It is a shame that we have representatives here in San Francisco who just wants to represent a hidden agenda and they bent on representing all that which fills their campaign coffers. I have pointed it out many times and I will point it out one more time - they are not leaders they are suckers.

These corrupt politicians are especially not leaders if they take their cue from former and present corrupt politicians and we have some of the worst in San Francisco - foremost a former Black Mayor who is now a consultant and will break every single law linked to our City's Ethics and the Brown Act.

It is a shame when minority, so called Representatives - work with the authorities to put down their own community. We saw this blatant behavior with Sophie Maxwell and now we see it with Malia Cohen; both Blacks - one worse than the other.

Our leaders who called themselves Black have done little to bring respect to the Black and minority community; I repeat nothing - to project the true history of the Blacks in our schools, our colleges, our universities. Our Black churches, at the various Black forums. Those that represent the NAACP in San Francisco the likes of Amos Brown - they all, have unashamedly - let down our great Black leaders who acted and made history - great leaders who knew where they came from, what they expected, and a sound vision unparallel to none - two come to mind immediately Frederick Douglass and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Unlike other cities in America, here in San Francisco we can be proud of the Blacks Buffalo Soldier over six hundred of them buried in the cemetery at the Presidio of San Francisco. These great Black soldiers wrote the Standard Operating Procedures to govern and maintain the Federal Lands; were proud of singular engineering feats, built good roads and did more. Yosemite National Park, Sequoia Nation Park, the Presidio of San Francisco and more owe much to the all Black Buffalo Soldiers. This was way before the National Park Service was formed in 1916.

They were the best soldiers who fought well and were respected in the Burma Theatre, in Europe, Cuba, the Philippines, the Middle-East and few contemporary Blacks - truly know about their achievements.

When the Pioneers came to California they were accompanied by the Buffalo Soldiers. When the borders need to be patrolled well in the staunching heat the Buffalo Soldier were called to duty. There is more and we must learn to study our history, check the facts, and be proud of the achievements of those that earned it. Of course you cannot expect his from shallow, spineless, and immoral people and we have many of them that have used their gift of the gab, lies, and other immoral ways to shine on the devious podium of condemnation.

We can be proud of Mary Ellen Pleasant who was a mover and shaker in San Francisco from 1820 to 1904. William Alexander Leidesdorff who was Black and had a flourishing business and a street that bears his name in the San Francisco, Financial District; he lived from 1810 to 1848.

Henry Wager Halleck a U.S. Army Commanding General who built the historical 100 series Montgomery Block on the Main Post at the Presidio of San Francisco in 1853. He lived from 1815 to 1872.

There were Churches, Schools, Banks, Bath Houses, and more built and owned by Blacks but no one wants this history to be taught in our schools, our colleges, and our universities. Then we have some so called Black Historians who want to be called experts and all they do is act proud and have disdain - they tirelessly aim in getting some fame and will not spread the good word. None of them are persons of courage and I have seen them and observed their cowardly ways.

There is only one that stands out as a historian and who is Black and from San Francisco and that is Mr. Anthony Powell; a Black man who has done a lot to spread the true history of Blacks in California and the Nation and is worth his salt. Buffalo Soldiers is his forte.

We have Blacks in the City who will take grants to put on mundane shows and bring in fake speakers and call it their events Black History Month. These scum bags must be ashamed of themselves. They love to pocket most of the money.

At the many Black forums; the lack of unity is spoken about and no one has the guts to address the unity in the form of true education. The right facts, the true history, achievements one of a kind by Blacks - all this and more can be depicted as we want to in Cyber Space, the Internet and it should not be daunting. We love debating in circles and not moving forward with some light and progress.

The worst Black is the sell out. We had them before and during the era of Slavery. These evil ones seek their own progress and to hell with everyone else. These are the ones that have blood on their hands and even today pander to those in authority, seeking their own comfort while making it difficult for the thousands that can be helped.

During the last General Elections - many of us, including I voted for President Barack Hussein Obama - no more. President Barack Hussein Obama had a chance to do something great - but, he blew it and continues to blow it. His advisors all had a hidden agenda and they constantly told him he had to do this and that - or else the lobbyists, the moneyed ones, the Zionists - all evil in nature - would get to him and he acquiesced.

Today, I go to the schools, the colleges, the universities, the prisons, before many Community Based Organizations; speak up at the meetings in Sacramento, San Francisco, all over - and what I see I do not like and comprehend.

Most of the people are not well versed in their history. The fail miserably to understand where they come from and they fail more when the fail to realize their role in this world and universe.

Each and every one of us; can and should leave our imprint in this universe - before we pass away. Each and every one of us, however old, however young, anyone who has life, must fully understand that life and you as a singular person matters. Child, woman, man - your destiny, your worth, the vibes you have matter and count.

Life is for the living; NOT the living dead. When we as a people cease to believe in ourselves, our history, our people, and our worth - we fail humanity. In our recent history; the history of Blacks in America - our women have stepped up and borne the burden and with a smile delivered.

In cowardice some proclaim that our men are incarcerated; and that is a fact; however - we must discern and in discerning fathom that when bad choices are made; you as an individual must bear the consequences. Do not fault the system, defeat the evil in the system by using your intelligence, your fortitude, and that which you inherited - the ability to overcome and survive.

Othello was Black and some know that but most do not; Hannibal was a General that brought fear to those in Europe, most do not know that Hannibal was from North African and traverse the Alps with Elephants from Africa. There was a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Nelson Mandela, and of course my favorite Frederick Douglass.

Africa is a continent that was once the center of civilization. The human race originated in Africa. To this day those looking at the Pyramids marvel; how could thousands of tons of stone, be placed so neatly and line up without the cranes and other heavy equipment we have today. That speaks volumes.

The Blacks in America have played a role but this role has always been like the second fiddler. Of course many will debate this and that is their prerogative the matter of fact is that racism, discrimination, hatred of Blacks today is much more prevalent than it ever was.

Blacks are used in sports and all the manager that matter are White. Blacks are given roles in the theater and in films only to placate the general public. Blacks are noted but only to be deceived by lack of opportunities.

The window of opportunity to make a difference, take our notably position to a higher level can only come from a tenacity, a strong sense of survival but a force that can overcome all that that is not becoming. There is a sense of urgency and we saw it with the Unfinished Agenda a document that spelt it all by the Human Rights Commission.

Only for some sell out Blacks to reinvent the wheel and bring out another document - named Out Migration - a name more fitting for birds and their seasonal migration. Once twenty five percent of Blacks made up the San Francisco population; now it is less than four percent and dwindling.

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