It is a shame when time and time again we see so-called organizations that deal with Environmental Justice - do INJUSTICE to the constituents whom they are supposed to serve. This is specially so in the Bayview/Hunters Point area.

The Bayview/Hunters point has been a dumping site for all kinds of toxins. The Naval Shipyard being the foremost culprit. Today, thousands of vehicles emit diesel pollutants along 3rd Street especially. Server farms, sewage spills, radiation in the air from various factors, poor health facilities, lack of information, greedy and corrupt organizations who are fleecing the constituents make the Southeast Sector one of the most vulnerable in the whole State of California.

Long before the Whites came to this land - the Native American tribes lived peacefully and most of the land we now see polluted was pristine. We only live on this Earth once and therefore it is our duty to keep our environment and its surrounding as pristine as possible. We should not pollute and harm the Earth so that our children and their children suffer and are put in harms way.

Again and again in recent years we see some environmentalists use constituents and grant money to follow hidden agendas. Even City Departments play a role in getting grant money so that some can pocket the money. It is a shame when money set aside for the Bayview/Hunters Point is given to " crooks " who do not live in the area and operate from Down Town and sometimes far way like Marin County and the East Bay.

Hidden agendas benefit "greedy environmentalists" mostly at the expense of the constituents who are in dire need of help. Many a time those who suffer most are infants, young children and youth. Adults too especially those who are not educated and do not work. In the Bayview/Hunters Point there are thousands who suffer from asthma and other chronic lung diseases. Thousands who suffer from cancer.

It is especially disgusting when so many groups or organizations that are suppose to serve the constituents in the Bayview/Hunters Point adversely impact children and adults. When these organization are confronted they come up with far-fetched excuses. It is imperative that if the environment, which has been polluted, has affected the health and well being of the given constituents that those affected is attended to. Grant money should be spent primarily to help the sick and also to address the pollutants that make the affected sick.

MUNI Light rail, the aging Southeast Sewer Plant, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) plant at Hunters Point, Naval Shipyard at Hunters Point, Server Farms, old diesel trucks and buses, and other projects are impacting the constituents of Bayview/Hunters Point in one way or another.

Environmental organizations are supposed to help the constituents and inform them with the correct information. This has not been done. Environmental groups should safe guard the health of our children - this has not been done. 8 out of 10 children in some areas suffer from chronic asthma. Thousands of adults suffer from cancer and other chronic diseases. It is a shame when many environmental organizations look the other way and do nothing. It is a shame when they accept grant moneys and make a mockery of ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - while all the time shouting that they are environmentalists.

It is time the people who are affected fully understand that they cannot be fooled all the time. It is time to put a stop to some stupid projects that are a slap on the face of the constituents of the Bayview/Hunters Point.

The issues are all the more convoluted when committees formed to regulate certain projects agree with the "crooks". This must stop. Those sitting on these committees should make room for honest people who can serve the constituents. This change must come at once.

It is a shame to see the same faces sitting on those committees doling money or approving projects - here, there, everywhere. These crooks seem to know where the money is and get information from the inside circle. Again and again huge sums of money in the millions are used for purposes other than those to serve the constituents of the Bayview/Hunters point. This must stop at once.

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