San Francisco is not Chicago or Compton for that matter any other city or town where there are real gang. We should be able to handle our violence and more lack of opportunities for career jobs, lack of quality of life factors; in a meaningful manner. The best way is a viable and sustainable Community Policing. We the people say that but the crooks at City Hall - say hell no.

Again and again while some decent - community advocates have tried to do the right thing - only to me met by inept City Officials - coming out with drab acronyms like Interrupt, Predict, and Organize (IPO) - causing confusion and neutralizing the hard work of the many Community Based Organized most of them; who do not want to have anything much with the City Officials and their drab funding with strings, attached. Buffoonery.

The community in San Francisco more the Southeast Sector; has been kept in the dark. Developers with the aid of City Hall and our nonchalant San Francisco, Board of Supervisors aiding and abetting - divineness.

The diverse population of San Francisco must be embraced. It is simply wrong for folks that clearly are out of touch with reality happening at ground zero - conduct themselves and arrogantly involved with policy making. Without any meaningful discussion with the community at large - come out with such acronyms as IPO ñ that has much to do with Wall Street, Stocks and Shares, and nothing to do with abetting killings, violence - this model makes no sense and has no proven - track record in our Nation.

Our City has chosen to use Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black, in the presence of a District Supervisor from District 10 who cannot walk the streets and talk to the youth who want to meet her face to face. The District 10 Supervisor is mostly missing in action - taking junkets to Israel and China. What can one say about such a pathetic individual? Who is truly representing District 10?

Quality of Life issues in the our San Francisco Public Housing has reached an all time low - with lack of opportunities - serious health problems; hundreds suffering from chronic ailments; asthma, cancer, the worse diseases that the SF Health Department is fully aware but looks the other way.

Why is the San Francisco Health Department; with Barbara Garcia as its head and a $1 Billion budget; doing this to the people that are poor; live in contaminated areas - those that need help most? Daily the community is bombarded by contamination, particulates, and other adverse impacts that the SF Health Department has failed to address.

We the people will be getting in touch with the President and have a package that will reveal to him and the various heads of committees - exactly, what the Democrats are achieving in San Francisco ñ with Representatives and local City officials - favoring gentrification and putting obstacles in the way of those that are working and volunteering - just because our fair City is worth it.

Pollution, contamination, lack of career jobs, lack of health service, lack of child-care, lack of decent educational facilities, no decent working transportation, safety in jeopardy, no improvement with the Fire Department - and a host of factors all linked to Quality of Life issues have been totally ignored by an inept, spineless, uneducated on issues, immoral - District 10 Supervisor and City Hall.

Those who hang around with this inept District 10 Supervisor will fall on their face. Since her bluffing her way; into this position by a meager 200 votes - in a field of 23 candidates - using the fake Rank Choice Voting - District 10 has gone to the hogs.

This District 10 Supervisor is a disgrace and she knows it - the youth do not respect her and will not have anything to do with her. We already had a lot of divineness in the Visitation Valley - now, it has got - worse.

The Polynesians; those that care were schedule to meet her; but, the District 10 deferred the meeting to her aide; who has worked for Lennar and minions that have destroyed our community in the Southeast Sector - folks like Tiffany Bohee, Linda Richardson, Toye Moses, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Willie B. Kennedy, Doris Vincent, Sophie Maxwell and others too many to mention.

Today the Polynesians are at odds with the Blacks because in the past the City has used a Polynesian working for the City as a ploy. It does not work anymore. Now, decent Polynesians are stepping up and want to help their community and stop the violence and the killings. They have at last come to an understanding - they cannot trust Judas. All he cares is for his city pay check and the perks he makes pretending to serve but pocketing the riches.

The Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice that once was supposed to provide the policy making and the help is gone. Now, remnants of that program; float in an around the Mayor's Office - who make presentations at the Safety Meeting ñ full of conceptual plans; spewing diatribe and trying to hoodwink the public. This nonsense must stop.

