Some of us have been battling San Francisco Redevelopment Agency for years without any fanfare - lots of hard work. On the frontline you can sit sometimes and have a dialog with those on the opposite side - but there is no compromise on standards, ethics, morality, and the law.

At the end of the day, come January 31. 2012 - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is dead. Thousands of people in San Francisco will rejoice when they hear about the demise of this very sordid entity.

An evil entity that slowly killed thousands of innocent people by removing them from their homes in the Fillmore in the 1960s, and other places - throwing many into the streets to survive and die miserable deaths. Fostering gentrification and reducing some decent human beings to a state of despair.

Others were removed and lived in small, filthy, Single Residential Occupancy Hotels (SROs). Here they drank themselves to death, and with drugs and prostitution - many who once lived as Middle Class citizens - reduced themselves and their surrounding environment to a state of affairs that brought death quicker.

W now see that again - when we see families removed from Public Housing living on Sixth Street, crashing in cars, living anywhere under bridges, bushes, and many of them families. The City sees it but cannot do anything about it.

SFRA showed their ugly head again when former thug Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Sophenia Maxwell, Linda Richardson - all gathered in Washington DC to put pressure, and force the Under-Secretary of the U.S. Navy to convey Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard for development. The other parcels still are contaminated.

In the year 2000 Proposition P was passed by 87%. It mandated that because the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was so contaminated that the entire Shipyard be cleaned, abated, mitigated to the highest standards - preferably Residential Standards. This is a mandate but NO ONE follows less adheres to the mandate.

Lennar, a Rogue Developer promised rental units on Parcel A and did not keep its word. Then it promised community benefits through the Tabernacle Group a bunch of Poverty Pimp Pastors and that fell by the way side. Lennar again and failed to adhere to the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) - a legal, binding document. Lennar defaulted and the City and County of San Francisco is culpable.

Lennar with intent poisoned our children bombard the entire community by Parcel A with Asbestos Structures in the year 2004. Today, January 28, 2012 according to data submitted by Treadwell and Roll - at one site the monitor reading shows 74,000 structures of Asbestos by cubic meter. If one single Asbestos structure or fiber enters a human being, down the road you can die of Asbestosis. Go figure.

Most Black sell outs the likes of Sophiena Maxwell, Lola Whittle, Roy Willis, Doris Vincent, Willie B. Kennedy, Veronica Hunnicutt, Angelo King, Linda Richardson, Toye Moses, Fred Blackwell, Tiffany Bohee - worked for SFRA and with intent did all in their power to push for this sordid - project.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District issued a number of Notices of Violations (NOVS) to Lennar. But, Lennar with the help of the City and County and the Mayor at that time Gavin Newsom - broke laws, confronted the community, and harmed our innocent children, sisters, and brothers.

More, our Elderly who in their last years on this Earth - suffered a lot and finally passed away to the other side having suffered excruciating pain. Some of us promised our Elders, our children, and all those that suffered the adverse impacts inflicted by Lennar a Rogue Developer - when they were alive that we would take a stand, fight tooth and nail, take SFRA down. That moment has come, and God has been good to us all. The fight has been long, tons of sacrifice but is feels good - SFRA's demise is imminent.

Today, Tiffany Bohee who has been given the title of Interim Director wants to carry on the evil traditions of SFRA and join some City Department - transferring SFRA assets, former employees that worked for SFRA to the City and County of San Francisco. This must not happen and if does happen - this City that already had very serious problems will come down. I will say no more.

At Hunters Point much before any strangers came there were two hills. Much like the Bayview Hill by Candlestick Stadium and both hills contained the Sacred Remains of the Ohlone. The hills were demolished and the with the dirt, the sacred remains from the hills, used to fill the wetlands by the United States Navy - this desecration demands firm restitution.

Not one square inch of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has been archeologically surveyed and this is crying shame.

The other parcels B, C, D, E, F which is the Bay, G on which the Stadium is being proposed to be built, UC1, UC2 and more carved out to play games with the people of San Francisco by the U.S. Navy are just that. The U.S. Navy has done wrong and has BLOOD on its hands.

The demise of SFRA is good news - good riddance of very bad rubbish. The City and County of San Francisco must now evaluate its standards and use a simple law and ordinance it has on its books to evaluate the situation at hand.

It is called the Precautionary Principle. Simply stated if there is any doubt that any life is adversely impacted, all work must stop and the entire situation at hand - evaluated. Who has the conscience to do right in this City?

Past Mayors Willie L. Brown, Gavin Newsom and the diabolical SFRA Commissions have in their meetings permitted heinous crimes to be committed on Parcel A. For four months the entire area was bombarded with Asbestos Structures. The monitors were there but Lennar removed the batteries - and this heinous crime did not go unnoticed. And it did not go unnoticed because our children, sisters, and brothers on their own time and dime - appeared at many meetings and gave testimony. People heard the cries and did nothing - nothing at all. Not one City Department took a stand. What a shame.

All this in our City and County of San Francisco, the City of Compassion - the City named after Saint Francis Assisi. The Ohone were here much before the strangers for thousands of years - this land was named Turtle Island. Aho.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District did something when Lennar polluted the environment, fined Lennar $550,000 but the City and County of San Francisco did not do anything. Not the SF Health Department, not the Department of Environment, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, not one City Department. Why?

The, then SF District Attorney, Kamala Harris could have prosecuted Lennar - but I guess her hands were tied because she was the former Mistress of Willie L. Brown the man behind the project - who gave Lennar their staying power and access to all things.

The Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) linked to Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a legal document.

Hundreds of laws were broken and are still broken. The City and County of San Francisco has chosen to aid Lennar but as I said a long time ago: "No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

No one can desecrate the Sacred Remains of the Ohlone who were here for thousands of years - and think for a second that all will be well.

If you read my articles the day is approaching and before August 2012 - a sign will be given at Hunters Point and the rest will be history. I do not forget what I write for what I write comes from a place that most humans cannot fathom. I have been monitoring the devil, Lennar - since 1998.

That was the year Lennar filed their documents in Sacramento as an Limited Liability Corporation, since that time Lennar has changed its name four times - now it is incorporated in Delaware - the city where Credit Cards and the worse type of crooks make their abode.

No one is this City - the City likened to Sodom and Gomorrah can match or come near the Ohlone who lived here for thousands of years, took care of the environment, looked after the land - kept everything pristine, what we know as San Francisco - intact.

The world is just getting to know the despicable behavior of the ONE PERCENT that our City and County of San Francisco - favors. We have 60 Billionaires in our City and we have the Zionists - placed in places so that they can deceive our City and take all the land they can. We must stay away from anyone that has any ties with the Zionists.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development favors the Zionists. We must not give any Commercial breaks to the Zionists who want all they can get without giving anything to the community at large. Always crying about their history and always begging. They, the Zionists are the scourge of the world. This dire economic situation we face is because of them.

It is amazing that even today how Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick is being packaged - as Water Front land with opportunities. People see the water and think it is clean when it fact it is very polluted more with radiological elements.

People see the land and think that Hunters Point is clean - it is on the Superfund List - the most toxic, the most contaminated, the most polluted sites are put on this list.

If you buy a home you will have to sign a waiver. You will not be able to plant anything in your backyard. If you go by the bay you will have to stand at a distance. You will NOT be able to walk on the shoreline.

No one talks about liquefaction and flooding and come August 2012 - this one factor will be revealed and there will be S I L E N C E . Say, no more.

This City and County of San Francisco that has a $6.9 Billion dollar budget - must be ashamed of itself - that it still wants to embrace the DEVIL - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency the remnants of that sordid entity - anyway.

The good news is that San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is history.

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