There was a time not too long ago on Third Street where you could go for a movie - no more. There was a time you could go to a store and buy fine hats no more. There were tailors on Third Street that could sew you a custom made suit and there was more. Stores that sold fishing rods and other stuff to meet any hobby to keep one busy and recreate.

True the Hunters Point Shipyard employed over 10,000 people and shut its doors in 1974 - but, how come the City and County of San Francisco - San Francisco one of the richest cities in the world - did not have the balls to do something about meeting the needs of the people on Third Street, the Bayview Hunters Point, Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley and beyond. The answer is simple - blatant Racism.

For those that look at the Southeast Sector - there is no problem placing the aggregate, concrete, power plants, freeways, all the industries that emit dangerous particulates - and the many dry cleaning facilities that pollute the air with very toxic chemicals. The way the racist folk look at the situation is - some segment of the population must bear the brunt of all these operations and it might as well be the people of color.

Some years ago - while we still had some Black women and men who could articulate - a document was craft called the "Unfinished Agenda". A have a copy of it and there are a few copies floating around - had our City and County paid heed to the contents of this valuable and insightful document - much of the "gentrification" and adverse impacts we see today - would not be there.

I was on Third Street today ˆ October 7, 2011 and watched seven fights among mostly young men and women and all of them Black. Seven separate fights and after monitoring them - I saw clearly how our community truly suffers and how divided the community is. Friday on Third Street in years past - use to be a day when you dressed well and came to meet friends at the many restaurants and clubs - no more. It was about unity today it is about division.

In recent years - crowds of most young people between the ages of 15 years and 30 years - come in the vicinity of Third Street and Palou and after some waiting around 3 pm the action begins. One fight and then another and then another - and this has been going on for years.

Some years ago a White Woman was driving her car and someone threw a water balloon at her car. She should have continued to drive but she came around parked her car - left her ignition key in the car - came out to challenge the person who threw the water balloon. Then she looked back and her car was gone. She tried to wave to the many police cars speeding to attend other calls and incident reports - no one paid attention to her - and finally she had to walk away.

I watched this circus but also notice a young man video tape this incident of sorts. A few days later this video appeared on UTube and you could even see me watching this drama from my office window. It got thousands of hits. The White woman screaming for help and no one paying attention to her screams - the SF Police Department cars speeding along - and paying no attention to this woman either. No one did anything sensible to help this woman. The pandemonium was beyond any comprehension and I saw this all from my office window across the road. No one came to the rescue of the white woman. If someone did they would have been pelted with water balloons and more.

I am narrating this story because our politicians are much the same today in the Bayview Hunters Point and all over the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. Twenty five percent of the youth are found in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco and most of them know me. Especially the ones that play some sort of leadership role - and mostly those in gangs - who often watch me on television not CNN but our local government channel. They will come up and say something about what I was speaking about - and say stuff like "right on".

I will give them my card and they will often email me and I put them on my email list and they continue to send me pertinent information that most people do not have access to. I call this the pulse of the people.

I have had the ability wherever I have been to detect the pulse of the people and do something about it. The people and the "commons" appeal to me. I do not favor the greed and those that are materialistic. I love to share and that is why I have thousands of good friends.

I also have a soft corner for the First People the indigenous people of American better know in some circle at Turtle Island - and of course the Ohlone of the Bay Area - but also the other tribes the Miwoks, Pomo, Paiutes and so on.

We all remember Sophie Maxwell a sell out and now we have Malia Cohen a worse sell out. Malia, totally works for the machine and all she is interested in - since she has been elected is the limelight and she has not lifted a finger to address the real issues facing Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley and others areas.

We have 10,000 truants in San Francisco - youth who skip school. Over eighty percent of the truants live in the Southeast Sector and most of them are Black and live in the Bayview Hunters Point area. Do you think Malia Cohen has paid any attention to this issue?

In the Bayview we do not have a high school. Why is that?

All the middle schools have students who are adversely impacted. Time Malia visits the schools in her area - hire doctors to do some general testing and see what the results lead to. Do you think Malia Cohen cares about such an issue?

It is time to ask why this City and County of San Francisco with a population of 816,000 does not have a qualified Toxicologist on the pay roll of the San Francisco Health Department that has a budget of over $1 billion? Why?

The sell outs or what we call House Negroes take money and that is all they are interested in. Malia Cohen falls into this category. She talks a good talk but cannot walk the walk. She has since she became Supervisor of District 10 - followed some lap dogs and when she is not following - she is pussyfooting around doing nothing. Then at the Committee meeting she will ask the dumbest questions - and she wants to represent. Represent whom?

None of the ideas and talking points on her platform when she ran for Supervisor is working. Why? The woman who is black - and I am not saying that because she is black but many people when they hear the name Cohen - think she is White and many think she is Jewish. She is black not white and the woman does not do a good job - all she does is pander to the many side-kicks who she will accompany to the many dog and pony shows.

