The community at large has been battling the many outsiders starting with Dana Lanza; the first Director of Literacy of Environmental Justice (LEJ), who first received a grant and was instrumental pushing the Eco Center at Pier 98.

Pier 98 was a dump site where all sorts of paint thinner, worn out tires, the worst industrial contamination was dumped, including chrome plating residue. Add to that Municipal waste, construction material filled with Asbestos, Lead, other harmful elements and you get a true picture of the infill in that area to this very, day.

Carol Bach the San Francisco Port Authority's Environmentalist, still likes to lie through her teeth.

Much as she did when we told her that at Pier 92 the 20 tons plus of contaminated dirt PCBs, lead, and other very toxic dirt had killed dogs and he homeless who camped nearby and were found, dead.

We filed a complaint with the Department of Toxics and Substances Control and we won. The San Francisco Port Authority had to clean up the site. Spend $ 1 million and put their heads down in shame. Carol Back even made a statement that she would permit her children to play on that contaminated mound; knowing well it was very contaminated. Soon she realized her folly; but to this day continues to lie. She lied when it came to Pier 92 and she continues to lie, today. She lives in Marin County and makes her money in San Francisco.

What is it with White folks that they love to contaminate and then try to redeem their sordid deeds and behavior by trying to do, good. The Eco Center Centre is contaminated for over 65 years plus. More, because just 50 feet away the Hunters Point Power Plant that we shut down; spewed lead, all sort of very dangerous particulates; on the land that is Heron's Head Park, at Pier 98 surrounded by the Bay and the contaminated, surrounding area.

What is important to note is that no one goes to the time when the United States Navy dredged the area, removed toxic sludge from the Bay; more low atomic waste, mercury from run off of the many Mercury mines. Other many toxic contaminates. The sludge was dumped on the pilings that were rotten from age and falling apart to create the head of a Heron.

There are reports that the San Francisco authorities are fully aware that building the Eco Center is not the right thing to do at Pier 98 at Heron's Head Park.

Dr Espanola Jackson and I have been saying this since 2002; but to no avail.

The San Francisco Port Authorities more the SF Port Commissioners are not fully aware of the facts; and under no condition should children be permitted to visit Pier 98 and Heron's Head Park.

If one child dies from the exposure to contamination; BLOOD is on the hands of those that do not listen. To the authorities I say pay attention and apply the Precautionary Principle that is on our City's books.

Recently the San Francisco Port Authority defied the sane Environmentalists and built a Park with benches and planted trees at Pier 98, at great expense.

This open defiance will come to bite the San Francisco Port Authority in the butt. Just because the breeze blows and just because you cannot visibly see particulates does not mean all is well.

At nearby Huntersview and the surrounding area thousands of people suffer from respiratory diseases. The San Francisco Health Department knows about this but chooses not to do anything about it.

In 2004 Lennar a Rogue Developer at nearby on Parcel A bombarded the community; affecting a three miles area directly with Asbestos Structures. Heron's Head Park is but a mile away. With, average wind speeds in this area around 45 miles per hour. That often reaches 50 and 60 mph. The area is toxic from particulates, radioactive elements, PCBs, lead, mercury in high levels all recorded. People fish in the Bay but truly speaking they are NOT allowed to eat the fish. There are some signs posted that say so.

Today James Bryant who has supported Lennar before and is not from the community; we never saw him walk with us in the community fighting the real struggle. We know he is getting money from San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the San Francisco Conservation Corps, the City and County of San Francisco. No one knows his commitment to Career Jobs and in this case to the many Environmental Justice causes. One can be into the money for many reasons and none of them may be right.

At the San Francisco Port Authority meeting on December 12, 2013 there were many who appeared to be saying the right things. None of them know well about the characteristics of the contaminated soil. You have to bore 20 feet, 30 feet, in in some cases 40 feet to get to the TRUTH.

As I have said before that are reports that the San Francisco Port Authority is fully cognizant about, contamination and more. The authorities want their salaries and do not want to rock City Hall. No one should put our children at risk. You do not need to be a scientist to do that; all you need is to have a heart, be compassionate, be informed, and be a genuine San Franciscan.

I represent the Muwekma Ohone and the present SF Port Director as did the past Directors since the year 2000 have heard me speak on issues along the 7.5 miles; San Francisco Port Property all Public Lands and all coming under the jurisdiction of the Burton Act.

The San Francisco Port Authority is mandated to carry on Maritime Activities and operations. Again and again the SF Port Authority which is an Enterprise Department; meaning has to generate its own funds and maintain itself has chosen to bypass its mandates. Seeks its future fortunes by going to Sacramento using lobbyists and circumventing the rules and regulations.

Recently the San Francisco Port Authority got a slap on its face the 8 Washington Street debacle. Soon someone may take them to court regarding the Warrior Stadium and the height limits. How can so many people move around right by the Ferry Building without causing, congestion? Who is addressing Quality of Life issues?

The San Francisco Port Authority per se has not lifted a finger to stop the infill of the Estuary and the Bay as we have known it. All knowledgeable and decent San Francisco know this fact.

The San Francisco Port Authority has been sued and lost several cases; putting its tenants in harm's way; the most glaring example that of Alioto-Lazio family who owns a family fish outlet at Fisherman's Wharf and my good friends.

Next to it were petroleum tanks leeching into the ground, strong smell that all who noticed; brought to the attention of the San Francisco Port Authority; to no avail.

The details are horrendous and to this day; and one child suffers from deformities and will for life. We must speak the Truth and tell it because the dark side has chosen to play with innocent, lives. Time will tell.

Pier 98 is not far from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Some make a big thing of Herons when herons was been known to visit and stay for long period of time all over San Francisco. Why not fix the shore line at the Candlestick State Park and conduct classes there for all the people that are interest in conservation and soil erosion and the adverse impacts of Climate change.

The seed that Dana Lanza and her partner Pravin Patel who embezzled and was laid off are well known. These people were into money and protected by folks like Sophie Maxwell and others. The seeds that Dana Lanza planted; the first Director of Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ), was bad one; so you folks who think that you can make good stuff happen in the middle of Chernobyl; pause, think, you are not about serving the community; it is all about GREED and money.

This land San Francisco all of it was stolen; the crooks know about it. There is nothing pristine about infill land. Pier 98 was once the Bay and so was all the land two miles inside, closer to Third Street. The maps are there for all to see and fully understand how some tried their best to fill the Bay and were stopped.

Growing so called native plants and some Eco experimentation that some want to experiment that has already been done elsewhere. If you want to lie, lie all you want; in the end you must fully comprehend; you are responsible with all your lies and ignorance – slowly exposing and killing young children and have in your ignorance.

Fifty feet away from Heron's Head Park millions of tons of Herring and other fish were killed by the warm waters that the Hunters Point spewed into the Bay. The waters around Heron's Head Park were warm and toxic and washed on the shores for over 65 years.

There were deformed fish and birds found and no one makes mention of this fact. Innocent people swam and those in authority never even cautioned anyone. Over the year thousands of children and other suffered adverse impacts and some will tell you about how they suffer, today. Those are the facts we need to know.

The area around the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is toxic and not healthy.

Heron's Head Park is not far away from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. How are you going to stop the wind from blowing by you as you relax in the Park and no one has told you about the surround area? Fools you see what you want to see, you hear want to want to hear, what really interests you all is the money, the BLOOD money that will bring your downfall.

My one contention is: STOP the children from going to Heron's Head Park.

Read the Precautionary Principle, in this case; we know that the contamination is there in very high levels. We must and we are duty bound to stop all activity that bring harm to any life and that includes human life. Aho.


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