.

This mentality has poured into other areas. Some of the SF BOS do not believe in process - more, if it benefits the constituents of San Francisco, the elderly, the physically challenged, our children, our Veterans - those that need help and those that cannot defend themselves.

The SF BOS have approved the Hunters Point and Candlestick EIR, they have done the same with Treasure Island and the same with Park Merced. However, on all of these projects they have NOT listened to the constituents. More Hunters Point and Parcel A - where the project is in default because Lennar has defaulted on the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA).

The exact same thing happened with Park Merced. The SF BOS think nothing of demolishing 1500 homes, mostly rental homes, all affordable where students, the elderly, and many families have been renting and living for many years. In these dire economic times, where do the SF BOS think the constituents will be able to find a roof? More a roof that is affordable?

I have just returned from Washington D.C. and as everyone knows the Nation's unemployment is not making any movement. Come August 2, 2011 our Nation must raise the debt limit or suffer some dire consequences. The local governments have no money but San Francisco that has a deficit of over $400 million and more with the unfunded paying of pensions and benefits - now, wants to dabble with large projects that put the City of San Francisco in harm way, in dire jeopardy and accrues - liability that the constituents will have to deal with by paying added taxes.

Lennar has brought the downfall of Vallejo and we in San Francisco are still trying to work with Lennar. At Park Merced in these trying economic times there is no money; the SF BOS have been pressured by political forces to do their bidding. These forces; much like the Bernie Maddoff, Goldman Sachs, do not have the better interests of the taxpaying constituents of San Francisco.

In the interim our roads are full of potholes, our infrastructure on any level need immediate rehabilitation and replacement, our children one in three go to bed hungry, the over fifty percent of our Seniors part of our City's population and sixty percent within this segment of the population that are disabled live in pathetic conditions, in Single Residential Occupancy (SRO).

We have 10,000 youth that are truants and 6000 of these youth are chronic truants but this fact does not bother our SF Board of Supervisors. They love to talk and talk, spew diatribe, think in circles and waste our time. When it comes time to Represent they flaunt and when it comes time to stand up they cow down. Many of them fail on Health and Safety issues and do not bother to care for those that must be served.

Most of these SF Board of Supervisors fail to prioritize the issues at hand. Our Elders continue to suffer in these difficult times. Our children are struggle with transportation, in school, with food, and basic health issues. We are one of the richest cities in the world but judging from the way the SF BOS are governing this City - you would wonder why at times the situation looks like we are in some third world country. All this in San Francisco.

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