Where are the real services for the people - and who has the funding? We need funding to provide Full Time Employment to two Polynesians. We also need one Full Time Funding to employ a Polynesian woman to deal with the pressing issues. Millions of dollars are being wasted and there is no money for those laying their lives and helping the community stem violence - on the front lines. Where is the conscience of the City of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi?

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development had but two employees. Now, it has forty plus and growing. What is happening? Where are they getting the funding from?

The City and County of San Francisco ñ does not want to see to health, education, transportation, safety, recreational facilities, clinics, child care, open space - but you want the developers to build over $9 billion worth of project that are coming down the pipe line.

May I ask for whom? The people who are there now; have suffered and are suffering? Or for the filthy rich that you want to import with fake incentives; to live on polluted and contaminated ground - where they will not be able to dig in their back yards? Where they will have to sign a waiver - mostly in very fine print - this hood winking is already going on.

It does not help those para-military actions taken by Law Enforcement to tackle issues that can best be attained using Restorative Justice Principles and sound, proven - Community Policing. If you ignore the community the community will ignore you. For the longest time ever - you have ignored the community. Shame on you - and I have documented it on my website - for years.

No one should look down upon the constituents who live in Public Housing and more in District 10 as has inept, spineless, shallow, worthless, immoral - Malia Cohen; the District 10 Supervisor - who has no clue what it means to live in Public Housing.

The many red necks employed by the San Francisco Police Department from outside San Francisco - from far off places like Napa, Fairfield, and Novato who really cannot associate themselves with the culture and the many diverse ethnic groups - that make up San Francisco.

San Francisco has a population of about 805,000 - not the millions we have in Chicago and in cities in Southern California. We have over 2000 San Francisco Police officers - aided by the Sheriff's Department - other federal and state law enforcement personnel - that can and should do a good - job. We do not have to resort to para-military tactics - that is done in places where there is an on going war.

Just listening to the presentations from the various Law Enforcement including Probation; these entities have failed and will continue to fail - because they do not believe in Restorative Justice. They do not believe sincerely in second chances, compassion, and lack true spirituality.

You must remember the Police as we know today came about and is linked to slavery; the first slave catchers and the early so called police have a common history and mentality - well engrained in there DNA of conditioning. We are in the year 2012 and still so many members in law enforcement; have not changed their mentality. I know it because I have seen it first hand - up close and personal. They challenge me and when I stand my ground and tell them who I am they realize they are NOT dealing with their every day - Joe Blow.

It does not help at the Mayor's Office when officials that purport to know some and are linked to the District Attorney's Office make vague and off the chart statements - pretending that they can tell people what to do and how to act - when they themselves - know little; especially, what mostly straight families go through.

It would be very difficult for any truly straight men to know exactly what is being experience by the queer population. And if any straight City Officials would venture to help the queer population - then; the right thing to do would be for the straight City Officials - to listen, consult, meet as many "queer folks" to get to comprehend the situation at hand.

In our City of San Francisco at the Mayor's Office we have queer folks pretending to know what is happening on the streets of San Francisco; and coming up with acronyms such as Interrupt, Predict, and Organize (IPO); without consulting the community at ground zero; who are straight and we know who is behind the half-ass policies that will FAIL in the short and long run.

This model that has NOT been tested and less has no meaningful results reported Nationwide - not in any of our cities and towns. It calls for the public to cooperate with Law Enforcement - just go to any City and go to the streets and explain to the community about such a model - and see what the results are. No one worth the salt will cooperated if they not trust you. The officials at City Hall earn a huge salary - the truly do not want to serve - they are greedy - and I could have used an expletive word. WTF.

Only a fool would believe to regain the trust of the community after over 30 years of false promises, discrimination, high unemployment, lack of services, deep hurt linked to killings and violence - all these many years. Here comes someone purporting to know about an untested model - and trying to sell the Golden Gate Bridge. Aho.

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