This black woman cannot identify with the common black person who is suffering more in this dire economy. She has often said she would love to come and talk to me. She said this - not I - but she does not have the guts to come and meet me. If she did I could reveal to hear the rap sheet I have on her - and then proceed to educate her on the issues she needs to comprehend.

Our children are dying - exposed to the worst contaminants and this woman thinks it is funny. Our seniors pass the fifth of the month have no money for food and bare essentials and this woman - does not give a rat's ass. Why? Because, she is ignorant, arrogant, and mostly drab and shallow.

If you go to her website or even her drab FaceBook - she is talking about some library being opened, some grocery being opened - but not a thing about how she has improved the lives of those suffering. Touch one person at a time and make a difference. Do not try to use the media to spread misinformation and disinformation that your handlers tell you to.

I remember you sneaking to our Town Hall meetings and trying to understand the issue with Lennar. You ended up - getting too much money from Lennar, filled your campaign coffers and sold your soul to the devil.

We have an increasing number of women with AIDS in the Bayview Hunters Point Area and most of them are straight - Malia Cohen must get the empirical data - from the SF General Hospital or ask for help from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and address the issue - on an emergency footing.

We have single mothers who are on welfare. Now, they have got notices to work. It is not easy to work and leave the children with others - even some qualified child care centers.

The reason is simple - many of the children need special care - most suffer from acute respiratory diseases. Others suffer from other chronic diseases. Malia Cohen does not have the ability to first recognize such issues and secondly pay attention to them. She has no clue what it entails to serve the people - she has no understanding of the "commons".

Propped into the political arena and supported by mostly House Negroes most of whom sell their souls and take money to betray their community - I have name them before and have no intention to name them again and again. These vermin all support Malia Cohen because she will do their bidding much like a lap dog.

This pathetic woman must change her way and if does not as usually happen she will be recalled. Only this time she will lose hands down because the majority of the people are absolutely fed up with her.

Any off time she get she will take junkets to the East Coasts to pussyfoot around. She hangs around those that do not favor a life style that most straight folks favor. People congregate in dens and conduct themselves as the perverts do - such human beings are immoral, devoid of principles, and all this is reflected in more than one way - in her daily interaction and behavior.

When we have these perverts that do not favor family life - we find thousands of families - husband, wife, and children leaving San Francisco. Thousands of small businesses owned by straight families have left San Francisco. Queer folks are just that "queer" and while San Franciscans in large measure might have provide them succor and a safe haven - it does not mean they have to erode the standards we once enjoyed.

You do not want a spring uprising - where one segment of population is inspired to take on another - it is useless fight dump, drab, divisive folks - lacking spirituality and only worshiping mammon. A number of them are on the SF Board of Supervisor - involved with complete nudity, not caring about straight family values. Children have to be protected on every level - but you will not expect this from folks that pussyfoot around. Favor visiting Good Vibrations and have toys one of a kind - that are alluring and fascinating to those devoid of standards and less of spirituality. Aho.

In the meantime thousands of people have been evicted from Public Housing. The way is being prepared for "gated communities" and those rich that desire to make their abode here in San Francisco. Mostly folks that fit the description I have painted above. The love smaller units, smaller bed rooms, do not care about children that is not an option.

Most of those evicted land in places in the Tenderloin and if they do not last there they are dead. If they escape to Oakland or some other East Bay area - their plight is worse - from the frying pan to the fire.

In the interim millions have been wasted on the Central Subway, $900,000 for a ADA ramp is these dire economic times, $ 7 million on the Third Street Light Rail that starts at 4th and King and end in the middle of nowhere in the Visitation Valley. Recently AECOM/Belfour was grant $150 million for outreach for some years with the same crooks that wasted over $3 million when he directed Communities of Opportunity - now joining Angelo King and others to do more damage - Dwayne Jones.

Michael Cohen who headed the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce is gone - he did what damage he could, now works for Goldman Sacks and has to deal with the dire economic situation and more. Fred Blackwell could have helped the minorities but felt the pressure of the "thugs" in San Francisco - he is closer to home and will assume the role as Assistant City Administrator of Oakland.

Tiffany Bohee who has been groomed to damage and more as a Black woman is the typical sell out - on the frontline selling her soul. Tiffany will look at you in the eye and lie. Pathetic, to the core and not at all interested in helping San Franciscans at all. Tiffany Bohee will engineer in the shortest time possible the "gentrification" of the Southeast Sector - watch out for this skunk.

Finally, when HOPESF come to being - there will be a handful of Blacks left and everyone will be left aghast - as they do after the fact - first the Fillmore and now the Bayview and beyond. Watch out for that steam roller it is all over the place - aided more with the dire economic times, fore-closures and apathy from the City and County of San Francisco - the SF Mayor and the SF Supervisors.

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