So what is happening to San Francisco and our San Francisco Sunshine Task Force that acted as the ombudsman - where many could challenge the many injustices linked to unfair practices; that has become common; more among the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and one in particular - Scott Wiener?

Does it help to note that four San Francisco Board of Supervisors - and that is just the tip of the iceberg were warned and notified in writing for failing to abide by our City's rules and ordinances - Malia Cohen, David Chiu, Scott Wiener and Eric Mar - by the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

The above acted in unison and failed to follow the Brown Act and other pertinent ordinances linked with the tearing down of hundreds of affordable rental housing. Building up of a large development at Park Merced - and most everyone knows about this - shame on these Representatives for thinking they could get away with murder - considering they are coached, given orientations of Ethics, three of the four have practical knowledge about misuse of power being lawyers - the only one that is dumb is Malia Cohen but she will do anything to make a fast buck - with that famous grin on her face.

All of the above swear to uphold the law but the opposite is true when it comes to making correct decisions and more Representing San Francisco and our population of 805,000.

Thousands of decent family - more than 30,000 have left San Francisco because of San Francisco Board of Supervisors - putting themselves first and the constituents in the waste paper basket. Most of them greed to the core ˆ and for sure the four charged by the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

We had Carmen Chu that has been notified for taking money from a developer - some to fill her Campaign Coffers and some for a traffic light sign - which this developer used as a ploy to get Carmen Chu to do favors. That was NOT right.

We have others - all San Francisco Board of Supervisors - one who participated in putting hurdles when it came to a community mural at Bernal Heights. We have the documents and we feel sorry that these Representatives from time to time purport to want to do right - but, fail when they are alone to discern, adjudicate, and stand by the law.

These; San Francisco Board of Supervisors failed most of the time to do right. Another; who lied and keeps lying when it comes to her pandering to the Executive Branch - lying to keep her job which was given to her on a platter in District 5. An important matter linked to duly elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

The Sunshine Task Force is important to the advocates but the Representative from District 8 - does not think so - we have had it with Mr. Tinker Bell as we refer to him in our focused meetings.

San Francisco leads when it comes to fair play and our San Francisco Ethics Commission. It is mandatory that one seat on the participating Sunshine Task Force - is filled by a qualified candidate who is physically Challenged. The San Francisco Sunshine Task Force sends the cases it adjudicates for action to the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

Often time the process - allow one to put the injustice committed in writing. Then most of the time when the party that has committed the injustice is notified and knows that the party that put the injustice in writing means business - the matter is settled.

The San Francisco Sunshine Task Force has heard hundreds of cases over the years and by far has done a good job. We the people - saw to it that those on the Sunshine Task Force represented the City and County of San Francisco well. The City and County of San Francisco has 10 Districts. Some well represented but most NOT ˆ District 10 and 8 for sure are NOT represented by their respective Supervisors.

The City's Mayor, the City Attorney, all those that really count saw to it that it matters to have a Representative that represents the Physically Challenged - and we did have a candidate - a good one at that - who name is Bruce Wolfe. All this was clarified when the matter went as a Ballot and won - we the people voted and that matters.

It is mandatory that the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force has a representative that represent the Physically Challenged ˆ but, Scott Wiener - a coward and a person that has no integrity - personally saw to it that Bruce Wolfe did not get appointed - thus stalling the process. Bringing the processes that comes before the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force to a grinding - halt.

The San Francisco Sunshine Task Force had NOT meted for months.

I have spoken about this situation at length many times before the entire San Francisco Board of Supervisors - the SF Board of Supervisors - thinks they can play with fire. Enough is enough.

It does not help when we have immature, corrupt folks like Malia Cohen from District 10 who is close to Scott Wiener and takes junkets to Israel - but fails to address rampant shootings and killings in her District - District 10.

Malia Cohen is known for her corruption - on Land Use issues - and in this case with the prevailing fiasco that is taking place linked with the Park Merced Development - where thousands of rental housing - all affordable are slated to be torn down.

Over 26 blocks in District 10 were sent to the San Francisco Planning Department - accompanied with false information - so that the planning uses could be changed; the SF Planning Department approved of these changes - thinking that Malia Cohen had provided the correct information but that was not the case. Malia was abetting her friend a Nadine Burke who wanted to operate a clinic in a filthy area - a toxic hot spot - where the SF Treatment Plant emits stench and the air is filled with dangerous toxic particulates from the millions of vehicle that ply in and around that spot. Third Street and Cargo is the most polluted - heavily traversed hot spot in the entire City of San Francisco.

A four million grant was given to this Jamaican Doctor who has been supported by California Pacific Medical Center before ˆ and purports to use the $4 million to serve children of Bayview Hunters Point?

The SF Port Authority was not informed correctly about the Land Use changes, the owners impacted by the Land Use changes were not informed correctly, the advocates were not informed about the CLINIC and less about the Land Use changes. NOT one single public meeting was held - and Malia Cohen thinks she can help Nadine Burke to operate this clinic in our community?

This matter then went to the Land Use where Malia Cohen has a seat but the first time it came to the Land Use she was not present. The second time she and Nadine Burke bused some sell outs - who spoke in favor of the project - just because they have something to gain. None of those who spoke are respected in the community - and some do not even live in San Francisco.

We need the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force to start function more to monitor despicable San Francisco Board of Supervisors like Scott Wiener from District 8 and more an inept, corrupt Supervisor from District 10 - Malia Cohen.

Anyone who dares to put our children in harms way with intent; must be taken to tasks. Never mind if Malia Cohen is a closeted lesbian - in the better Districts and more District 10 the majority are not queer ˆ not that we have anything about being queer - but when one is a closeted lesbian - the feelings for our children in a genuine manner are not there. This is one case crying to heaven for justice.

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